50 Norse Mythology or Viking Dog Names

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If you’re interested in Norse mythology and you’re looking for a name for your dog, you’ve come to the right place! Not only do these make great names for dogs, but Norse names are quite popular these days. Let’s jump right in and find the perfect name for your pup!

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Norse Mythology

Norse mythology are myths that were part of the pagan religions of the Norther Germanic people. These stories and legends are filled with interesting characters, beautiful sagas and more which gave meaning to the Norse people’s lives. The Norse practiced their religion and tradition right up until they became Christians. Even then, there were some who stayed with the old religion and continued to share the myths and stories from the past.

Interest in the Norse legends has been made popular by Marvel’s superhero Thor, who wields his mighty hammer. With this bit of background under our belts, let’s move on to find just the right name for your girl dog! In this article, we’ll take a look at viking dog names and meanings, making it easier to fit a name with your dog’s personality and characteristics.

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Viking Names for Dogs Female

Viking names are both old and beautiful, and remind you of some of the inspiring mythical beings and legends of the North people.

If you’d like a Viking name for your female dog, here’s a list for you:

1. Avla: a female elf; this might make a cute name for a small girl dog whose rather mischievous.

2. Angrboda: this was a giantess who was the mistress of Loki. She bore three monsters: the Midgard Serpent Jormungand, Hel and a giant wolf named Fenrir. Mabye this name fits your dog—does she have a lot of energy and tear through the house like a monster? If so, then this is a wonderful name for your pup.

3. Aren: this name literally means “eagle”; is your dog majestic and enigmatic like an eagle? Is she a good hunter or have excellent eyesight? Then this might be a great name for your fur baby.

4. Asta: means divine beauty; if your doggie girl is really pretty, then this could be a great name for her. It’s a nice, short easy name that she’s sure to hear and respond to every time.

5. Astrid: means beautiful; this is another name that would fit an elegant, pretty girl dog. For more French sounding ideas, check our list of French dog names!

6. Bestla: this is the name of an ancient frost giantess. It might make a great name for a large dog who enjoys playing in the winter snow!

7. Brenna: means “sword.” If your fur baby has a high pitched, sharp bark, you might choose this name for her. If you like the sound of Brenna, check out our list of Mexican dog names for more inspiration!

8. Eoestre: the goddess of spring, in fact, the name for our spring holiday, Easter, comes from this word. Does your dog have a spring in her step? Does she love to jump? Then this springy name might be just the thing!

9. Freya: the goddess of love, death, war and beauty. If you have a protective pup who loves you and your family, what better name could you choose?

10. Gerda: means “protection.” This is the perfect name for a girl dog who is very protective of you, your family and your home.

11. Rania: this pretty name means “delightful.” Do you have a dog you just delight in? This could be a great name for her. It’s pretty and short—a name she’s sure to love.

12. Sjofn: the goddess of love and healing; if you have a dog who loves you well, this might be a great name for her. It’s a pretty and unusual choice—one you won’t hear too often in the dog park. For more god names, review our Roman or Greek Dog Names list!

13. Sol: this name means “bright as the sun.” This almost perfectly describes a dog like a Golden Lab or a Golden retriever. Not only does it describe the color of their coats, but it also describes their wonderful, joyful personalities.

14. Svanhild: the daughter of Sigurd and Gudrun. Funny, but her story is still shared in many Northern European legends. What a pretty name for a girl dog—again it’s unusual and you won’t hear it everywhere you take your dog.

15. Valkerie: this is a warrior maiden who decides who will die in battle. Not only do they make this determination, but they take the souls of the brave to Valhalla, a sort of Viking heaven.

Male Dog Viking Names

Now, let’s take a look at some Viking names for boy dogs. Just as with the Viking girls names, you’ll find a wide choice of names and meanings sure to fit your male canine companion.

1. Alfheim: the king and suitor of Alfhild: this name means elf and might make the perfect name for a small dog who thinks he’s king of the hill…or at least king of his yard and home!

2. Alvis: this is an interesting name—the character was an elf who dated Thor’s daughter. This name means wise. If your dog is small and wise, then this might make a great choice for a name.

3. Aros: means “from the mouth of the river.” Does your dog enjoy water and swimming? Does he have  his own wading pool in the backyard during the summer? Or does he enjoy racing through the sprinkler? Then this might make a great name for your dog!

4. Austri: this was a dwarf and was one of the supporters of heaven. Possibly a good name for either a small dog, or you could have fun and give this name to your big boy dog!

5. Berserker: this is the term for fierce Viking warriors. This could be the perfect name for a dog who takes guarding his home quite seriously.

6. Bjorn Ironside: this is the name of Ragnar Lodbrok’s son. Do you have a dog that’s built like a tank and is pretty tough? This name will fit him to a T.

7. Cnut: the Viking king of England: if you have a dog who thinks he’s the leader of the pack, this is the perfect name.

8. Davin: means “very intelligent” and would be a great name for a very smart dog—no matter the breed or the size.

9. Eric: this name means “forever strong” and is a very classic Viking name. If your pup is strong or even strong-minded, this might be a great name for him.

10. Gunolf: means “fighting wolf.” Do you have a fur baby that resembles a wolf—then this is the best name for him!

11. Halvor: literally means “defending the rock.” If your dog is the quintessential guard dog, then this is a very fitting name.

