50 Beer Inspired Dog Names

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Beer is a popular, slightly alcoholic drink around the world. It’s the third most popular drink, over water and tea in most parts of the world. And the roots of this popular drink date back all the way to ancient Mesopotamia. The oldest date for beer in this area goes back to a reference on a 6,000 year-old Sumerian tablet, which showed people using reed straws to share a communal bowl of what researchers believe was beer.

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If you’re a fan of this much-loved beverage, and you have a new fur baby that needs a name, perhaps a beer-inspired name is just the thing!

We’ve put together a few lists to help you find that special name for your new canine companion. Let’s jump in, beer in hand, and get started!

Craft Beer Dog Names

For those of you who enjoy craft beers, here’s a list of names that may be inspiration for your pup’s name!

1). Adam: Hair of the Dog brewery, founded back in 1993, started business with the goal of “providing beer lovers with new and unusual beer styles.” This family-owned brewery is famous for its unique flavors, all brewed in Portland, Oregon. Cherry Adam is one of their distinctive beers, with a little hint of chocolate and leather. What could be better for name for a boy dog than Adam?

2). Banger: this is a name for those who are beer geeks. This brew, created by the Alchemist Pub & Brewery, is not exactly a beer. It’s an India pale ale. They brew this beer from a combination of Citra and Mosaic hops, along with some British malts. They believe a mug of Focal Banger brings abundance and happy goodness. This could be a very creative name for your fur baby!

3). Dogfish: first launched in June 1995, Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats became Delaware’s first brewpub, located in Rehoboth Beach. Their aim was to bring original beer, food and music to the people, which they’ve accomplished! This would make a unique name for your male fur baby!

4). Firestone Walker Beer: brought you to by the Firestone Walker Brewing Company. They offer several beers with distinctive names including Flyjack, Mind Haze, Luponic Distortion and more. If you’re a fan of these crafted beers, then Firestone Walker, or some version of this name, would be a great choice for your canine companion.

5). Oskar Blues Brewery: with breweries in Colorado and North Carolina, this brewery is famous for its classic ales and stouts including: Pinner Session IPA, Old Chub Scotch Ale, G’Knight Imperial Red IPA and more. You can use the name “Oskar” with its unique spelling or choose the name of one the breweries ales or stouts.

6). Rumpkin: this brew is created by the Avery Brewing Company and is made with pumpkin, spice and everything you love about pumpkin pies. The beer is aged in rum barrels, and you’ll find subtle hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. This would be a great name for a dog that has reddish-colored fur. Plus, you don’t have to worry that this name will be too common at the dog park!

7). St. Arnold: the Saint Arnold Brewing Company is well known for it’s fancy lager, which is called, by the way, Fancy Lawnmower. A great brew name for your St. Bernard, or any dog who has a saintly temperament. Viking dog names are cool too! Check them out

8). Rasputin: made by North Coast Brewing, their Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout could be a great name for a large Russian dog breed such as a Samoyed, a Borzoi, or even a East Siberian Laika. Or if you just like the name “Rasputin,” then this is a great name for your canine companion.

9). Allagash: the brewery of this name, Allagash Breweries, makes a wonderful Belgian-style ale known as witbier. Located in Portland, Maine, they received the James Beard Award for Outstanding Wine, Spirits or Beer Professional in 2019. They take joy in creating innovative beers, which can be suggested by any employee who works with them! What a creative name for your fur baby!

10). Anchor: this brewery’s whole name is “Anchor Steam,” and the make a beer known for its deep amber color and thick creamy head. The brewery takes its name from the 19th century when “steam” was the nickname for a beer created on the West Cost of America, in often primitive conditions. If your fur baby’s the anchor of your life, what better name could you choose?

Dog Beer Names Male

Do you want to learn how to teach your dog to fetch? Beer dog names can be inspired by the names of beers, beer ingredients, or even famous styles of beer bottles! Who knew! This was a new idea for us! Let’s take a look at some names that might be a choice for your male canine companion.

11). Barley: this is a grain, which is used to make beer. What a great, simple name for your fur baby!

