50 Cartoon Dog Names

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Are you looking for a unique name for your new dog? Having trouble coming up with ideas? Why not reach back to your childhood (or your adulthood!) and consider using a cartoon dog’s name for your fur baby?

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Animated movies, shows and series are filled with wonderful and creative dog names. You can use names from those great classics, the Saturday morning cartoons we all used to enjoy (if you still enjoy these, you’re not alone)! There are also plenty of modern animated movies that have great dog characters!

So, get creative! Think back to your favorite childhood cartoon dog characters, your kids’ cartoon dog favorites and more!

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of 50 cartoon dog names, one of which could turn out to be the right name for your canine companion. Or maybe one of the names on this list will inspire the best name for your dog! Let’s get started!

Cartoon Dog Name Crossword Puzzle Solutions

We did some creative research for this article, and decided it was a fun idea to see which cartoon dog names are used in crossword puzzles! Celebrity dog names are more and more common, find some ideas there! The list below contains some of the most often used cartoon canine names as solutions to puzzles:

1). Astro: was the cute, large canine cartoon character in Hanna-Barbera’s cartoon the Jetsons. He was an adorable character, and we think he could be a Great Dane or from another large dog breed.

2). Goofy: he is one of the cute dog characters created by Walt Disney. Goofy first made his appearance in 1932. We love this name—it could be the perfect choice for a dog who is all legs and has a cute, funny personality.

3). Scooby Doo: is another canine character who appeared in the famous cartoons Scooby Doo, Where Are You? by Hanna-Barbera, and the movies featuring Scooby and other famous characters. Scooby Doo is known for loving his biscuits, so this name might be a great choice for a dog who loves his treats and/or who loves to chow down on his dogfood!

4). Snoopy: is a Beagle that is featured in the Peanuts comic strip, by Charles M. Schulz, and movies and TV specials. Snoopy loves to lie on his doghouse but is also famous for imagining himself as a famous Ace flyer and using his doghouse as an imaginary airplane.

5). Odie: is the famous dog who is seen in the famous cartoon Garfield, by Jim Davis. In fact, Odie is a “friend” of the famous orange cat we all know and love—Garfield! Odie has yellow fur and brown ears, and he’s supposed to be a wire-haired Dachshund/terrier mix! Odie is famous for his large tongue and for being slobbery! This might be the perfect name for a yellow dog, or a dog who lets their tongue hang out most of the time!

6). Pluto: is a yellow, orange dog with long black ears. In fact, he is the fur baby of the famous Mickey Mouse! Pluto first appeared in the Disney cartoon The Chain Gang, which came out in the 1930s. If you love this cartoon character, Pluto could be a great name for any type of dog!

7). Droopy: was a character created by Tex Avery for MGM, and he made his first appearance in Dumb Hound (1943). Droopy is a white dog, with a large muzzle and long black ears. He’s famous for being extremely laid back, so this might be a great name for a hound dog, or another type of dog that is very relaxed!

We have created a list of the most beautiful dog breeds, you might find some ideas by simply looking at these gorgeous dogs!

Cartoon Dog Names Quiz Fun

We did some more fun research and decided to look for dog cartoon names that are popular in online quizzes! These names were some of the most popular! Let’s get started!

8). Underdog: this character was shoeshine pup who transformed into superhero Underdog! You may remember that his girlfriend’s name was Sweet Polly Purebred. The character was played by Wally Cox. Underdog might be a great name for any superhero dog, or just because you loved the cartoons!

9). Jock: this cartoon dog is from the animated movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians. He’s one of the first dogs in the “twilight bark.” In the film, Jock is a Scottish Terrier; this could be a cute name for a Scottish Terrier, or any dog!

10). Hong Kong Phooey: this is a kung-fu fighting dog from the cartoon series of the same name. This dog is a janitor in the police station and then becomes a superhero when dangers lurks! This could be a great name for a fur baby who resembles this cartoon character, or for any dog if you’re a fan of martial arts.

11). Dino: this character isn’t really a dog, but he played a dog-like character in the cartoon series The Flintstones. Dino is a fun-loving dinosaur-dog who is beloved by his pet parents and family! This could be a great name for a dog that resembles Dino, or just because you like the name!

