50 Indian & Hindu Dog Names With Their Meaning

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If you’re a fan of Bollywood, the Taj Mahal and other aspects of Indian culture, then maybe an Indian or Hindu dog name is the right choice for your canine companion! Choosing an Indian name for your canine companion may also be a great way to reflect or heritage or love of India!

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Overview of Indian History & Culture

As one of the world’s most populated countries, India is a country located in Southeast Asia. It’s the seventh largest country in the world and is home to over 1 billion people. The history of this vast country is as interesting and complex as a wall tapestry with an intricate design. Its history goes back thousands of years and was home to one of the world’s first cultures known as the Indus Valley civilization about 30,000 years ago. India is also known for it’s colorful, rich clothing and it’s cuisine. The food in India is famous for being very hot and spicy. Some of the spiciest dishes include Pork Vindaloo, Phaal Curry, Laal Maas, and Rista.

Clothing in India, especially for women, is famous for its vibrant colors, and decorated with all types of beads and bangles. India’s language is based on the Sanskrit, which is considered to be the ancient language of Hinduism. The language was believed to have been created by the god Brahma, who passed it to sages known as Rishis, who lived in celestial abodes. These sages then communicated with their students on earth in this language. Sanskrit can be traced back to the 2nd millennium BCE when the Rig Vega (a set of sacred hymns) were written. India is a fascinating country, filled with ancient history and yet is also very modern. It’s famed for its many monuments, such as the Taj Mahal, and beautiful beaches and other nature areas.

List of Indian Names Great for Dogs & Puppies

No matter the reasons you’re interested in this fabulous country, we’ve put together a list of Indian and Hindu dog names that may just be the best name for your fur baby!

Funny Indian Dog Names Male

Here’s a list of dog names that are cute and maybe funny, if you give them to a dog that’s has an appearance or personality opposite the meaning of the name.

1). Baloo: name of the bear from The Jungle Book

2). Bandar: monkey

3). Dosa: crispy flatbread

5). Haddi: bone

6). Lamba: long—this may be a great name for a dog who has long legs, or for a Daschhund!

7). Mowgli: the name of the boy from The Jungle Book

8). Yasti: slim—maybe a great name for a chubby little puppy—so cute!

9). Kutta: dog

10). Lalit: handsome

We have an extensive list of French dog names if that can get you inspired!

Hindu Dog Names Meanings

Did you know that Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion? According to some sages, the religion goes back over 4000 years! Today, Hinduism is the third largest religion behind Christianity and Islam. There are about 900 million practicing Hindus all around the world, though about 95% of them do live in India. Hinduism is quite unique in that it’s not a single religion. Instead, it’s a compilation of several various traditions and philosophies. Some of their basic beliefs include:

If you’re a follower of the Hindu religion, or appreciate the religion’s beautiful teachings, then here’s a list of Hindu dog names, along with their meanings. You’re sure to find just the right name for your fur baby in this list:

11). Aabheer: cow herd – this might make a great name for a shepherding dog that’s an actual working dog.

12). Aadarsh: this is a variant of Adarsh and means “ideal” or “perfect.” This might be a great choice for your rescue or shelter fur baby, who is indeed the perfect, ideal canine companion!

13). Aadavan: in Sanskrti, this name means “sun.” It’s also the name of Vishnu.

14). Anil: means “wind.” This would be a great name for a dog that runs as fast as the wind!

15). Ashok: means “without sorrow.” What a great name for one of the happiest dogs around!

16). Atul: means “matchless.” If your dog is highly unique in any way, this may be just the right name for him!

17). Baalaark: means “the rising sun.” This might be just the right name for a dog that gets you up early every morning!

18). Babjan: means “lively person.” If you have a lively canine companion, this might be a great name for him!

19). Bablo: means “young smart boy.” Is your puppy highly intelligent? Then this could be the right name for him!

20). Baireddy: means “creative by heart.” Do you have a puppy or young dog who is highly creative at showing his love and devotion? This may be just the right name for him!

Check out some Celebrity dog names for inspiration as well!

