50 Mexican Dog Names

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Mexican Dog Names

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Do you love all things Mexican? Mexico has a wonderful culture, yummy cuisine, and all types of beautiful locations that would make a wonderful name for your fur baby! And Spanish is a beautiful language which offers some amazing dog names. Perhaps you have some Mexican ancestry, or your new fur baby is a Mexican breed. If you’re looking for a Mexican name for your canine companion, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a list of 50 dog names sure to be just the right name for your perro (dog).

Let’s get started with our list of 50 Mexican dog names!

Mexican Dog Names and Meanings

Here are some Mexican dog names and their meanings, one of which may be just the right fit for your canine companion!

1). San Lorenzo (m): this was the largest city in Mesoamerica between 1200-900 BC.

2). Frida/Kahlo: Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who suffered from numerous medical issues. Her art is displayed and popular all over the world.

3). Hidalgo: famous Mexican priest, Miguel Hidalgo, led others to revolt against the Spanish.

4). Pancho: a famous bandit, Pancho Villa, joined the revolution. This might be a great name for a dog who loves to steal pizza off the table when you’re not looking! Search our site for more food inspired dog names!

5). Amigo/Amiga (m/f): means “friend.” If your dog is your best buddy, this is just the right name!

6). Lobo (m): means “wolf.” Does your fur baby resemble a wolf? Then this could be the right name for him!

7). Bonita (f): means “pretty.” If you have a pretty girl fur baby, then this would be a very apt name for her.

8). Solana (f): means “sunny spot” in the Spanish language. This may be the best choice of name for a lady dog that loves to lay in the sun.

9). Tigre (m): means “tiger” in Spanish. Does your fur baby resemble a tiger with stripes? Or is he an orange color? Then this name may be the best fit!

10). Miguel (m): means “Michael” in the Spanish language. If your fur baby is the protector of the house, this may be a good name—he will guard you like the Archangel Michael!

Mexican Dog Names for Pitbulls

Pitbulls are often associated with being mean, fighting dogs. While some of these dogs are trained to be this way, other Pitbulls are as loving and gentle as can be! Check out these great Mexican names for your Pitbull puppy or dog! Be warned, you won’t find a tough name in the bunch!

11). Diego (m): in reference to the famous artist Diego Rivera, who was married to Frida Kahlo.

12). Monarch (m): this name is a reference to the beautiful butterflies of the same name that flock to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Michoacán.

13). Luis (m): after Luis Miguel, a famous Mexican singer.

14). Tajin (m): while this name may sound tough, it’s actually referring to the city of El Tajin, a pre-Hispanic city and UNESCO World Heritage site in Veracruz.

15). Ori (m): this name refers to Pico de Orizaba, the highest mountain in Mexico.

16). Tule (m): in reference to Arbol de Tule, a very massive tree in the state of Oaxaca, which is a tentative World Heritage site.

17): Maya (f): refers to the Maya indigenous people of Mexico.

18). Gordita (f): refers to a highly popular Mexican food and is Spanish for “little fatty.”

19). Paz (m): this means “peace” in Spanish, and can also refer to Octavio Paz, a famous Mexican poet and diplomat.

20). Margarita (f): a very popular cocktail served in Mexico and all around the world!

Mexican Dog Names Female

If you have a girl dog and still haven’t found just the right name for her, then read through these names! You may just find an amazing name that fits her to a T.

21). Alba: means “daybreak” in Spanish. Does your fur baby love to get you up at the crack of dawn? Then what name could be better!

22). Alma: means “soul” in Spanish. Does your lady canine companion have a sensitive, loving soul? Then this may be just the name for her.

23). Blanco: means “white”. If your fur baby is predominantly white, this would be a very pretty name for her.

24). Fiesta: means “party.” Does your dog love to socialize and join in at parties? What name could be more apt?

25). Sierra: means “mountain.” If you and your dog enjoy hiking mountains, this would be a great choice of name for her!

26). Amelia (Meli): means “work.” Maybe this is just the right name if your fur baby enjoys working or working out with you!

27). Rosa: means “Rose.” This could be a good name for a dog that loves to lay in the rose bushes, or one who smells as good as a rose!

