65 Norwegian Dog Names and Their Meaning

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If you’re looking for inspiration on a name for your new fur baby, then why not consider a Norse name? If you have Nordic heritage, or your dog comes from a Norse breed, then you’ve come to the right place.

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We’ve put together a list of 65 Nordic dog names, and hope you’ll find one that is the perfect fit for your canine companion!

What to Consider When Choosing a Nordic Name for Your Dog

What comes to mind when you think of Norway and all things Nordic? A lot of culture, history and more have come from the Norse. Think of the Vikings and all their stories, the Norse myths and more. There have been some very famous Norse people such as Leif Erikson, who discovered and founded Iceland. Or consider one of the Norse gods—one of these could make a great name for your dog.

Whatever name you choose, be sure to keep it short—no more than one or two syllables. Longer names can be confusing to dogs. And be sure to avoid any name that sounds like a command, as this could also be quite confusing to your fur baby. What is they had a name like “Fay,” which could sound similar to “stay.”

When choosing a name, also avoid choosing a name that can be offensive to others when you’re in public. And don’t choose a name that could be embarrassing.

Your dog is a sensitive being, and will definitely pick up on the negative reactions to his name. Instead, choose a name that’s beautiful and positive!

OK—now we’re ready to get to work on that list of 50 Nordic names for dogs!

Norwegian Girl Dog Names

Here’s our list of Norwegian female dog names—we hope one of these will be just perfect for your canine companion!

1). Freya: means “lady.” This name is a reference to a lady of a manor or something similar. It’s also the name of a Norse goddess. A beautiful name for any girl fur baby.

2). Idun: means “rejuvenating one.” If your fur baby makes you feel more joy and life than ever before, then this could be a beautiful, unique name for your lady dog.

3). Hilda: this is the name of one of the Valkyries who took warrior’s spirits to Valhalla. Does your fur baby like to play fetch?  Then this name could be a good fit for her! Hopefully she’s not gathering spirits, but just enjoys chasing after balls and frisbees!

4). Sigrid: means “victory.” Does your lady dog enjoy competing in doggie sports? Then we’re sure this could be a great, unique name for her! Ever thought about naming your dog after a cartoon character? Check our list of Cartoon dog names for some inspiration!

5). Ymir: means “scream.” This was another type of giant who was one of the first on the earth. This could be a great name for a large dog, perhaps a St. Bernard!

6). Halle: means “rock.” Do you take your dog hiking and climbing on the rocks? Then this would be a great choice for her name!

7). Asta: means “love.” You can’t help but love your lady dog’s beautiful face and we know she loves you in return. What name could be better?

8). Yrsa: means “she-bear.” Do you have a large girl canine companion who looks something like a bear? Then this could be a very pretty name for her!

9). Skadi (f): means “shadow.” This was a giantess in Nordic myths, and she was known for hunting and skiing skills.  This could also be a great name for a dog who enjoys hunting or doggie sports!

10). Brynhild (f): means “protected by the shield.” Brynhild is one of the Valkyries. She’s been featured in many stories and operas over the centuries. This could be a great name for a dog who is protective and loves her family to bits. Plus, it’s a pretty name!

Check our selection of Viking Dog Names for more inspiration!

Norwegian Male Dog Names

Here are some great Norwegian boy dog names—we hope one of these will be the best fit for your fur baby!

11). Arne: means “eagle.” Does your dog have a spirit that soars like the eagle? This would make a very unique, meaningful name for him.

12). Loki: means “tangler.” This was the name of the trickster god, who was also one of the Swedish gods. He is a mischievous soul who has also been called a manipulator. This could be a great name for a boy dog who knows how to get his way with you!

13). Heimdal (m): this is the name for one of the Noridc gods. He was credited with being always vigilant and on guard between Asgard and our world. He’s also known for his great eyesight, and doesn’t need to rest too much. This could be a great name for a dog who guards and protects, and one who is a great hunter.

14). Jotun (m): means “glutton.” This was the name of Nordic giants who often fought with the Norse dogs. They were supposed to be huge, with some beautiful and others a little more terrifying in their looks. This could be a great name for a large dog, or one who enjoys eating!

