50 Pasta Inspired Dog Names

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Do you love pasta? Have you adopted a dog and are having hard time finding a name for them? If so, then you’ve to get right place! We know it can be difficult to find the perfect name for your dog. However, if you love pasta, you may find the right name for your fur baby here!

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We’ve done the research and created a list of dog names based on all things pasta!

No matter what your favorite type of pasta is, we hope you can find your fur baby’s name in the list we’ve created below. Let’s get started! 

Italian Dog Names Inspired by Food

Here are some great Italian names for dogs based on this yummy cuisine!

1). Tripoline: is a type of Italian ribbon pasta noodles. It’s like a thick, ridged ribbon on one side. This might be a great name for a long, thin dog such as a Greyhound!

2). Ravioli: this is an Italian pasta that creates an “envelope” from pasta dough, and is filled with something. They’re usually served with a sauce or broth. They are usually square, but also come in other shapes.

3). Bigoli: is a type of Italian pasta that is extruded—it’s long and is hollow in the middle, like a straw. They are very common in Tuscany.

4). Mafaldine: is a type of Italian pasta also called Reginette (which means little queens). This is a type of ribbon pasta that’s flat and wide, and usually about 1 cm in width. It has wavy edges on both sides and is usually served with a delicate sauce.

5). Capellini: is a type of Italian pasta that is very thing. Its name literally means “little hairs.” It resembles spaghetti somewhat. It also comes in a thinner type called “angel hair pasta,” or Capelli d’angelo in Italian.

6). Fazzoletti: means “little handkerchiefs” in Italian. These are small and sweet. They’re easy to make and are even sometimes used as part of Sunday brunch, or enjoyed later in the day.

7). Fettucce: is a wide type of Italian pasta.

8). Bucatini: also, sometimes called perciatelli, is a thick type of spaghetti pasta that has a hole in the middle, similar to a straw. It is a common pasta found in Lazio and Rome. In Italy, this is commonly served with a buttery sauce, pancetta, or guanciale, veggies, eggs, cheese, and more.

9). Lagane: is most common in the southern part of Italy, and is thick and wide, but narrower than lasagna. It’s served in soups, pasta dishes, and even fried in boiling oil until crunchy.

10). Gemelli: is a type of Italian pasta; the word literally translates as “twins.” These are not twin tubes but are single s-shaped strands of pasta twisted into a spiral.

Male Pasta Dog Names

Here are some Male pasta dog names for boy dogs based on Italian pasta!

11). Trenette: is a type of narrow, flat dried pasta that comes from Genoa. It’s very similar to linguine and fettuccine. It’s usually served with pesto.

12). Pansotti: this is a type of stuffed pasta, which is more common in the northern part of Italy. Stuffing may include ricotta, spinach, and mixed herbs. After being stuffed, the pasta is then folded in half to form a triangle.

13). Stringozzi: is another type of Italian pasta that’s produced in the region of Umbria. These noodles are usually made by hand and served with black truffles, meat ragu or a tomato sauce.

14). Rombi: this is a flat, ¾” pasta that has rippled edges on both sides. Rombi is similar to short cut ribbon pasta (mafalde).

15). Maltagliati: is a type of pasta that’s irregularly shaped and is very popular in many parts of Italy. It’s served in many ways, too, but usually with a broth or a sauce.

16). Fedelini: comes from parts of Liguria and can be traced all the way back to the 14th century. While this pasta does resemble spaghetti, it’s much thinner. It’s commonly served with a butter sauce, cheese, melted butter and sage/cheese, etc.

17). Rigatoni: is a tube-shaped pasta that comes in a wide variety of diameters and lengths. They usually have ridges down their sides, and sometimes spiral around the tube. The name if this pasta means “ridged” in Italian.

18). Cavatelli: are small pasta shells that are made from eggless semolina dough. These look like tiny hot dog buns and are usually cooked with garlic and broccoli.

19). Fiori: is an extruded, decorative pasta that looks something like a flower. In fact, it’s name means “flowers.”

20). Ditalini: is a type of Italian pasta that’s name translates as “small thimbles.” That’s exactly what this pasta looks like! It’s a kind of short macaroni that’s sometimes used in salads.

Female Pasta Dog Names

Here are some pretty names for girl dogs based on Italian pasta!

21). Anelli: is a type of pasta that’s made into small rings. They’re commonly used in soups and pasta salads.

22). Barbina: is a type of long pasta that’s similar to capellini. It’s usually made into a coiled nest shape. This would be a cute name for a long dog, such as a Dachshund.

23). Busiate: this is a type of long macaroni, which can be made into two different shapes by coiling. These are usually served with pesto sauce made of almonds, tomatoes, garlic and basil.

