50 Roman or Greek Dog Names

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Do you have a love of Greek and Roman culture or food? Have you experienced the loveliness of Rome or Greece, or perhaps the Greek islands? If so, then these experiences could be a great inspiration for your dog’s name. Both Greece and Rome are filled with history, great thinkers, mythology, philosophers and more. Think of some of the lovely places in Rome and Greece, which could also provide great dog names.

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Choosing a Greek or Roman Name for Your Dog

We’ve put together a list of the 50 best dog names from Greek and Roman culture, places, and history. When choosing your pup’s name, remember to keep it short. In fact, we came across this great quote on choosing a dog’s name from an ancient Roman, who was one of Rome’s most prominent writers on agriculture. He also wrote about dog training:

Dogs should be called names which are not overly long, so that each may obey more quickly when he is called, but they should not have shorter names than those which are pronounced in two syllables…

–Lucius Iunius Moderatus Columella

You’ve heard there’s nothing new under the sun! This includes some ideas on giving a dog his name, as seen in Columella’s quote. In our article, we’ve put together some Greek and Roman dog names and meanings. You’ll find that we’ve included some Greek and Roman god names for dogs (and we haven’t forgotten the goddesses, either!). In addition, you’ll find some Greek dog names mythology—heroes and more.

When choosing a name for your pup, keep these considerations in mind:

1). A name that ends in a vowel: when you call your dog’s name, vowels cause your voice’s tone to change. A dog’s sensitive ears are able them to discern changes in frequency, so ending his name with a vowel makes the name easier for him to hear and to distinguish from other sounds, especially when you’re at the dog park or other noisy spot.

2). Two syllable names: names with two syllables are easier to hear, as well as being comfortable to say. If you can comfortably say the name over and over, then that’s a great name. Think of calling for a dog named Wigglebottom, for instance. We’re pretty sure that name will quickly be shortened, as it’s not comfortable to call or say over and over!

3). Don’t give your pup a negative name: here, think of Cujo, Shark, etc. What do you think of when you hear or see these names? Exactly. These may seem like a cute idea but avoid naming your dog something that’s negative or inspired by horror movies or stories. You want people to love you ball of fur, after all!

4). Give him a unique name: be sure to choose a unique name for your fur baby and make it something that doesn’t sound similar to other fur babies you may already have. If you give your canine companion a name that sounds similar to the cat’s name, how will they know which one you’re talking to or scolding?

5). Use your dog’s personality or physical characteristics to inspire a name: think of how your dog behaves, what he loves to do, etc. These can be used to inspire a name for your canine companion. For instance, if your dog has a king complex (he likes to rule the home), then choose a name from ancient Rome or Greece such as Alex (Alexander the Great), etc. If your pup is small, you may choose to give him a “big” name, or if he’s large, the name of something or someone small. Be creative, but make sure to keep the name simple so your fur baby will learn his name quickly.

6). Stay with the name you choose: nothing is more confusing to your dog that choosing a name and then deciding you don’t like it and picking another name. This is even the case if you adopt a dog from the shelter. They’ll more than likely already have a name. If you want to change it, that’s OK. Change it to something that sounds similar to their current name. This makes it easier for them to associate the new name with themselves.

OK, these are some of the basics to keep in mind when choosing a name for your fur baby! Now we’re ready to take a look at the Greek and Roman names for your pup.

Boy Greek Dog Names

Here are a few male dog names inspired by ancient Greece:

1). Achilles: the famous hero from the Trojan War, he was well known for being the best warrior and the bravest.

2). Adonis: the god of beauty and desire, he was originally worshipped by the Phoenicians, but the Greeks later adopted him.

3). Belen: means “arrow” in Greek.

4). Paros: the name of a Greek island with beautiful beaches and charming villages.

5). Dennis: yes, this is an ancient Greek name—short for the Greek God Dionysius. French dog names are also good to consider!

6). Orion: was a huntsman, so this might be a great name for a hunting dog. This is also the name of a heavenly constellation.

7). Helios: the name for the sun, which was also the name of a Greek god who personified the sun. This is a name that connotes handsomeness, and one who shines.

8). Prometheus: the Greek god who created humans, he also stole fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to humans.

9). Plato: one of ancient Greece’s most famous philosophers

10). Sirius: the Dog Star and companion of Orion. In fact, Sirius was one of the most well known dogs in ancient Greek mythology.