12. Jarl: means “nobleman” and is a fitting name for a dog who thinks he’s the lord of the manor. In the same theme, check out our list of Norwegian dog names!

13. Loki: the trickster who was a Norse god and brother of Thor. Just the perfect name for a dog that enjoys playing tricks and teasing!

14. Odin: you could think of him as king of the Norse gods. He lived in Valhalla with the warriors whose souls were taken there after they died. This is a great name for a dog who thinks he’s the leader!

15. Thor: the god of thunder, strength and war—what a wonderful name for a dog who is strong!

Norse Mythology Dogs Name

If you’re knowledgeable about Norse mythology and legends, then you’ll perhaps know there are dogs who share in these stories. Let’s take a look at a few Norse mythology dog names.

1. Fenrir: this ferocious dog is large and is the son of Loki. He’s quite intimidating and even helps to destroy world. This would make a great name for a large dog who is set on protection and guarding your home. And for more inspiration check our list of celebrity dog names!

2. Garm: a dog who guarded the gates of the afterlife and kept souls from escaping back to the land of the living. What a perfect name for a large dog who loves to guard his yard and his family!

3. Geri & Freki: this is actually two names; these were wolves who sat by Odin’s side and at all his food. If your dog loves to eat and sits by the table begging, then these names might be a good fit.

More Norse Names for Dogs

We promised that you’d find 50 Norse names for dogs in this article, so here are some additional names taken directly from Norse mythology. Perhaps one of these names will fit your dog and his personality!

1. Scadi: the name of a mountain giant; this lady was the wife of Njord and later of Odin. This name means “damage.” Do you have a dog who loves to chew up your favorite shoes? Here’s the right name for her!

2. Atla: she was the goddess of water in the old Norse legends. If you have a dog who loves water, you might consider this name for her.

3. Eisa: she was the daughter of Loki, the trickster god. Another great name for a girl dog who loves to tease. For more southern sounding names, check out our list of Portuguese dog names!

4. Verdandi: a goddess who was charged with deterring destiny—this would be a good choice of name for a lady dog who’s very determined and knows her own mind.

5. Gerd: the goddess of fertility; she was a frost princess and wife to Freyr. This name means “enclosure.” If you’re looking for an easy, short name for your girl dog, this would work.

6. Urd: one of the three Norns—she was the goddess of destiny. Another great name for girl dog who likes to determine her own fate.

7. Nott: was the daughter of Narfi, the giant. She was night in Norse mythology. What a great name for a dog who is a dark color such as black!

8. Lounn: the goddess of youth—a great choice for a Golden Retriever of any dog who acts like a puppy even though they’re fully grown.

9. Mani: the dog of the moon—if your dog likes to howl at the mean, this would just the right name for him.

10. Gandalf: this name is famous—you may recall it from the Lord of the Rings. This name is also in Norse mythology and is the name of a dwarf. Perhaps if your dog has magical ways and/or is small, this name would fit him well.

11. Orvar: a legendary hero whose name means “arrow.” This could be a great name for a hunting dog who is excellent at pointing.

12. Vidar: the son of Odin and Grid, whose name means “warrior.” Maybe a good name for a dog who is protective and takes guarding his home and yard very seriously.

13. Dellinger: he is a Norse god who is dawn, itself. You could choose this name for a dog who has a sunny personality or whose color is of the sun.

14. Ull: the son of Sif and stepson of Thor; he was the god of hunting. What a great name for a dog who loves to hunt his toys, for his treats or even your favorite socks!

15. Fitch: the god of arbitration and ruling; this would make quite an unusual name. It could be the name of a dog who is peaceful yet is the head of his household.

16. Tiki: he was the god of stone—a simple, short name your dog’s sure to hear when you call!

17. Sindri: another dwarf from Norse mythology, he made magical things for the gods. His name means small. If you have a magical fur baby that’s small, this would make a fitting name for him!

How to Choose the Right Norse Name for Your Dog

Bringing your new dog home is pretty exciting, as is choosing his name! However, there are some things to consider before giving your new fur baby a name.

  1. Find a name that has one or two syllables: these are best for your dog because they’re easier for him to understand. A dog’s name with one or two syllables makes distinguishing his name easier in a noisy setting. It’s also easier for him to hear you calling him. While not common, you may be at the dog park and hear your dog’s name coming from another pet parent! Even if your fur baby has the same name, he will respond to you and your voice. He will hear the changes in pitch you use when calling or saying his name.
  2. Choose a dog’s name that has hard consonants: dogs also respond well to names that have hard consonants. A name such as “lucky” is easier for your dog to understand and hear, even in loud places or at the dog park.
  3. Names that sound like commands: should be avoided. These can cause confusion in your dog. For instance, if your dog’s name is “Mo” he could easily get this confused with the command “No!” Make your and your dog’s life easier by avoiding names that sound like commands.
  4. Unique names: if you have other pets in your household, it’s best to give your dog a name that does not sound like theirs. Again, this can cause confusion for everyone in your home!
  5. Test the name: after considering some Norse names for your fur baby, try them by calling your dog. This test allows you to see which name your dog responds to the best! Which name is he happiest hearing? That’s the name he will respond to best during training, calling, and receiving commands.

We’ve covered quite a few names from Norse mythology! We hope you’ve found just the perfect name for your fur baby in this article!

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