24). Pici: this is a thick, long handmade pasta that’s rolled. It resembles fat spaghetti. It’s eaten with a variety of sauces or even game meats such as wild boar.

25). Vermicelli: is a traditional pasta that’s very similar to spaghetti, though thinner.

26). Ziti: is an extruded pasta, which is somewhat similar to rigatoni. It usually has smooth sides but may also be ridged. These noodles are often stuffed and then baked.

27). Bavette: is a narrower form of tagliatelle. This ribbon noodle’s similar to spaghetti but is flat.

28). Fileja: is a type of homemade pasta from the province of Vibo Valentia, Calabrai. It’s made with durum wheat semolina and water. They form into a hollow tube that’s about 20 cm long.

29). Lasagna: is a wide, flat noodles that may be one of the oldest pastas in Italy. It’s made by layering the noodles with ragu, cheese, and sometimes vegetables. Doesn’t that make you hungry?

30). Sagnette: is a type of rustic Italian pasta, which contains only durum wheat flour, water, and salt. It was once a past used by peasants. It’s usually paired with legumes, but may also be served with a sauce or broth

31). Testaroli: is a type of Italian pasta that somewhat resembles bread. It’s similar to a crepe and is served with pesto sauce, olive oil, cheese, and more.

32). Calamarata: is a pasta resembles calamari rings. It can be paired with any number of foods but is usually served with seafood sauce.

33). Fusilli: is an Italian pasta that’s shaped like curly spirals. It’s usually served with thick meat sauces or heavy cream sauces.

34). Maccheroni: is a pasta that’s found in many parts of southern Italy. It’s a type of macaroni that is served with rich sauces made with meat.

35). Penne: this is a type of extruded pasta that has a cylinder shape.

36). Campanelle: is a type of pasta that resembles bellflowers. It’s usually combined with dairy-based sauces and vegetable sauces.

37). Gnocchi: is an Italian past that’s made with potatoes. They’re usually served with buttery sauces, veggies and more.

38). Rotelle: is a wheel-shaped pasta that is used to add a decorative touch to salads, soups, and more.

39). Fregula: is a type of pasta that comes from Sardinia. It’s made with semolina dough that’s rolled into little balls and then roasted in the oven.

40). Carsarecce: is a type of extruded pasta that’s made into an s-shape.

Italian Food Dog Names

41). Biscotti: are small rectangular biscuits, similar to cookies, which contain nuts.

42). Cannoli: is a dessert made with small, fried pastry tubes that are filled with a creamy filling.

43). Cappuccino: is an espresso-based coffee beverage from Italy, which is prepared with steamed milk foam.

44). Dolce: is a sweet food that’s served at the end of lunch or dinner, similar to a dessert. This word means “sweet” in Italian.

45). Pappardelle: is a thick, flat pasta ribbon that is egg-based.

46). Scampi: is a shrimp dish that may be served with garlic butter, dry white wine and parmesan cheese and bread/pasta/rice.

47). Gelato: is a type of frozen sweet made with milk and sugar, that resembles ice cream.

48). Linguine: is a type of pasta that similar to fettuccine and is flat.

49). Caprese: is a type of Italian salad made with sliced mozzarella, tomatoes, and sweet basil, along with salt and olive oil.

50). Espresso: is a type of coffee that’s made with a small amount of boiling water (under pressure) through finely ground coffee beans.

Pasta is a Favorite with Many People

That heading is an understatement! Pasta is a favorite in many places around the world. What could be better than a dish of chicken, angel hair pasta and parmesan sauce? Maybe add in a little broccoli and you have a touch of heaven on Earth!

Pasta is one food that’s available in most countries around the world. One of the reasons for it’s popularity is that pasta is extremely cheap and it’s a versatile food. Each country and culture have their own form of pasta, though many of us associate pasta with Italy.

Did you know the word “pasta” means paste in Italian? The reason is because of what pasta is made from. The dough is made from flour, water and eggs, which can create a type of sticky paste. Pasta is usually made from unleavened dough, which is then pressed into sheets, cut into shapes, and cooked.

Today we cook dried pasta in boiling water. Some of our dried pastas do come from Italy, while others are made at home. It can be made from wheat, corn, or even rice (for people who are gluten free).

Pastas are usually served with sauce; the sauce can be made from just about anything including tomatoes and more. The sauce may or may not include meat, cheese, and vegetables, which is what makes this food so versatile.

What’s your favorite pasta dish? Our is a simple tomato sauce with garlic, onions, basil, oregano, a little sugar, and some red paper flakes. This is a sauce that’s easy to make from tomato sauce (not th prepared type—this is only the tomatoes, nothing else). It tastes good and is a filling dish. You can even fix a salad to go with it.

There you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you’ve found a great Italian food name for your fur baby!

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