50 Dog & Cat Game of Thrones Names

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The popular series Game of Thrones has held us glued to the screen the past 8 years. This gorgeously shot and plotted show has us hooked from the beginning. Who didn’t love the famous direwolves, the beautiful scenery, and the complicated plot lines?

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GoT Fans Dog & Cat Names

It was a disappointment that the show had to end on its eighth season. The program has left a whole in many lives.

Game of Thrones may be over, but if you’re a GoT fan and need a new name for your dog or cat, then we’ve got you covered! What a wonderful way to commemorate your favorite TV series!

Game of Thrones Cat Names

Are you a Game of Thrones fan and need a name for your kitty? We’ve done some research to help you find just the right name for your little fur ball!

1. Catelyn: the mother of the Stark kids, she’s devoted to her family and her kids. What a great name for a momma cat who takes wonderful care of her kittens.

2. Cersi: queen of the Seven Kingdoms and she’s known for being especially caring and loving of her three kids. This is another great name choice for a momma cat.

3. Gilly: this sweet girl, the daughter of Craster, develops a relationship with Samwell Tarly. She comes from a very difficult, tragic background. What a great name for a rescue kitty—one who’s a sweet-natured survivor, just like Gilly.

4. Benjen: he was Ned Stark’s brother—he mysteriously disappeared, only to reappear and save Jon Snow from certain death. This is the perfect name for a male cat who loves to roam, but always comes home to protect those he loves and cares for.

5. Gendry: the unacknowledged illegitimate son of King Baratheon, he’s known for his strong arms and for being an accomplished blacksmith. He’s devoted to the cause and fights his battles well. A great, strong name for any male cat.

6. Ned Stark: father of the Stark children and husband to Catelyn, he’s loyal and has a firm belief in doing the right thing—no matter what. Maybe a good name for a sedate, strong, loyal male kitty.

7. Ser Pounce: the name of Tommen Baratheon’s cat. What a perfect name for a male cat who enjoys pouncing on his favorite toys!

8. Tommen: a sweet son of Cersi, brother of Joffrey. Do you have a sweet male kitty—he’s just so sweet and cute? This could be a good name for your sweet, precious fur ball.

9. Ramsay: one of the crazier characters on the show, if you have a kitty that’s a little on the crazy side, this name might just be a good fit.

10. Renly: one of the Baratheon brothers who tried to claim the Iron Throne. Do you have a kitty who loves to take your favorite chair? This might be the most apt name for a male or female cat!

Game of Thrones Dog Names Reddit

Reddit is a great inspiration for many things, including GoT dog names! Here’s what we found with some research:

1. Sandor: one Redditor had a dog that had a scarred face from an attack he suffered as a puppy. This was a rescue puppy—happy to hear he’s found a great home.

2. Stannis: another Redditor named their Boxer Stannis—because the dog’s teeth stand out a bit, making the dog look as fierce as Stannis.

3. Hodor: no reason was given for this Redditor’s choice of dog name. Celebrity dog names are often used based on the physical appearance of a pup.

4. Tarly: another great choice for a dog name—maybe for a dog who enjoys learning and is devoted to his pet parent(s) and family!

5. Barristan: Redditor GoT fans seem to prefer Boxers (dogs!)—one Redditor named their dog Barristan the Boxer. How cute is that?

6. Podrick: another popular choice, but the Redditor didn’t share why they chose this name for their dog. However, they did say the dog’s nickname is Pod. Cute!

7. Ned: another Redditor named their dog Ned, after Ned Stark. Their dog seems to be very loyal and have a righteous attitude. If you want your dog respected, this might be a great name choice!

8. Oberyn: one Redditor chose this name for their dog because of the dog’s ability to get into trouble with his antics.

9. Margery Tyrell: one Redditor chose this name—it might be a good choice if your dog happens to love roses and has a big attitude!

10. Ygritte: one of the Freefolk, who fell in love with Jon Snow—a Redditor chose this name for their female Golden Retriever. They said the dog’s golden tresses reminded them of Ygritte on GoT!

Arya Dog Name

If you’re looking for a name for your girl dog, then Arya is a great choice.