12). Hops: are flowers, which are actually seed cones, used in the production of beer. They provide a bitter flavoring, while acting as a stabilizer in beer. Now, we’re not suggesting that your dog is bitter; however, if he loves to jump or hop, this is a great name for him!

13). Tannin: is a naturally occurring substance in trees, bushes, grain husks, hops and in many fruits (such as grapes). In brewing beer, tannins add an astringent flavor to the beer, which is very subtle. We think that this could be a great name for a tan-colored dog, or if you’re wanting a very distinctive, beer-inspired name for your pup.  It’s also just a cute name!

14). Chinook: this is the name of a type of hop used to create a bitter flavor in beer, which may also have a hint of spice and pine. This is a great hop for pale ales, porters and stouts.

15). Goose: this is a name in honor of the Goose Island Beer Company in Chicago, Illinois. They create beers of all types including year-round beers, seasonal beers, and more. What a great name for your dog if you love these beers, or if your fur baby comes from Chicago and/or Illinois.

16). Porter: this is a style of beer that was first created in London. This type of beer is famous for its dark appearance, which is caused by the use of brown malt. The name became popular due to the people who drank it—street and river porters. If you have a dog with a brownish coat, this could be a great name for him!

17). Kolsch: this is another style of beer that originated in Cologne, Germany. In fact, this beer has been protected by the EU, and only beers made within 30 miles of Cologne can be brewed as Kolsch beers. This is a very popular light, “hoppy” (not jumping around—but with the flavor of hops), that’s bright (not cloudy). This would be a great name for a German breed dog such as a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Dobermann, Weimaraner, or even a German Shorthaired Pointer!

18). Brett: this name is short for Brettanomyces, which is a type of yeast used to brew beer. The name literally means “British fungus.” It’s funny, this name is not name because a Brit found it. Instead, the yeast is called Brettanomyces because it was found in spoiled English ale! This yeast is increasingly being used in craft beers all over the world. Now, we’re not suggesting your fur baby is a yeast or fungus. The name “Brett” is just awfully cute!

19). Fuggles: if you’re looking for a name that’s a little bit different, this may be the one for your fur baby! Fuggles don’t come from another planet or from one of the Harry Potter stories, as the name may suggest. Instead, this is a type of hops that was first developed about 150 years ago in England. It’s mostly used as an aroma hops and most often finds its way into English style ales, porters and bitters.

20). Zythos: this is both the name of a type of hops used in beer brewery, and it’s the ancient Greek name for beer. Each year there are festivals in honor of this beer! If you’re looking for a name your fur baby won’t hear other than from you, this may be a good fit for him!

Beer Dog Names Female

If you have a lady dog, then we’ve got some beer-inspired names that may be just perfect for her!

21). Lace: this is the name for the beer foam that’s left on a glass. What more feminine beer-inspired name could you give your female fur baby?

22). Amber: this is a type of red beer. This could be a great name for an Irish Setter, a Redbone Coonhound, or even a Golden Retriever! For more Celebrity dog names search our site.

23). Kirin: this is the name of a Japanese brewing company. Their brews are known for their refined flavors that bring pure enjoyment. If you love this beer or all things Japanese, this could be a pretty name for your lady pup!

24). Avery: this is the name of a brewing Company based in Boulder, Colorado. The brewery has been producing eccentric ales and lagers since 1993, with a thoroughly American flavor and style. What a beautiful name for your female canine companion!

25). Ninkasi: this is the name of the female Sumerian beer goddess, and the name of the Ninkasi Brewing Company, in Eugene, Oregon. The goddess was the daughter of King Uruk and her mother was the priestess at the temple of Inanna, and she was goddess of procreation. While these are interesting facts, we think this is a very pretty name for a girl dog.

26). Genny: this is the nickname for Genesee beer. You won’t hear this in the dog park!

27). Sierra: this name is in honor of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, based in Chico, California. They’re known for some great brews, their love of nature, and for the sustainability of their brewing process. Again, this is a pretty name for your female fur baby. Can’t you just imagine calling her name out on a lovely walk?

