50 Dragon Inspired Dog Names

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Do you love dogs and dragons? Then you’ve come to the right place! Especially if you’ve recently adopted a dog or puppy and would like to find a unique name for them!

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We’ve done some research to find dragon names that might be a good fit for your dog. So, sit down and buckle up as we fly off into the land of dragons and their amazing names!

Now, let’s get on to those dragon-inspired do names!

Dragon Age Dog Names

Here are some names that might be a good choice for pet parents who enjoy Dragon Age.

1). Solomon: this was also the name of a great, ancient king in Israel. He was responsible for building the first temple in Jerusalem.

2). Max: this was the name of one of Germany’s great flying aces, whose full name was Max Immelmann. He was the first German WWII flying ace.

3). Rebel: this sounds like a perfect name for a dragon! All dragons are somewhat of a rebel at heart.

4). Truffaut: this might be perfect the name of a French dragon, don’t you think?

5). Maynard: we just like the sound of this name.

6). Valentino: this must be the perfect name for an Italian dragon!

7). Ludwig: here’s another German dragon name.

8). Ranger: this one sounds more like a dog’s name but could also be a good fit for a dragon. This would especially fit a dragon who is flying long in his search for treasure.

9). Quasi: maybe a dragon with a hump on his back?

10). Copper: this is a name that brings up images of a surreal copper dragon, sun glinting off his wings, flying through the evening sky.

Dungeons and Dragons Dog Names

Are you a D&D fan? Then here are some Dungeons and Dragons names that might be a great fit for your dog!

11). Aaronarra: is a copper dragon who is very old. This might be a great name for a dog with reddish fur, such as a Chow Chow or a Golden Lab.

12). Abazigal: is a blue dragon. What a beautiful name for a dog with blue eyes!

13). Adalon: is a silver female dragon, which would be a pretty name for a dog with grey or silver fur.

14). Agrelia: is a female silver dragon; this could be a very pretty name for any girl dog.

15). Ajax Firestorm: is a red dragon. This name sounds like it might be a brilliant choice for a girl dog who has a very strong personality.

16). Alustriel: is a faerie female dragon. What a pretty name this would make for a very lady-like, dainty dog such as a Whippet.

17). Anyo: is a Chiang lung dragon who is said to be very old.

18). Balagos: is a red dragon, who is also called the Flying Flame.

19). Casarial: is a black, female dragon. Does your fur baby have black or dark fur? Then this could be a very pretty name for her.

20). Chuth: is an adult green male dragon. This sounds like a great name for a male dog who is highly intelligent.]

21). Despayr: is a black female dragon who is very old.

22). Draconis: is a brown male dragon. Does your dog have brown fur? If so, why not choose this unique name for him?

23). Eschaz: is a red male dragon who is very ancient.

24). Faye Pixie: is a female faerie dragon. If you love faeries and pixies, this would be a great name for a small dog such as a Chihuahua.

25). Galglentor: is a gold dragon

26). Gorge Cooper: is a copper male adult dragon.

27). Gotha: is an ancient red male dragon.

28). Klauth: is a male red dragon.

29). Lux: also known as Torch is a mature male red dragon.

30). Naroun: is a white male dragon.

Dragon Dog Names Male

Now we have some male dog names that are dragon-inspired!

31). Thorn: is a large red dragon who was trained to fight by Shruikan. He was highly skilled at aerial combat and could breathe fire.

32). Skrill: the secretive dragon who rides lightning bolts. Does your canine companion enjoy hiding things? Then this might be the perfect name for him!

33). Thunderdrum: the name of a dragon who uses sound to incapacitate his victims. I’m not sure a dog can make such sounds, but if you like this name, then why not choose it for your dog? You could even shorten it to “Thunder.”

34). Timberjack: the name of a dragon who has very sharp wings that can cut through trees. Does your dog like to chew on wood? This might be a great name for him! You can even shorten the name to “Jack.”

35). Gronckle: is a tough, slow dragon.

36). Armorwing: is a dragon who has a sharp tail that’s like a whip. This might be a great name for a dog who has a whip-like tail. It may not cut through trees, but it will surely knock everything off the coffee table when it wags!

37). Zippleback: is the name of a dragon who has two heads. We don’t know if dogs that have two heads, though it is possible. Still, this is a very unusual name—one you won’t hear in the dog park or at the vet’s too often!

38). Nadder: a small dragon that’s said to be beautiful and live in the tropics. This might be the perfect name for a small dog who loves to stay warm on your lap most of the time.

39). Quaken: is a dragon who uses shockwaves. We could see this as the name of a large dog who loves to jump!

40). Silver Phantom: is a type of dragon that’s almost invisible when flying.

Dragon Dog Names Female

Now here are some dragon dog names girl—maybe one of these will be a great fit for your canine companion!

41). Saphira: is the name of the Blue Dragon from the Eragon books. What a pretty name for a girl dog!

42). Drakaina: is a female Greek serpent who has human features. This would make a most unusual name for a dog.

43). Campe: is the name of another Greek dragon-like creature.

44). Echindna: is the Greek mother of monsters who was supposed to be part dragon.

45). Hydra: this is the name of the many-headed water dragon. We hope your dog doesn’t have many heads; however, the name is pretty and would be a good fit for a dog that has fur that likes to stand up around her face.

46). Kaida: is a Japanese name that means “little dragon.” How cute is that? This could be a great name for a small, dainty girl dog.

47). Pachua: is a name that comes from the Hopi people, and refers to a feathered snake. We love this name—it’s pretty and sounds like a delicate girl dog’s name.

48). Blaze: means “fire breather.” Does your dog have a special marking on her head, chest or back? If she’s all one color but has a “blaze” of white or another color in these areas, this would be a great name for her.

49). Apalala: is the Hindi name for a water dragon. This would be the perfect name for a girl dog who just can’t stay out of the water!

50). Apep: is an Egyptian name for a serpent dragon who was the enemy of the sun god. This is a pretty and unusual name that might be a great fit for a girl dog who likes to get you up and out of bed before the sun comes up!

Our Fascination with Dragons

Dragons are mythic animals that have garnered our attention for thousands of years. But why? There’s always been a fascination with magic, fear, myth, and more. Dragons have a sort of glamor that never recedes. While we understand that these animals have never existed, almost every culture on the planet has given rise to a belief in these magical beasts.

The mind is caught up in thoughts of huge winged beasts that fly and breathe fire. These animals are said to live for thousands of years, so imagine that wealth of wisdom and knowledge they’ve gained over that time.

You’ll find dragons in the literature many of us love—from Beowulf to Tolkien and J.K. Rowling—dragons appear in these wonderful tales. And another interesting note is that dragons have gone from being fierce, threatening beasts in old stories, to now being powerful allies and friends in more recent stories. If you notice in many movies and stories, dragons now impart their wisdom, help us with extremely dangerous and life-threatening situations, and more.

Here are a few of the reasons that dragons continue to attract our fascination and attention:

We hope you’ve had as much fun reading this article, as we did doing the research and writing it! But most of all, we hope you’ve found a great name for your dog!

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