In GoT, Arya was the middle Stark child. She was a scrappy little thing when the story first began. Over time, she sought the means to right the wrongs against her family. Born and raised at the family seat of Winterfell, Arya was not happy that she was expected to become a fine lady and marry into another family for political influence and power. At a young age, Arya was fascinated with warfare and the use of a sword. She detested the more feminine pursuits of embroidery, raising a family, etc. She always managed to persevere through all the troubles she experienced and managed to become quite a swordsman in the process. Arya lost her fear, and in the end her bravery saved her brother, Bran, from death at the hands of the Night King. Dog board games exists with GoT for theme, stay in the series when playing with your pup!

The name Arya would make a great name for a female dog who is loyal, persevering and not so ladylike. This name will fit small dogs well—remember that Arya was small, but scrappy and full of spirit like many types of small dog breeds. However, this name would also fit larger dogs who can match Arya’s spirit and determination. And let’s not forget that Arya had a direwolf named Nymeria! Nymeria was a wolf pup that Arya adopted and raised. Teaching your dog to fetch with such a name could bring you back to the show! Arya named the wolf pup after Nymeria of Dome, who was a warrior queen of the Rhoynar, who had lived about 1,000 years before. Later in the story, Nymeria leaves Arya and starts a wolf pack of her own in the Riverlands. Nymeria would make a wonderful name for any dog, but especially for large, strong female dogs who are dedicated to their families and protective of their homes.

Sansa Dog Name

Sansa Stark is the eldest daughter of Ned and Catelyn Stark; she was also born at Winterfell, the family seat of power. Unlike her sister, Arya, Sansa enjoys the more ladylike pursuits of sewing, embroider, poetry, singing, literature and more. She’s always dreamed of being a queen, much like Cersi Lannister, and dreams of a royal knight in shining armor coming to her rescue and taking her off to his kingdom where they’ll rule justly together. Arya and Sansa don’t always see eye-to-eye, but as they mature, the sisters stick together through thick and thin. As Sansa goes through each traumatic experience, she learns and grows, eventually becoming a deep, wise person.

At one point in the story, Sansa believes her dreams are about to come true when she’s matched for marriage to Cersi’s son, Joffrey. Sansa develops girlish feelings for him, which she thinks are feelings of true love. Things inevitably go wrong and eventually Joffrey is killed. From there, Sansa’s story becomes more tragic. At the end of the series, Sansa is now a mature 23-year-old woman. She has gained wisdom, strength and more during her experiences. You could find fun games to play with your dog with the GoT theme.

The series ends with Sansa being named Queen of the North, where she will rule from Winterfell. This is one of the best character endings at the series’ end. Sansa would make a wonderful name for a rescue girl rescue dog. You rarely know the full story of a rescued dog; unfortunately, many of them have very tragic pasts. Even so, they somehow retain their faith in us and show a dedication and appreciation for their new homes and families. Sansa also had a direwolf, named Lady. She adopted Lady as a puppy and raised her. While Lady had a tragic end, we hope if you give your dog this name that she will have a fairytale life with a happy ending!

Additional Game of Thrones (GoT) Names for Dogs

There are so many wonderful characters in the Game of Thrones that it’s difficult to choose a name. However, we’ve saved some of the best names for last. Let’s take a look!

Game of Thrones (GoT) Names for Girl Dogs

Some of the strongest characters in the series were women. Here are some great female for girl dogs:

1. Elia

2. Ellaria

3. Cersei

4. Khaleesi

5. Lyanna

6. Melisandre

7. Myrcella

8. Brienne

9. Olenna

10. Yara

Game of Thrones (GoT) Names for Boy Dogs

There were so many great male characters in GoT! Here are some of the most popular in Game of Thrones fandom—just right for boy dogs:

1. Ghost

2. Drogon

3. Rhaegal

4. Viserion

5. Bran

6. Jon

7. Davos

8. Jamie

9. Jorah

10. Podrick

As you can see, there are many great dog names to be found in the Game of Thrones series. Check out our list of most popular cats on Instagram, some have GoT names! There are some wonderful strong names, names that engender memories of the characters and their actions, etc. We hope this guide has provided you with some information to find the best GoT name for your pet! We wish you both much love and all the happiness that comes from being pet parents with fur babies!

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