50 Food Inspired Dog Names

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Are you a foodie who also happens to love dogs? Do you have a new fur baby who needs a great name? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been searching all over online for some great food-inspired names for your precious pup. The names have been taken from breakfast foods, sweet treats, main and side dishes. Are you curious about the possible foodie names we’ve put together for your canine companion? Then read on!

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Food Dog Names Unique

When it comes to unique dog names, these are names you won’t hear in other places, such as at the dog park. We’ve put together a list of names that are a great fit for boys and girls.

1). Alfredo: are you a fan of Chicken Alfredo? It’s a chicken dish made with a smooth, white cheese sauce. If you love this dish, what better name could you find for your boy dog! You could even shorten it to “Freddie.”

2). Basil: this minty herb is used in many types of dishes. It’s also a great name for your male canine companion. Have you ever wandered if your dog could eat Italian sweet peppers? Because we did.

3). Biscuit: does your fur baby love biscuits? This is a cute name for a boy or girl dog, even if they prefer doggie biscuits to those enjoyed by their pet parents.

4). Blondie: this is the perfect name for a lady dog, especially if she has blonde colored fur. In regard to food, this is a type of brownie that’s light-colored.

5). Brandy: this is an alcoholic drink that’s often used to create flaming foods. This name would fit either a girl or a boy.

6). Brownie: do you love brownies with a passion? We’re sure this will make a great name for your dog, and that you’ll love them with an even greater passion than the brownies you eat!

7). Burrito: everyone loves Mexican food, including burritos. These flour tortillas can be filled with any number of delicious ingredients. Plus, this is a cute, fun name for your male fur baby! Check out our Mexican dog names list when you get a chance!

8). Cadbury: this is in reference of the famous chocolate candy company. Who doesn’t enjoy Cadbury chocolate and Easter eggs? We recommend not shortening this name to “Cad,” as it wouldn’t be very nice for your dog. But the name “Cadbury” as a whole would be a very unique name for your precious pup.

9). Caesar: we’re not talking about the famous Roman. Instead, we’re referring to that yummy type of salad.

10). Caffe: this is a type of coffee, which is a shot of espresso. This could be a cute name for a boy or a girl canine fur baby.

Best Food Names for Dogs

Here some of the yummiest names for your fur baby—boy or girl!

11). Cappucino: in reference to another type of coffee, we think this could be the cutest name for a small dog.

12). Cannnoli: this “to die for pastry” comes in the form of dee-fried tubes, which are filled with creamy filling (generally ricotta cheese that’s been sweetened). If you love these special desserts, and have a sweet fur baby, this would be a great name for a girl or boy dog.

13). Cinnamon: this is a spice made from the inner bark of trees. You’ll find this in dishes from all over the world. If you have a reddish colored male or female canine companion, this could be a great name for them.

14). Clementine: this is the name of a citrus fruit, which is a hybrid between a sweet orange and a mandarin orange. They taste similar to tangerines and are easy to peel. They’re juicy and sweet. This would be a great name for a girl dog that has a sweet nature.

15).  Cupcake: you’re certainly familiar with cupcakes! These small cakes are usually single-sized portions and are made in various ways. This is another cute name for a dog that has a sweet temperament.

16). Dove: another brand of chocolate—who can avoid Dove chocolates? If you have a Chocolate lab, or another dog who is chocolate-colored, this would be a great name for them.

17). Evian: this name comes form the brand of bottled French water. If you have a French breed dog, this would be a pretty name for them. Think of boy or girl Poodles, a Briard, a French Bulldog or even a Dogue de Bordeaux.

18). Honey: this delectable sweetener is used in many types of dishes—from main course dishes to desserts. What a sweet name for your girl fur baby.

19). Jack: this is a name inspired by the famous brand of Tennessee whiskey, known as Jack Daniels.

20). Kiwi: this is a unique fruit from New Zealand, which is also called a Chinese gooseberry. These fruits are rich in nutrients and taste wonderful! What a great name for a boy or girl dog!

21). Margarita: is a highly popular mixed drink made with tequila and citrus fruit juice. This would be a pretty name for a female canine companion.

22). Muffin: everyone loves muffins! These small cake-like delights are a little spongy, and made with various ingredients such as blueberries and cinnamon. What a cute name for a small dog—boy or girl!

23). Nutmeg: is a spice known for it’s warm, sweetish flavor. It’s used in everything from main dishes to desserts. This might be a cute name for small boy or girl dog.

24). Omelet: this is a dish made with beaten eggs in a frying pan. They can be served plain, or can include fillings based on various cuisines, such as Mexican. This is another cute name for a small dog!

25). Oreo: everyone knows these famous cookies! They’re made with hard, chocolate outside, and contain a yummy white cream in the middle. Do you eat the outside or inside first? No one knows which is best to do first, but we do know this would make a great name for a boy or girl dog who is black and white.

Japanese Food Names for Dogs

Do you love the food from this beautiful country? Or do you have a dog who is a Japanese dog breed? Then check out these Japanese food-inspired names for dogs!

