My Dog Drank Blue Toilet Water What Should I Do?

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Are you one of those people who likes to use those blue tablets or liquids that keep the toilet fresh and clean? You’re not alone. These are common in many households. They’re usually not dangerous, unless your dog tends to drink out of the toilet.

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Why Do Dogs Drink Toilet Water?

That’s a great question! Our fur babies have many habits we just can’t understand. Whether they have a taste for things that died a few months ago, love to roll in smelly things, or have a penchant for eating the poo from the kitty’s litter box, dogs seem to be very non-discerning when it comes to ingesting things.

This, of course, also applies to toilet water. Why does a dog go for toilet water? One of the attractions could be the fact that the water in the toilet runs frequently. For a dog, this is an indicator the water is fresh and clean, rather than dirty and stagnant. Yes, it’s toilet water, bur your dog’s natural instincts may drive him to drink water that’s fresh.

Another reason is that the water is easily accessible. If your fur baby is tall enough to drink out of the toilet, it could be a matter of accessibility and convenience.

In some cases, there may be no obvious answer. Dogs may just prefer toilet water for their own reasons!

Problem with Toilet Water: Germs & Cleaning Agents

Your fur baby could face getting sick if he drinks toilet water on a regular basis. This is especially the case if you don’t clean the toilet very often. Your fur baby could be lapping up E.coli and other nasties! You may rethink getting kisses from your dog after this!

The other issue is if you use those colored liquids or tablets that help keep the toilet fresh and clean. These products can contain toxic chemicals such as bleach. Other harmful chemicals in these products can also include sodium peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, and hypochlorite salts. These chemicals can be toxic for your fur baby.

Problems to Watch for If Your Dog Drank Blue Toilet Water

If your dog drank blue toilet water, you should watch for these symptoms—they can indicate chemical poisoning:

These symptoms can indicate your dog is seriously ill. In that case, it’s necessary to call your vet right away.

Treatment for Dog Drinking Toilet Water

If your canine companion has only had a little toilet water, chances are he will be OK. He may develop stomach upset, vomiting and/or diarrhea. In that case, you can give him some fresh water or milk to dilute the water he’s had to drink.

Some toilet products may also cause some irritation of the skin around your dog’s mouth and throat. This most often develops if your dog has eaten one of those tablets or disks. If you’ve found your pup chewing on one of these, get him to the vet as soon as possible—this could be a medical emergency.

We’re happy to tell you that in most cases your dog will be OK if he only drinks a little of the blue toilet water. However, be sure to call the vet if your canine companion’s had a lot of toilet water to drink, or has eaten a toilet cleaning tablet.

How to Keep Your Dog from Drinking Blue Toilet Water

It can be challenging to keep your fur baby from drinking toilet water! But we’ve done some research and come up with some ways to prevent your dog from drinking blue (or clear) toilet water!

  1. Keep the Lid Down

The easiest way to keep your dog from drinking toilet water is to keep the lid down on the toilet. Make sure everyone in your household follows this rule when using the bathroom. The problem is that some dogs are pretty smart and know how to lift the lid/seat. If your dog is one of these, you may want to invest in some child-safe toilet locks.

  1. Block the Bathroom

Another easy solution is to use a baby or dog gate to block your dog from accessing the bathroom and toilet. You could also make sure to close the bathroom door tightly to keep your fur baby out!

  1. Jazz Up the Water Dish

Once the bathroom and toilet are off-limits, consider jazzing up your dog’s water dish. Doing so can make the bowl more attractive and enticing to your fur baby. Start off by ensuring your dog’s water is always fresh and clean. Ensure he has plenty of water all through the day.

One way to make your dog love his water bowl again is to buy several water bowls. Put these bowls in different parts of the house. Make sure they are always clean and have fresh water for your canine companion.

You could also invest in a dog water fountain! Many dogs love these water fountains that recirculate water in their bowl throughout the day. This is especially enticing for dogs who love to drink moving water.

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