50 French Dog Names and Their Meaning

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Have you just adopted a beautiful dog that comes from a French dog breed? Do you love all things French? Or perhaps you’re looking for a French name for your new fur baby? We’re glad you’re here!

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We’ve put together a list of French names, which we hope inspires the choice of a name for your new canine companion! The research has helped us pinpoint some of the most popular French names for dogs and the meanings of each name. Let’s get started!

Famous French Names for Dogs

Now we can get started at looking at the list of possible French names for your fur baby!

Our first list consists of French dog names based on famous people from France:

1). Monet: inspired by the French painter Claude Monet. He’s famous around the world and is considered the father of impressionist painting. The French “Monet” means “blessed protector,” which could make a great name for dogs that are protective and loyal to their pet parents.

2). Pierre: if you’re a French foody and a chocoholic, then you may want to choose this name! The name is inspired by the famous French pastry chef and chocolatier Pierre Hermé. In French, the name means “rock,” which could be the perfect name for a canine companion who gives you support and strength.

3). Filou: while this name may sound regale, it in fact refers to someone who is a bit on the mischievous side. This could be a great name if you have a dog who loves to be playful and just a little naughty!

4). Renoir: this name comes from a famous French impressionist painter, Pierre-Auguste Renior. Celebrity dog names are trending, check our latest post.

5). Rémy: this pretty name means “oarsman” in French and comes to us from a famous Frenchman from the Renaissance, Rémy Bellau. He was a poet who was appreciated for his praise of simple things in his works.

French Dog Names with Meaning

We combed the Internet and looked for French names and their meanings. Here are some pretty French names that could be perfect for your canine companion:

6). Adele (f): means “noble”

7). Alair (f): means cheerful

8). Bijou (f): means “beautiful”

9). Blanched (f): means “white”

10). Delphine (f): means “desired”

11). Elle (f): means “she”

12). Danton (m): means “praiseworthy”

13). Denis (m): means “god of wine”

14). Felix (f): means “lucky or happy”

15). Flaneur: means “aimless loafer,” which could be a great name for a male dog who likes to take a lot of naps or is laidback and relaxed.

16). Gerard: mans “brave with a spear,” this might be the perfect name for a dog who is highly protective of you and your family.

17). Julien (m): means “youthful or downy-bearded;” if you have a young male dog or one that seems to have a downy beard, this may be the perfect choice for him!

18). Leon (m): means “brave as a lion”

19). Leroux (m): means “red head,” which is a great name for a fur baby that has a lot of red or reddish hair.

20). Noir (m): means “black or dark,” could be the perfect name for a male dog that has dark or black fur.

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French Dog Names for Females

Have you found the right name for your pup yet? If not, and your fur baby is a girl, then here are some names that may be just what you’re looking for!

21). Marseille: means “spring,” is a beautiful name inspired by the popular city in the south of France. This place is famous for its history (amongst other things) and is the 2nd largest city in the country.

22). Fleur: means “flower” in French. If your lady dog is a bit like a flower, or has a delicate personality that reminds you of flowers, then this may be the perfect name choice for her.

23). Chardonnay: inspired by the famous French white wine, this could be a great name for your fur baby if you love this type of wine and/or if your canine companion is white, or mostly white.

24). Chantal: this classic French woman’s name means “singer,” and could be a great name for your dog if she is very vocal, sounds like she’s singing, etc.

25). Aimé: what a beautiful name! It means “beloved one,” which could be the perfect name for your little girl dog.

French Dog Names Male

Now, if you have a boy dog, and still haven’t found a name that seems to fit, then look over these French boy dog names to see if something jumps out at you!

26). Pinot: this is another name inspired by some amazing French wine known as Pinot Noir. This beautiful red wine comes from France, and the name “Pinot” translates as “black.” This could be a great name for dogs that are dark-colored or black.

27). Bordeaux: this name comes from another type of French wine that comes from Bordeaux, which is located in the southwest region of the country. This type of wine is a dark red, almost a purple color. If your fur baby has dark red fur, or this is one of your favorite wines, this may be just the name you’re looking for! Check out our Alcohol related dog name list for more inspiration!

28) Soleil: this beautiful word translates as “sun.” Do you have a lively dog and/or does he have a sunny personality? What better name could you choose for him!