28). Consuelo (Chelo): means “comfort.” If your lady dog is your comfort, then this is just the right name for her!

29). Dama: means “lady.” Is your fur baby a real little lady? Is she prissy and keeps her paws nicely crossed? Then this is a great name for her!

30). Perla: means “pearl.” If your fur baby is a real gem, or if her coloring resembles a pearl, then this is a great name for her.

What about Spanish dog names? Check it out.

Mexican Dog Names for German Shepherd

Do you have a German Shepherd, and would like a great Mexican name for them? Then look through this list of male and female names to see if one of these is a good fit!

31). Adelina (f): means “noble.” If your German Shepherd lady dog is a noble lady, then this is the perfect name for her. Cool name for a miniature German Shepherd.

32). Chiquito (m)/Chiquita (f): means little boy or little girl. Sometimes pet parents choose names that are the opposite of their dog in some way. If you have a large boy or girl German Shepherd, this could be a great name for them!

33). Oso (m)/Osa (f): means “bear.” Is your German Shepherd a big boy or girl? Here’s just the right name for them! This would be a great name for a German Shepherd Husky Mix Dog.

34). Reina (f): means “queen.” If your fur baby likes to rule the roost, then look no further for a name that fits her!

35). Santiago (m): refers to St. James, the patron saint of Spain. Is your fur baby saintly? Or do you have a high regard for St. James? Then this is a great name choice for your canine companion specifically for a German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix.

Mexican Names from Animals

Still looking for just the right name? Then maybe one of the following names will catch your interest! These are the Spanish names for various animals!

36). Abeja (f): means “bee.”

37). Aguila (f): means “eagle.”

38). Avispa (f): means “wasp.”

39). Ballena (f): means “whale.” We’re not intending this name to be used in a derogatory manner; however, if you have a very large dog, this might be just the right name for her!

40). Cisne (m): means “swan.” This might be a great name for a dog that’s very graceful.

41). Ciervo (m): means “deer.” This is another name that would be fitting for a graceful dog.

42). Gato (m): means “cat.” Does your dog have the hunting tactics of a cat? Then look no further for his name! However, be aware your kitty fur baby may not appreciate the complient!

44). Hormiga (f): means “ant.” If your dog has a penchant for ants, this may be an apt name for her!

45: Jirafa (f) means “giraffe.” Is your favorite animal the giraffe? Then why not honor them by naming your lady canine companion in their honor!

Mexican Food Names for Dogs

We’ve come to our last list of potential Spanish names for your fur baby. Here’s a list of Mexican food names that might be a great name for your canine companion! These foods are some of the most popular Mexican foods—who wouldn’t like a taco, for instance?

46). Burrito

47). Chalupa

48). Nacho

49). Salsa

50). Taco

Other Funny and Cute Mexican Dog Names You May Consider

The Mexican culture has an abundance of history, but it is also rich in tradition. Mexico is home to a wide variety of different people, many of whom have developed their own unique customs and traditions.

The Chihuahua is one of the oldest dog breeds in Mexico. It was originally used to guard sheep and goats, but was later used as a companion for the humans that lived in the mountains. The Chihuahua has been domesticated for over 2,000 years. When you adopt a new dog, you will want to think about a name that will represent the dog’s personality. Many people choose to name their dog after their favorite musician, or their favorite food. While some people also name their Chihuahua after a celebrity, there are also some unique Mexican dog names that you can use.

51). Luna

52). Sol

53). Toro

54). Amor

55). Bebe

56). Benito

57). Blanca

58). Carlos

59). Chico

60). Corazon

61). Diablo

62). Pablo

63). Paloma

64). Querida

65). Vida

66). Zorro

67). Alejandro

68). Chica

69). Coco

70). Domingo

71). Gordito

72). Loco

73). Mariposa

74). Paco

75). Perrito

76). Tequila

77). Bella

78). Beso

79). Cordero

80). Enchilada

81). Feliz

82). Fresca

83). Lola

84). Perrita

85). Raul

86). Risa

87). Xolo

We hope this list of Mexican names for dogs has helped you find the best name for your fur baby! We wish you both all the best!

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