11). Andreas (Andrew): meaning masculine and manly

12). Spiros: meaning spirit

13). Sparta: in ancient Greece, this was a great city-state with a warrior-like people.

14). Atlas: in Greek mythology, the man who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders.

15). Chronos: the god of time. How about naming your dog like a Pharaoh?

Roman Dog Names Male

Here are some ancient Roman dog names:

1). Argiodus: “White-tooth,” was one of Actaeon’s hounds in the Metamorphoses by Ovid

2). Celer: “Speedy,” one of the names recommended by Columella (see quote in previous section)

3). Lacon or Lakon: “Spartan,” one of Actaeon’s hounds in the Metamorphoses by Ovid

4). Patricus: “Noble,” this name was found on an epitaph to a much beloved dog in Abbott’s works.

5). Pyrrhus: “Fire or Flame-colored,” this would be the perfect name for a dog with red hair. The name comes to us from a dog named by Pliny the Elder in the Natural History. This name could also be shortened to “Rus,” a great short nickname.

6). Apollo: the sun god, also a name suggested by Columella.

7). Remus: the twin brother Romulus; these brothers were raised by wolves and were said to be the founders of Rome.

8). Liber: the god of freedom, viticulture (the cultivation of grapes), wine and fertility. His ruling companion was Libera (a female).

9). Mercury: the god of travelers, trade, merchants and profit. He was also a messenger to the gods.

10). Sancus: the dog of oaths, honest and trust.

Girl Greek Dog Names

If you have a girl pup and would like some inspiration for a Greek name, look no further than this list!

1). Selene: the goddess of the moon

2). Aphrodite: the goddess of love, beauty and passion

3). Europa: the name of the first queen to rule Crete, a Greek island.

4). Helen: that famous Helen of Troy, who was a daughter of Zeus.

5). Agatha: this pretty Greek name means “good.”

6). Paxi: inspired by one of Greek’s Ionian islands—it’s the smallest of the group, so this might be a great name for a small dog.

7). Leto: a Titan goddess who loved Zeus. Norse Mythology dog names are also very popular! Check it out

8). Genie: one who is descended from nobles.

9). Ithaca: Odysseus’ home and one of the Greek islands.

10). Ambrosia: the great food and drink of the gods.

11). Demetra: the ancient Greek goddess of corn and harvest

12). Eirene (Irene): the goddess of peace

13). Sofia: the goddess of wisdom and of the wise

14). Panagiota: all holy

15). Ioanna (Joanna): gift from God.

Girl Roman Dog Names

Here are some girl dog names inspired by the ancient Romans:

1). Aello: “Whirlwind,” another of Actaeon’s dogs in the Metamorephoses by Ovid

2). Aurora: goddess of the dawn, she was sister to Sol, the god of the sun. Another sibling they share is Luna, the goddess of the moon.

3). Diana: the goddess of the hunting and nature.

4). Maia: was the Roman goddess of spring and plants, and was the mother of Mercury. For more Celebrity dog names, use our search function!

5). Venus: the goddess of love, beauty, desire, fertility, victory and prosperity.

6). Andromeda: the goddess of men

7). Blanda: means sweet and friendly

8). Calista: the most beautiful

9). Juno: wife and sister to Zeus, goddess of marriage. Italian dog names are always a good choice.

10). Ceres: the goddess of the harvest and mother of Persephone.

How to Teach Your Dog Their Name

Now that you’ve chosen a beautiful Greek or Roman name for your fur baby, it’s time to teach him or her their new name!

The idea is to make this fun and use positive reinforcement. The intention is to train your canine companion to respond to his name and have a positive connotation with this special identification. It’s best to have training sessions in a safe, quiet place. If you have a fenced-in backyard, this would be great. You can use dog treats to help your dog learn their name. When you start, get your dog’s attention and then say their name. When they respond, give them a treat and praise! It’s a good idea to keep training sessions short—you may need to do this several times a day. However, if you’re using treats, your pup is sure to learn their name pretty quickly.

Once your fur baby’s responding to their name and the treat, you can begin getting your dog’s attention without the treat and when they’re not focusing on you. Now, call your dog’s name and then give her lots of praise, but no treat. Do this over several training sessions and they’ll soon get the idea.

We hope this article has helped you find a great name for your furry companion or given you some inspiring ideas on what you can name your fur baby.

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