28). Abigail: beer geeks may be familiar with this type of beer—its known as a blonde beer. This could be a lovely name for a lady Afghan Hound, a Komondor with their curly hair, or a Shih Tzu, with their long, silky tresses. To me this sound like an old dog name, check out our selection of dry dog food with soft pieces when you get a chance!

29). Citra: this is a type of beer that is from the UK. Citra is known for its light gold color, and flavor that bursts with citrus and tropical hop flavors. This beer won the Champion Golden Beer of Britain award in 2019. This sounds like a great beer, but we also think the name is very feminine and pretty for any lady fur baby.

30). Ester: this is a fruity flavoring in beer that’s produced during the fermentation process. The taste can vary, and the aroma is known for being similar to pears, roses, bananas and other fruit. If you’re looking for a very pretty, lady-like name for your female canine companion, this one beats them all!

More Dog Names for Beer Lovers

If you are wondering what to do if your dog drank beer, we have a post for that. If you’ve still not found the right name for your canine friend, then check out this list of beer lovers great dog names:

31). Beamish: in reference to the Beamish and Crawford Brewery, located in Cork, Ireland. They produce some fine Irish stout red ale.

32). Schiltz: if you live in the central northern part of the U.S., you’re probably quite familiar with this beer name! It’s a favorite malt liquor beer made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

33). Stella: we just heard Marlon Brando yelling for Stella, but that’s not the reference we’re looking for here! Instead, we’re thinking of Stella Artois Pilsner beer, made in Belgium. This would make a pretty name for your lady fur baby.

34). Brooklyn: this is the name of a beer brewed in famous New York City! It’s a Vienna-style lager, with a biscuit flavor. We didn’t mean dog biscuits here, but if your fur baby (boy or girl) happens to love biscuits, then this could be a great name for him or her.

35). Daisy: this is the name of a beer brewed by the Half Acre Beer Company. Actually, the name of their brew is Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, which carries a combination of pine and citrus flavors. What a cute name for a female canine companion!

36). NoDa: this is the name of a brewery—NoDA Breweries, which creates the award-winning Hop Drop n’Roll IPA. This is an American style beer, of course, served in tall boy cans.

37). Saison Rue: this is a farmhouse style ale, known for the taste of yeast, spice and funk (what do they mean by funk? We’re not sure…but it’s drinkable!). It’s created by the Bruery in Placentia, California.

38). Schatzi: this is a Hefewiezen style beer made in Chelsea, Vermont. This be could a cute name for a small dog—boy or girl!

39). Serenity: made by Wicked Weed Brewing, is a funky Belgian farmhouse ale, made in Asheville, North Carolina. That’s a pretty name, but you wouldn’t believe it’s made by a “Wicked” brewery!

40). Amstel: this is a beer owned by Heineken, and it’s a low-calorie beer, named after the Amstel River.

41). Bass: do you love fishing? Then this beer name would be quite appropriate for your boy fur baby! The name comes from Bass, the largest brewing company in the world.

42). Colt: this name carries three references. In the Wild West, Colts were prized guns. There’s also a foot ball team with this name, and of course, a beer. The beer is a malt liquor named after the football team the Baltimore Colts.

43). Doppelback: this would be a most unusual name for a fur baby. This is a German style lager.

44). Dunkel: another unique name, this is a malty style German beer.

45). Miller: remember Miller Time commercials? This name is in reference to Miller Genuine Draft Beer. What a cute name for a boy or a girl dog!

46). Molson: a Canadian beer made by Molson Export.

47). Moretti: this is the name of an Italian brewing company. They’re known for their pale lagers and are owned by Heineken Breweries.

48). Murphy: this is a great name for a male canine companion! This name comes from Murphy’s Irish Stout.

49). Carver: another unusual name, which comes from the Full Steam Brewing Company, which makes Carver Lager. This beer is made from sweet potatoes!

50). Rossa: this is a pretty name that comes from Las Rossa, which is an Italian dark beer (dunkel). This brewery is also owned by Heineken Breweries.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these beer names for your dog! And more, we hope you’ve found just the right name for your precious pup!

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