50 Alcohol & Booze Inspired Dog Names

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Are you looking for a unique name for your dog? Do you enjoy drinks that contain alcohol? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of alcohol themed dog names. Keep in mind that some of these names may be a little quirky and funny, and unique! You’ll find names here for both boys and girls, and dogs of all breeds!

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Here, we’ve created a list of dog names inspired by booze! What is booze? It’s simply another term for drinks containing alcohol!

These are the street names of different types of alcoholic drinks.

1). Hooch: this is a type of liquor that is usually made at home. Here, you can think of moonshine or bootleg alcohol. We warned some of our dog names could be a bit funny and unique. If you’re a fan of moonshine or just like the sound of this name, it could be the perfect choice for a rather large canine fur baby.

2). Toddy: this is a term for an alcoholic drink that usually consists of warm liquor, possibly rum that’s mixed with water, spices and sugar. This could be a really cute name for a small dog!

3). Tipple: another name for illicit alcoholic drinks. Can’t you just hear yourself calling out this name in a public place such as a dog park? You’d have some raised eyebrows for sure!

4). Poteen: this is a type of Irish alcohol made from potatoes. If you have a dog from one of Ireland’s breeds, this could be a cute name for him or her!

5). Suds: this one you can probably figure out! If not, think of beer with the head of foam on top. This could be a really cute name for a small dog—him or her!

6). Visky: this is an alcoholic drink made with a combination of whiskey and vodka.

7). Stengah: would you like a unique name, inspired by alcohol, for your fur baby? Try this one! This is a British drink made from a half measure of whiskey and soda water.

8). Wisky: need we say more? Just in case, this is short for whiskey. Wouldn’t this be a cute, funny name for your fur baby?

9). Boilo: this is a hot bottle of whiskey. If you have a dog that’s usually rather warm, this could be a good name for him!

10). Gindian: this unusual name is a drink made with gin mixed with whiskey.

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Alcohol Inspired Boy Names

If you have a male canine fur baby, then maybe one of these names, inspired by alcohol, will be a good fit!

11). Hurricane: this is a sweet drink, served in a large glass, which is made from both dark and light rum, along with passion fruit, lemon and ice. Is your dog a bit chaotic and messy? This could be a great name for him!

12). Ouzo: this is a drink that’s popular in Greece, Lebanon and Cypress. It’s anise-flavored and is typically served before dinner. This is a cute name for any boy dog—large or small.

13). Saké: this alcoholic wine is a traditional Japanese favorite made from fermented rice. People drink either cold or warmed.

14). Jack: what cute, short name! It comes from the name of Jack Daniels, which is a Tennessee whiskey. It can also refer to the name of a popular whiskey from Canada.

15). Guinness: if you’re looking for a great Irish stout beer, look no further. This is sometimes referred to as a meal in cup. Learn what to do if your dog drank beer in one of our post.

16). Cognac: this is a type of brandy that originated in Cognac, France. It’s made from distilled white wine, which is distilled twice. The color is a soft, mellow gold. This might be a great name for a Golden Retriever or a Golden Lab. Check out our selection of French dog names for more inspiration!

17). José Cuervo: is a famous brand of tequila. You could shorten the name to “Cuervo” or “José”. Both would make a great name for a canine companion.

18). Bourbon: this is a type of American whiskey which is distilled from a mash made of corn. It’s very popular around the world and was originally made in the “Blue State” of Kentucky.

19). Gimlet: do you have a fur baby with short legs or a short body? This could be the perfect name for him! A gimlet is a gin sour made with lime—you’ll find this alcoholic drink both tart and sweet!

20). Duff: this is a name derived from Duff beer, which started out only as a fictional beer brand. However, it’s now real and made in Springfield!

21). Collins: this is an alcoholic drink made with gin, lemon juice, and a sugar syrup, usually served in a tall glass, and topped up with soda water. The full name of the drink is “Tom Collins,” so you could shorten your fur baby’s name to “Tom” or “Collins” if you’d like!

22). Gin: if you enjoy gin, then this could be a great name for your dog. Gin is a clear alcohol, which is made from grain or malt. The flavor somewhat resembles juniper berries.

23). Lager: this is a beer that’s light-colored. It can be pale, amber or dark. If you love beer, then this could be a great name for your canine companion.

24). Soju: this is a Korean alcohol made from rice or sweet potatoes. If you love Asian-inspired names and/or this alcohol, then this could be a cute name for your fur baby.

25). Hennessy: this is a type of cognac made in Cognac, France. Some of our names have been cute, but this one is a bit of a regal ring to it. Or it could even be the name of a professor!

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Girl Dog Names Inspired by Alcohol

Here are some girl dog names alcoholic drinks that might be a good fit for your lady canine companion!

26). Martini: this is a popular alcoholic drink made with gin and vermouth. You may see it garnished with an olive or even a lemon peel. This would make the perfect name for a very classy little girl dog!

27). Kahlua: this is a coffee-flavored liqueur from Mexico, which contains rum, sugar, vanilla bean and arabica coffee. If you have a brown-colored fur baby, this could be a pretty name for her!

28). Margarita: this is a pretty name which comes from a cocktail made with tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice, and is served with a crushed salt on the rim of the glass. The drink can even be served frozen or just straight up (which means without ice).

30). Daiquiri: can’t you just see a Poodle with this lovely name? The name comes from a cocktail made with rum, citrus juice and a sweetener. It’s often thought of as a lady’s drink.

