50 Elegant, Posh or Snobby Dog Names

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Do you enjoy elegant or posh things in life? Would you like to find an elegant, or snobby name for your dog? If so, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Finding just the right name for your dog can be a challenge. There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best name for your canine companion!

Elegant Dog Names Female

We’ll start out with elegant names for your girl canine companion.

If you have an elegant lady dog, perhaps one of these names would fit her elegance and panache:

1). Lady: this is a title given to nobility in some countries, it’s also the name of a famous lady dog from the movie Lady and the Tramp. In the movie, Lady was known for her elegance and charm, and she came from a wealthy home. This could be a beautiful name for your lady pup.

2). Portia: this name originates in the Latin and means “pig, hog or doorway.” While this may seem a little piggy, when this name is pronounced, it has a very elegant ring to it. Plus it reminds you of that lovely port wine that comes from Portugal. Port is a very deep red color, so if your fur baby has dark red hair, such as a regal Irish Setter, this could be a great name for her!

3). Gabriella: this is an Italian name that means “woman of God.” It’s also the female version of the name “Gabriel.”

4). Isabella: this beautiful name means “God is my oath,” and also comes from Italy, an very beautiful, elegant country. One famous lady name Isabella Bird was a lady who traveled alone. This was in a time when many people thought this wasn’t the right type of activity for a lady on her own. If your fur baby likes to travel, this could be a great name for her!

5). Octavia: this name originally comes from Latin and means “born eighth.” If your fur baby was the number 8th one born in her litter, this could be a beautiful name to choose!

6). Rose: if you love those elegant flowers known as the rose, then this may be a great name for  your lady fur baby. The name comes from Latin and means “rose, a flower.” These flowers are enjoyed for their beautiful arrangement of petals on long stems. While this is an old-fashioned name, it’s still a beautiful choice for an elegant lady dog. Check out our list of Cartoon dog names for more inspiration!

6.5). Violet: another name with a floral reference, it means “purple,” which is the color that was once only worn by royalty. The violet flower is usually purpose (but does come in other colors), and is known as a soft, sweet flower. If your fur baby has a sweet nature, then you could give her this pretty name.

7). Coco: nothing says elegance like the name Coco. It may remind you of Coco Chanel, the famous Parisian fashion designer. What an elegant reference! Nothing says elegance more than French fashion! If you have a penchant for French ensembles, then maybe this is a good name for your fur baby!

8). Theodora: this pretty name, in Greek, means “gift of God.” It was a name highly popular back in Victorian times but has since made a comeback. This has been a popular royal name; for example, Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark.

9). Stella: is an elegant name that originates from Latin and means “star.” The name has been found in records dating all the way back to 1374 in England and has become popular again in recent years.

10). Anastasia: this is an elegant name that comes from the Greek, and it means “resurrection.” This name was common among early Christians and was also once the royal name of a Russian grand duchess.

Elegant Names for Boy Dogs

We can’t leave out the boys! Here are some elegant names that might be a good fit for your male canine companion!

11). Alfred: this is an Anglo-Saxon name that means “name of a king.” There have been several people of great nobility who have had this name, including kings. Think of Alfred the Great (9th century King of Wessex), Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (fourth child or Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert), amongst others. What a royal name for your male dog!

12). Clifford: this is a British name that means “lives near a ford or cliff/slope”, and it’s also a place name. While this may seem like an old-fashioned name, it’s one that was given to the famous fiction big red dog known as Clifford in children’s books.

13). Emerson: originally comes from the German language, and it means “Son of Emery.” This is a highly posh name that was also given to a famous thinker—Ralph Waldo Emerson.

14). Lex: this name comes from the Greek and it means “defending men.” This name was also given to Lex van Delden (Dutch composer), Lex Luthor (a fictional character in the Superman stories). It’s a pretty, elegant name for a noble boy dog.

15). Prince: this regal, elegant name originates from Latin and it means “chief, prince.” This designation is still used by nobility today, and it refers to a male who is son of the king and queen. What a posh name for your boy dog, especially if he has the air of royalty about him!

Classic Girl Dog Names

Are you still looking for just the right name for your lady dog? Then glance through these classic names for girl pups—perhaps one of these will fit her perfectly!

16). Abigail: you should call her “Abby” or “Gail” for short.

17). Ada

18). Adelaide

19). Arabella: this is a posh, classy name for a lady dog. You could call her “Bella” for short.

20). Bessie

21). Camille

22). Carlotta: another classic name for a girl pup, which you could shorten to Carol or Carrie. Check out our post on Portuguese dog names for more.

23). Cassandra: while this name is a little long, you could shorten it to “Cassie.”

24). Constance: another classic name, and you could call your fur baby “Connie” as a nickname.

25). Elizabeth: this is a beautiful classic name; though it’s long, you could easily shorten it to “Lizzie” or even “Beth.”

26). Frances

27). Frida

28). Genevieve: if you love French names, this sound very classy. You could call your fur baby “Jenny” or “Vieve” for short!

29). Iris: what a pretty name, especially if you love these wonderful spring flowers!

30). Ivy

Check out our selection of Posh dog breeds for more inspiration!

Posh Dog Names

What does “posh” mean? This is a slang word that has come to mean “rich, wealthy, luxurious, wealthy, fancy, well off, and more.” The name comes from the Romany Gypsy language where it was slang for “pennies.”

So, if you’d like a posh name for your fur baby, this would be a name that carried one or more of the references above! Let’s take a look:

31). Aloysius (m)

32). Bullion (m): here think of bars of gold, which is referred to as gold bullion.

33). Delaney (m)

34). Grosvenor (m)

35). Hamlet (m)

36). Augusta (f) Check out our list of Mexican dog names for similar names!

37). Chintz (f): a very expensive fabric

38). Margaret (f)

39). Penthesilia (f)

40). Tiara (f)

Snobby Dog Names

If you’re still looking for just the right name for your canine companion, then here are a list of names that could be considered snobby!

41). Ainsley (f)

42). Basil (m)

43). Corbin (m)

44). Ferguson (m)

45). Georgina

Glamorous Dog Names

Last, but not least, we’ll finish off with a few glamorous names that may be a great choice for your dog! You’ll recognized these names as some of them come from Hollywood celebrities! We have a full list of Celebrity dog names to inspire you further!

46). Audrey (as in Audrey Hepburn)

47). Scarlett (as in Scarlett Johansson)

48). Bogart (as in Humphrey Bogart)

49). Burton (as in Richard Burton)

50). Hugh (as in Hugh Jackman)

Why Choose an Elegant Name for your Dog?

First off, it could be your pup comes from a fancy, posh dog breed! Or maybe your fur baby has something regal and elegant in the way they look or carry themselves. Whatever the reason for choosing a posh doggie name, you’ll want to make sure to choose a name that fits your dog. Keep in mind that this name will be with your fur baby for the rest of their life. If you have a puppy, the name should be one that will fit them as an adult, as well as a puppy. If you choose a cutesy name that is best for a puppy, then your dog’s name may seem ridiculous when he becomes an adult.

Other things to keep in mind when naming your fur baby include:

Now, keeping these suggestions in mind, it’s time to start looking at our lists of elegant, posh and snobby names that could be a good fit for your dog! We hope you’ve found a name for your precious fur baby here, or that one of our lists was able to inspire you with just the right name for your canine companion!

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