15). Bo: this is an old Norse name that means “to live.” If your dog is full of life and joy, this is the perfect name for him!

16). Surtr: means “black.” The surtr was another type of Nordic giant, which dealt with fire. This could be a great name for a dark fur baby who has a very large personality!

17). Sindri (m): means “spark.” Does your fur baby have a sparkly, shiny personality? Then this could be the perfect name for him!

18). Austri: means “east.” This was one of the dwarves who represented the four cardinal directions. This might be a great name for a canine companion who enjoys hiking and/or has a great sense of direction!

19). Ivar: means “yew” which could be a reference to archers. However, this is a simple name, one that could fit your fur baby, no matter his size, etc.

20). Sune: means “son.” Is your fur baby the son of another dog you have? Then consider this unique Nordic dog name!

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Dog Names Norway

Still looking for the very right name for your dog? Then read on for more Norwegian dog names!

21). Agnar (m/f): means “sharp.” This could be just the right name for an extremely intelligent dog, one who doesn’t miss anything!

22). Aleksia (m/f): means to “defend” or “help.” This could be a great name for a boy or girl dog who depends and protects their home or family. It could also be a great name for dogs who help out!

23). Asmund (m): means “divine protection.” Does your dog like to protect you and your home? If so, this would be a highly unique, beautiful name for him!

24). Astrid (f): means “divine beauty.” Is your lady dog a beauty? We think all girl dogs are beautiful—and this would be a fitting name for any female canine companion.

25). Astrilde (f): this is the Norse goddess of love. If your fur baby is a loving soul, what name could be better for her?

26). Beyla (m/f): this name means “elf.” This would be a great Norse name for a dog who is small and playful, or big and playful!

27). Birget (m/f): means “protecting, strength, and power.” What a name for a large, powerful, but loving dog!

28). Bodolf (m/f): means “wolf leader.” If your fur baby resembles a wolf and tends to be the leader of the pack, this is the best name for your lady or boy dog.

29). Borr: this is the name of Odin’s father, and would be a fitting name for a boy dog that is a father or acts fatherly towards other dogs.

30). Disa (f): means “active spirit.” The perfect name for a lady dog who is highly active! Maybe she enjoys a nice jog, or loves hiking and playing quite a bit!

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Dog Names Norway

Are you still looking for just the right name for your canine companion? Here are some more Nordic names that may be just what you’re looking for!

31). Revena: means “raven.”

32). Ulfhild: means “wolf.”

33). Dagmar: means “day” and “maid.”

34). Gertrud: means “spear.”

35). Thyra: means “helpful.”

36). Signe: means “victorious.”

37). Eir: means “mercy.”

38). Gunnar: means “brave warrior.”

39). Tora: means “of Thor.”

40). Ketilrior: means “kettle, beautiful.” This could be a great name, though it’s a little long. You could shorten it to Ketil, which is a very unusual name.

41). Tove: means “dove.”

42). Hertha: means “powerful woman.”

43). Rane: means “queen.”

44). Sif: means “wife” or “bride.”

45). Randi: means “shield” or “shine”

46). Thurid: means “Thor” or “beautiful”

47). Frida: means “peace.”

48). Liv: means “of life.”

49). Solveig: means “strong house.”

50). Inga: means “of the god Ing.”

French dog names are becoming more popular! Check our post to see if you can be inspired.

Norse Dog Names

If you haven’t yet found the right Nordic name for your dog, here are a few more to consider!

51). Orvar: means “arrow.”

52). Frode: means “wise.”

53). Torsten: means “Thor” or “stone.”

54). Odger: means “wealth.”

55). Olaf: means “relic.”

56). Nial: means “giant.”

57). Svend: means “freeman.”

58). Ander: means “manly”

59). Troels: means “Thor’s arrow.”

60). Einar: means “alone.”

61). Halfdan: means the half Dane

62). Bo: means “resident”

63). Ask: is one of the first humans created by the Nordic gods, the name means “ash tree.”

64). Hugi: is another of the giants from Norse legends. The name means “thought, mind, and spirit.”

65). Magni: is the name of one of Thor’s sons and it means “mighty and strong.”

Norse names are very unique and beautiful, and we hope you’ve been able to find the best name for your dog from this list!

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