31). Julep: another possible pretty name for your lady canine companion, this is the name of an alcoholic drink that’s made with sugar syrup and other ingredients, such as mint.

32). Appletini: this would make a very pretty, unique name for your precious pup! This is the name of a drink made with vodka, apple schnapps and lemon juice.

33). Syrah: this is a dark, red wine made from a grape of the same name. Wouldn’t this make a pretty name for your fur baby?

34). Junmai: is a Japanese word that means “pure rice.” This is a type of sake that’s popular in Japan. It’s only brewed with rice, water, yeast and koji. This is another very beautiful name that would be great for your dog!

35). Mai Tai: this is a cocktail that’s made with rum, Curaçao liqueur, orgeat syrup and lime juice. It’s a popular drink in Hawaiian or tropical settings.

36). Mimosa: this is a yummy mix of champagne and orange juice, which is sometimes used at breakfast or brunch.

37). Skyy: what a unique name this would make for your fur baby! It comes from a popular brand of vodka that comes in a bright blue bottle.

38). Cordial: if you have lady dog with a very friendly personality, this could be just the name that suits her best! A cordial is a sweet drink that’s sometimes used as medicine. Well, that’s the story, anyway!

39). Sambuca: this is an exotic name that comes from the Italian liqueur that has an anise flavor. It’s colorless, but may be referred to as white sambuca, as there are other varieties that come in blue and red.

40). Absinthe: sometimes referred to as the “Green-eyed Lady” in the Czech Republic, this is an anise-flavored alcohol that is made from botanicals. These include flower and even leaves of the grand wormwood, along with fennel, anise, and other herbs. The drink may come in a green color, but is also sometimes colorless.

41). Brandy: what a cute, pretty name for your female canine companion! The name comes from the spirit of the same name, which is distilled from wine. It can enjoyed by itself or as an after dinner drink.

42). Sherry: we mustn’t leave out this sweet dessert wine. Often an amber color, it comes from white grapes grown near the city of Jerez del Frontera in Andalusia, Spain. This is a pretty, sweet name for your fur baby, especially if she has amber-colored eyes or fur.

43). Bellini: this is a yummy cocktail made with peach puree and Prosecco, which originated in Venice, Italy.

44). Chianti: this is a classic Italian wine (pronounced kee-ahn-tee), that comes in a bottle in a straw basket. You may have seen this occasionally in movies from Italy. This was a wine that was highly popular in the 70s! It’s a red wine, so this may be a great name if your fur baby has red, lustrous fur.

45). Shirley Temple: this list is supposed to contain alcoholic drink names for your fur baby, but this is such a popular drink that we had to include it. A Shirley Temple, named for the famous child actress of the same name, is non-alcoholic and made with ginger ale and a touch of grenadine. The drink is usually garnished with a maraschino cherry. You could shorten this name to just “Shirley,” which we think is an adorable dog name!

46). Bacardi: this is a cocktail made with Bacardi Superior, which is served as a before dinner cocktail.

47). Sangria: is a drink that comes from Spain, which is made with red wine mixed with fruit, lemonade and spices. It’s quite a refreshing drink on a hot summer day. And it would make a pretty name for your lady dog.

48). Pina Colada: this is a tropical alcoholic drink made with white rum, coconut cream and pineapple. We thought you could shorten this name to either “Pina” or “Colada,” as either would make a great name for your fur baby.

49). Paloma: this is the Spanish word for “dove,” and is a cocktail made with tequila, lime juice and grape-fruit soda. It’s served on the rocks with a wedge of lime. If you have a lovely dog who is as gentle as a dove, we’re sure this could make a pretty name for her!

50). Pink Lady: this is a classic cocktail made with gin, grenadine and one egg white. You could easily shorten this name to “Pink” or “Lady,” as either would make a cute name for a lady dog.

Can a Dog Drink Alcohol?

While it can be fun to give your dog a name based on alcohol or booze, your fur baby should never be allowed to drink alcoholic beverages. Dogs are not able to metabolize alcohol the way we do, which means the alcohol stays in a dog’s system longer, causing alcohol toxicity.

Your dog may show these symptoms if he’s had alcohol:

If your dog shows any of these symptoms (or others), it’s best to call the vet immediately. Alcohol toxicity can be a life-threatening condition.

Fortunately, alcohol toxicity is not common in dogs. Most pet parents know their fur babies should not drink alcoholic beverages of any kind. However, accidents will happen, and your dog may ingest some alcohol.

How is Alcohol Toxicity Treated in Dogs?

If a dog has alcohol toxicity, the vet usually aims at supportive treatment. This means they will treat any symptoms that may arise and support your dog in every way. They may give your dog intravenous (in the vein) fluids to keep him hydrated. And if your fur baby is hypothermic, your dog will be warmed, too. The vet may also need to treat your canine friend for low blood sugar and ensure his breathing is normal. With treatment, most dogs will make a full recovery.

The best way to keep your dog from ingesting alcohol is to keep all alcoholic beverages out his reach. When you have friends over, be sure that all glasses of alcoholic beverages are monitored to ensure your fur baby doesn’t drink some, too!

Have you ever caught your dog drinking blue toilet water and wondered if he was drunk? We sure did. We hope you’ve had some fun perusing our dog names alcoholic drinks. Some of these names may be a little bit different, but then that also makes them unique!

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