29). Malbec: did we mention that France is known for its famous wines? This name also comes from the southwestern part of France. The wine has a very dark red color, and is sometimes described as having a peppery or spicy flavor. Does your fur baby have dark red fur and/or a spicy personality? Then this might be the right name for him!

30). Voltaire: if you have a thoughtful dog, then maybe this would be a great name choice! This name is inspired by the famous French philosopher Voltaire, who was the flame behind enlightenment writing. Voltaire was the nom de plume for this philosopher. His real name was François-Marie Arouet.

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French Dog Names for Poodles

French poodles are a popular dog breed known for their intelligence, athletic abilities and their wonderful personalities. While often considered frilly and delicate, these dogs are strong and tough.

These beautiful dogs come in three sizes:

Their coats come in solid colors that include cream, brown, silver, grey, blue, black and white. Some poodles seem to have a more apricot or champagne color. And they tend to love people.

Here are some names that might be a good fit for your lady poodle:

31). Coquette: means flirt, which could be a great name if your little girl dog loves to flirt and bat those long eyelashes that some poodles have!

32). Esme: means “esteemed or loved,” if your fur baby is the love of you life, what better name could you choose for her?

33). Fille: means “girl”

35). Libellule: means dragonfly

36). Papillon: means butterfly

37). Vivien: means lively

38). Cherie: means dear beloved

39). Dominique: means “belonging to the Lord”

40). Eloise: means “famous in war.”

Next, here are some male French names that could be perfect for your boy French poodle:

41). Andre: means “male warrior”

42). Aubin: means “white”

43). Baldoin: means “brave friend”

44). Chanceux: means “lucky”

45). Pascal: means “mischievous,” which could well fit a boy poodle!

46). Perceval: means “pure and innocent”

47). Rififi: means “trouble,” which could also be the perfect name for a boy poodle who has a mischievous personality!

48). Brie: which is a famous type of French cheese

49). Pistache: inspired by the pistachio nut

50). Cassoulet: which comes from the name for a delicious French soup which includes sausage and beans.

Why Do Pet Parents Want a French Name for Their Dog?

As you saw in the intro to this article, there are many reasons a pet parent might want to find just the right French name for their dog. For instance, they could admire all things French! France is famous for its culture, art, architecture & monuments, and its food. Who doesn’t just love French food? We’ll get to that in a minute. When it comes to culture, France has it in so many ways. Many people think of French culture has having to do with Paris; however, there’s more to France than just this beautiful, famous city. Did you know even the word “culture” has a French derivative. “Culture” comes from the French word culture, which comes directly from the Latin word culturare that means “culturer.” This word refered to those who cultivate and tend, such as farmers. However, over time the word has also come to mean “cultivation of the mind, manners and faculties.”

France is filled with culture. Here, think of art, manners, language, food and more. All of this and more comes under the term “culture.” In Paris, you can visit one of the highest ranked museums in the world and view its famous artwork. This is the Louvre, with its iconic glass pyramid. Here, you’ll find such works as the Mona Lisa and much more. France is also known for its very fine wines. If you ever visit France, be sure to tour some of the wine country found in Bordeaux, Champagne, and Burgundy. And when you think of French wine, it’s natural to also consider French cheese. France is famous for Camembert, Roquefort, Comté and more. Cheese and wine are a combination found at almost every wine tasting event.

And we can’t forget French cuisine, which is popular around the world. French cuisine has been developed over the centuries, incorporating cultures from nearby countries. You’ll find French gourmet food takes notes from Italy, Germany and even Spain. In the 20th century, French cooking was first made popular by Auguste Esocoffier, whose cooking inspired the term haute cuisine.  We can’t forget to mention the French language. For centuries, if a person spoke French, they were considered highly educated and cultured. Today, the French language is still prized for its beautiful sound and has influenced many words in other languages around the world. Some pet parents are highly appreciative and influenced by all things French, so naturally they would choose a French name for their fur baby!

Other Reasons

Pet parents who have adopted a fur baby that comes from a French breed may also choose a French name. What could be more natural? Plus, French names are so beautiful, which may be why pet parents choose a French name for a new dog. There is much more we could say about France, and the list of reasons is long, but by now it’s obvious why some people choose French names for their dogs!

We hope you’ve found just the right name for your canine companion, or that maybe our list has inspired you with other name ideas for your dog. Either way, we’d like to wish you all the best and much bonne chance (which means good luck in French)! Did you know that French bulldogs have disease predispositions? Check out our latest post to learn more

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