Indian Cute Puppy Names

In this list, we’ll take a look at some cute Indian puppy names and their meanings for boys and girls.

Cute Indian Puppy Names for Boys

21). Arjun: literally means “white.” This is a Hindi word coming from Sanskrit. It’s a popular Indian name, which links to an Indian legend based on Arjuna, the son of the King of Gods.

22). Gaman: means “journey” in Hindi. If your fur baby loves to hike and galivant, then this may be the name for him!

23). Indra: means “rainbow” and comes from the Sanskrit. Do you have a pup that seems to have a bright personality? Is he somewhat eccentric? Then this name may fit his personality perfectly!

24). Jihan: means “the cosmos of the world.” What a great name for your dog if you happen to love sci-fi or all things space!

25). Raj: means “king” and is derived from Sanskrit. This is also an Indian royal title which means “rule.” If you have a fur baby who thinks he’s in control, maybe this would be a fitting choice of name for him!

Roman or Greek dog names are fashion again, take some time to review our latest post!

Cute Indian Puppy Names for Girls

26). Amaya: means “guileless” or innocent in Sanskrit. However, it can also be translated as “night rain.” This might be a great name for a sweet little girl pup, such as a Yorkshire terrier or other small breed.

27). Nirvana: meaning the highest state of enlightenment that a person can reach. This might be a the perfect name for a girl fur baby who is chilled, smart and brilliant.

28). Nirav: meaning “peaceful and calm” in Sanskrit, this might be the best name for a girl dog who loves to snooze all day!

29). Sakari: means cute and would be the perfect name for a girl dog of any breed who is simply adorable.

30). Rohit: means “red” and is the perfect doggie name for a dog that has a reddish or copper colored coat, such as an Irish Setter.

How about some Food inspired dog names?

Indian Dog Names for Male Labradors

If you have a Labrador Retriever male dog, then here are some Indian names that may be a good fit for him

31). Adil: means “sincere.” This could be a great name for a dog who has a more sincere, serious personality.

32). Akash: means “the sky.” If your dog seems to have a personality as large as the sky, this may be the perfect name for him!

33). Asha: means “hope or desire.” Does your fur baby seem to desire something all the time? Perhaps that favorite tidbit off your plate? Then this is a good name for your canine companion!

34). Batuk: means “boy.” This is a great, simple name for a male Labrador Retriever.

35). Daskhi: means “the glorious.” This name might be fitting for a dog with a regal, glorious bearing or appearance.

36). Goa: means “beautiful beach.” If you have a Labrador dog who loves the beach, this is the most perfect name for him!

37). Holi: means “spring festival celebration.” Does your fur baby like to party hardy? Then this name will be a fitting choice for him.

38). Kumar: means “prince.” If you have a regal pup, this name’s the right one for him!

39). Mohan: means “attractive.” This is a great name for any male Labrador who is handsome and attractive.

40). Parth: means “warrior prince.” If you have an Indian hero from history who was a warrior prince, this name would be a great choice for your fur baby.

Hindu Puppy Names for Boys

Here are some great Hindu names for puppies!

41). Ganesha: this is the name of god with the elephant head, who stands for Wisdom and Learning.

42). Rudra: an ancient storm god who also later became associated with animals.

43). Agni: the Hindu god of fire, who is seen as a benevolent protector. This could make a great name for a boy puppy who will be the protector of your home.

44). Kami: one of Vishnu’s names, which means “fulfilling desire.”

45). Ishan: a name that means “the third eye of Shiva.”

Viking dog names are particularly popular these days, check them out!

Hindu Puppy Names for Girls

46). Yamuna: the Hindu goddess of the Ganges River.

47). Ushas: the goddess of the Dawn, she draws the sun out via a chariot each day.

48). Sita: Rama’s consort and one of Lakshmi’s incantations.

49). Shasti: a fertility goddess, who is also the matron of marriage and children.

50). Maya: the goddess who uses illusions to distance us from spiritual truths.

We hope one of these names will be the perfect name for your precious pup. We wish you both all the best!

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