50 Of The Best Celebrity Dog Names

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Do you have a new dog or puppy and need inspiration for a name? If you’re out of ideas, perhaps you could consider a celebrity dog name. A dog or puppy could be named after your favorite superhero, actor/actress, or even a famous singer!

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Celebrity Dog Names for Female Puppies

There are two ways you can think of giving your pup a celebrity name. You could think of a famous actor or actress that might make a good name for your dog. Or you could choose a dog name that a celebrity has given to their own dog. Either way, we’ve got you covered!

1. Dog Names Given by Celebrities

Dog Name                    Celebrity

Allegra                        Hugh Jackman

Bambi                          Paris Hilton

Bess                              Sienna Miller

Daisy                            Jessica Simpson

Gertie                          Katherine Heigl

2. Celebrity Names for Dogs

Celebrity Dog Name      Celebrity

Doris                            Doris Day

Bardot                         Brigitte Bardot

Katy                              Perry

Oprah                          Oprah Winfrey

Adele                            Adele Adkins

These are only a few examples of the celebrity dog names that might fit your pup. You can choose from famous singers and actresses, or even use the name a star has given her dog! Did you find any inspiration here? If not, we have more ideas! For more fancy names, check out our list of French dog names!

Dog Names After Celebrities

We’ve already seen that the names of famous people can sometimes make a great name for a dog. When it comes to naming your fur baby after someone famous, the sky’s the limit. There are so many categories to choose from when it comes to those who are famous.

You may find inspiration in historical names, names of characters from books and plays, writers’ names and more.

Here are a few examples you might consider for male or female dogs, and even puppies:

Another option is to use the name of a famous person living today—do you have someone who inspires you? Choose a version of that name for your canine companion!

Celebrity inspired pet names are a great choice if your dog has a unique personality. Maybe he looks like a famous person or has certain attributes of someone well known. You could also choose to name a dog who has a quirky personality with the name of a celebrity who has the opposite characteristics. For instance, you may have a dog that’s very solemn and you could give him the name of a famous comedian. Just let intuition be your guide and have some fun! Some of the names above are part of our list of most popular dogs on Instagram!

Famous Pet Names

Another option to consider is famous pet names. Here’s another take on the celebrity idea. Think of your favorite movies or book, for instance. Does your furry friend remind you of a character in some play you loved? Or do they remind you of a dog or another animal character from a movie or cartoon? Here are some ideas for cartoon dog names!

Dog Names Inspired by Book Characters

Dog Names Inspired by Pets & Animals in Movies/Cartoons

Celebrity Dog Name Puns

If the previous ideas didn’t provide enough inspiration, we’ll take a different tack. What about a dog name based on a pun? That could work!

Pun Names for Boy Dogs

Pun Names for Girl Dogs

These boy and girl pun names for dogs are pretty cute! Did these inspire you with any name ideas? If not, don’t fear, we’ve got some more ideas for you!

Celebrity Names for Large Dogs

Do you have a large breed dog who needs a name? Or maybe you have a puppy who will be large when he grows up? Then consider these celebrity names for large dogs—for boys and girls!

One note: be sure to avoid using names that could cause a problem or hurt others. There’s quite a bit going on in the world today. Consider all the political and cultural divisions around the world. There’s also quite a bit of tension on other hot topics. So, it’s best to avoid choosing a name that could cause offense.

Celebrity Large Dog Boy Names

Celebrity Large Dog Girl Names

How to Teach a Dog His Name

Now that you’ve got a shiny new name for your fur baby, it’s time to help him learn his name. It’s recommended to use positive training methods, even when teaching your dog his name. Dogs respond well to receiving praise, along with their favorite treats, of course. Always say your dog’s name in a positive, bright way. Never in a negative, down voice. You love your fur baby and want him to have a positive association with the sound of his name.

1. On the leash: start with your dog on the leash. This keeps him focused on you and not what’s going on around you both! You can even do this in a fenced-in area, especially if your dog or puppy like to chase after things.

2. Get your dog’s attention: next, get your dog’s attention. Be sure to avoid training sessions if your dog is tired, too excited, etc. Start when you’re both fresh and when you have your pup’s attention.

3. Repeat the dog’s name: after you’ve gotten his attention, say his name with a “happy voice.” When he acknowledges you, say his name again in a happy tone, then offer him praise and his favorite treat.

4. Rinse and repeat: follow steps 1-3 to help your dog learn his name. Remember, all dogs are individuals and learn at their own pace. Older dogs and puppies may take longer to learn their names. Just be patient and give them lots of encouragement and love. Soon your fur baby will come when you call him!

Tips for Naming Your Dog after a Celebrity

Before deciding on a name for your new pup, you might review these tips we’ve gathered for you. For starters, choosing a two-syllable name is better than a name with one or more. Two-syllable names are easier for a dog to hear and distinguish. In addition, a name that’s easy to pronounce is a benefit to you and your pup.

Here are a few more tips:

1. Names that resemble commands: stay away from names that sound like a command, similar to “no,” “stay,” “sit,” etc. It can be very confusing for your dog to understand the difference between his name and something you’re telling him to do.

2. Short names are best: when choosing a name for a dog, keep in mind simple, short names are easier for your canine companion to hear and understand. It’s also easy to pronounce. Two syllables are OK but try to avoid names that are longer. If you choose a name that’s longer then be sure to have a shortened version, you can use to call your dog.

3. Easy to call out: names that are easy to call out, and not embarrassing, will be best for you and your dog. You don’t want a dog name that offends or embarrasses others. Besides, giving your dog a nice name shows you respect and care for him. You don’t view him as a joke but as your beloved companion.

4. Hard consonants: dog names with hard consonants are easier for a dog to hear. Dog experts say dogs can hear letters P, K, and D (amongst other hard consonants) easier than other letters.

5. An adult dog’s name—change or not? If you’ve adopted a dog, chances are he comes with a name that he’s already used to. Many people may find the name unsuitable and decide to change it. If you take this route, then be sure to choose a name that sounds similar to his current name. This way he will quickly catch on to his new name.

6. Avoid the most popular dog names: It’s tempting to name your dog in the current fashion; however, this often isn’t the best choice. Think of being out in the dog park, with 50 or more other dogs. If your dog’s named Max, for instance, and you call him, you’ll have other dogs running to meet you, too! Or your dog could hear his name called by someone else and go running to them. It can be very confusing for everyone! Check out our list of popular cats on Instagram for more inspiration!

7. What about people names? Human names are extremely popular when it comes to naming dogs. Before giving a dog a human name, consider these things. Using the name of someone you know (family or friend) may seem like a good idea. However, how would they feel if your dog has their name? In this case, it’s always a good idea to check with the person first, before you give their name to the dog. Make sure it’s OK to use their name—some people don’t like the thought of animals being named after them. That’s OK—we’re all different. Just ask. If they answer no, then choose another name. There’s no need to have someone offended or upset with your pup’s name.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and that it’s helped to inspire you with a name for your puppy or dog! We wish you both all the best!

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