26). Sushi: this is a famous Japanese dish that consists of raw seafood and rice wrapped in seaweed. This would be a great name for a small or large dog—boy or girl! Especially if they enjoy eating fish!

27). Sake: this is a famous type of Japanese wine made from rice. Maybe this would be the right name for your fur baby. It would fit girls or boys. What a cute name! This is also in our most popular Japanese cat names post, check it out!

28). Soba: are Japanese noodles made from buckwheat. We’re pretty sure you won’t hear this name called out often at the dog park!

29). Ramen: this is a Japanese soup and noodle dish. This would be entirely unique dog name for a male or female canine companion.

30). Tempura: have you enjoyed this famous Japanese dish? It’s a batter that’s put over seafood and/or veggies, and then deep-fried. This name might great for a large dog, with a sweet temperament. The name just sounds so peaceful.

31). Udon: these are Japanese noodles, which are thick and made from flour. They’re used in many different Japanese dishes.

32). Sashimi: this is a unique name that comes from the favorite Japanese dish that’s made with raw meat or fish, and then cut into very thin slices.

33). Sesa: is the word for sesame; these seeds are used in many Asian dishes. What a sweet name for a fur baby! Check out our next article to learn if dogs can eat Japanese eggplants!

34). Shuga: awh—this is a name that just sounds so cute—again, another sweet name, which comes from the Japanese word for sugar. If you have a sweet dog, this is a great name for a boy or a girl.

35). Dango: this is a Japanese dumpling, which is sweet and made from rice flour. It’s often served with great tea and is eaten all year long. This would make the perfect name for a boy dog!

36). Bekon: do you love bacon or does your fur baby love bacon? This is the Japanese word for “bacon.”

37). Zeri: this is the Japanese word for jello, which can be made using coffee and tea flavorings. We think this is an awfully cute name for a boy or girl, maybe a smaller doggie.

38). Mu shu: is the Japanese word for pork. If your fur baby is a little chubby, this could be a great name for him or her!

39). Manju: is a Japanese sweet treat made from beans and boiled sugar. You wouldn’t think this would be a good combination, but we’re here to tell you it tastes like heaven! What a great name for your boy fur baby!

40). Mochi: this is a type of sticky Japanese rice which is called mochigome. It’s pounded into a paste, and then toasted and eaten. They also use it in many dishes and desserts. This could be the perfect name for a small boy or girl fur baby.

Mexican Food Names for Dogs

Don’t you just love Mexican food? If so, maybe one of these Mexican dishes could be the right name for your canine companion!

41). Pozole: this is a pre-Hispanic soup, which was once part of ritual sacrifices back in ancient times. These days, however, the soup is made with chicken, pork or even as a vegetarian soup. This could be a cute name for your boy or girl dog!

42). Enchilada: this is another Mexican food that comes to us from the Mayans, people who once lived in the Valley of Mexico. They were fond of corn tortillas wrapped around small fish. Nowadays, you’ll find the tortillas filled with a number of wonderful ingredients including meet, beans, fish, cheese and more. Isn’t your fur baby a cute Enchilada?

43). Tamale: these were first created by the Aztecs, Mayan and Inca people. These small pockets were filled with nourishing ingredients and taken on the go, such as when the people went into battled. These days Mexicans enjoy sweet or savory tamales made with meat, cheeses, fruits and more. We believe your precious pup could be a sweet Tamale. Have you ever wandered if your dog can eat sweet potatoes? Check out our post to find out!

44). Taco: these wonderful tortilla shells are filled with an amazing variety of beans, meats, cheese, jalapenos and more. This could be a very cute name for a little Chihuahua boy fur baby.

45). Salsa: tomato salsa is a perfect dipping sauce that goes with most Mexican foods. If you have a fur baby who is full of life, this could be a great name for him or her!

46). Chili: this is a favorite dish around the world, typically made with kidney beans, chilies (the hotter the better), tomatoes, cheese and meat. If your fur baby has a spicy personality, this would be a great name for him or her!

47). Chipolte: this is a very hot, smoked chili pepper that’s often used in many Mexican dishes. This would be the perfect name for your fur baby!

48). Fajita: these are a favorite in Tex-Mex (in the U.S.) dishes and in Mexican cuisine. They’re made from tortillas filled with sizzling grilled meats. They may also include salsa and various veggies. This is a cute name for any canine fur baby.

48). Churro: this is a type of fried fritter covered with cinnamon sugar and usually eaten warm. They’re often served with a dipping sauce made of chocolate or can also be dipped in coffee.

48). Elote: this is a classic—it’s a Mexican street food that’s very popular. It’s made from corn that’s topped with sour cream and chili powder.

49). Tajin: this is a Mexican seasoning that’s made from chili, lime and salt. It’s used when making cauliflower bites. What a cute name for a boy or girl fur baby!

50). Fundido: this word comes from the Mexican dish queso fundido. It’s made with layers of melted cheese and spicy chorizo and makes a wonderful dip. If you like fun dog names, this may be a good fit for your male canine companion.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Mexican dog food names ideas and that you’ve found just the right name for your precious canine friend!

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