12). Huckleberry Hound: this was a blue-haired dog from the South who loved to sing the song “My Darling Clementine.” Huckleberry Hound was blue, with a black nose and ears. This could be a great name for a Blue Heeler, or another dog breed that is a blue color.

13). Muttley: this was a cartoon dog who was the sidekick of Dick Dastardly. Muttley is appropriately a “mutt” (a mixed-breed dog). If you have a mutt, what a cute name this could be for him!

14). Sam Sheepdog: this was a character that appeared in the Looney Tunes universe of cartoons! Sam is a large sheepdog, actually a Berger De Brie (Briard Sheepdog). He had tan and white fur, with a bunch of read hair on his head that covered his eyes. This pup was always calm and collected, and he didn’t run. He was, however, very strong! This would be a great name for a Sheepdog or another large dog that resembles this great cartoon pup!

15). Lady: this a very famous lady dog from the animated film Lady and the Tramp (1955), by Disney. Lady is a lady, much like her name implies. She came from a wealthy family, but after chasing a rat from her home, she became lost in the city. Here, she met her sweetheart, Tramp. This would be a great name for a female dog who is very lady-like, or for dogs such as a Cocker Spaniel (which was Lady’s breed).

Check out our list of Disney dog names for more inspiration!

Cartoon Dog Names Girl

Here are some great names of girl cartoon dogs! Maybe one of these will fit your lady dog!

16). Penny: from 101 Dalmatians, she is a Dalmatian

17). Dot: from 101 Dalmatians, she is a Dalmatian

18). Stella: from The Princess and the Frog, she is a Bloodhound

19). Annette: from Lady and the Tramp, this girl is a Cocker Spaniel

20). Collette: from Lady and the Tramp, this fur baby is a Cocker Spaniel

21). Danielle: from Lady and the Tramp, this girl is also a Cocker Spaniel

22). Angel: from Lady and the Tramp 2

23). Peg: from Lady and the Tramp, this girl is a Pekingese

24). Georgette: from Olive and Company, this lady is a pretty Poodle

25). Rita: from Oliver and Company, this girl is a Saluki

Our list of famous Disney cat names could help you find some more ideas!

Cartoon Dog Names Male

Do you need a name for you boy dog? Then check out these cartoon dog names boy!

26). Barney: from Barney, he was an Old English Sheepdog

27). Trusty: from Lady and the Tramp, this boy was a Bloodhound

28). Boris: from Lady and the Tramp, he was a Borzoi

29). Mel: from The Secret Life of Pets, is a Dachshund

30). Buddy: from The Secret Life of Pets, is a Pug

31). Gidget: from The Secret Life of Pets, is a White Pomeranian

32). Jake: from Adventure Time, is an English Bulldog

33). Ren: from Ren and Stimpy, is a Chihuahua

34). Lady: from The Simpsons, is a Border Collie

35). Bongo: also from The Simpsons

36). Hector: from Looney Tunes, was a Bulldog

37). Kyle: from Despicable Me

38). Dukey: from Johnny Test

39). Goliath: from the series Davey and Goliath

Feel free to review our list of Japanese cat names in case you find some inspiration there!

40). Pedro: from Lady and the Tramp, he was a Chihuahua

41). Luiz: from Rio, was a Bulldog

42). Kipper: from Kipper the Dog, was a Beagle/Terrier mix

43). Tito: from Oliver and Company, this fur baby was a Chihuahua

44). Einstein: not only was this the name of famous physicist, but this was the name of a dog in Olive and Company, this was a Great Dane.

45). Cash: from The Fox and the Hound

46). Copper: from The Fox and the Hound

47). Disco: from 101 Dalmatians, was a Dalmatian

48). Corky: from 1010 Dalmatians, was, of course, a Dalmatian

49). Auggie Doggie: from The Quick Draw McGraw Show, was a Dachshund

50). Bruno: was the dog in the classic tale of Cinderella, was a Bloodhound

We hope you’ve enjoyed these fun cartoon dog names and that you’ve found the perfect name for your fur baby in this list!

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