50 Superhero Dogs Names From Marvel and DC

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Dog marvel or dc names

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Superheroes are more popular now than ever before, even when it comes to our canine companions. Dogs and superheroes just go together. Think of news stories where dogs have saved their pet parents from all types of dangers. Dogs are just natural superheroes, so what could be better than a dog with a superhero name?

Some studies have been done on why superheroes have become so popular. We’re naturally drawn to stories and tales of beings that are strong and perform heroic acts. Think about the Viking myths, the tale of Beowulf, and the Greek myths. They feature stories about brave, strong men and gods who try to save the day. Most of these characters have some minor flaws, but they work to overcome these in the performance of saving someone and/or the world. We’re drawn to these characters who save the day, in spite of (or because of) their flaws.

We’re also drawn to characters and stories where good takes on evil. Evil needs to be dominated and destroyed. Many of our myths and superhero stories revolve around this kind of plot.

This seems to be especially true in troubled times. Think back to when comic books first became popular during the Depression and then during WWII. People needed a break from reality, while they also needed to see that good can triumph over evil.

Today, too, we have much going on around the world and superheroes have their place to ease our stress and give us hope. So, what could be better than giving your pup a superhero name? What a great reminder that good does beat evil, plus our fur babies do come to our rescue in times of danger.

Dogs Are Superheroes

In real-life, dogs are truly superheroes. They may not wear spandex suits, but dogs work as superheroes every day. Why not use dog celebrity names?  Let’s take a look at some true life superhero dogs.

Banjo: Banjo and his three-year-old companion, Mason, wandered more than a mile into the woods near their home. Banjo stayed by Mason’s side the entire time. The boy and dog were lost overnight, with searchers working the whole time to find the boy. Finally, it was Banjo’s barking that drew rescuers’ attention around 3AM in the morning. Mason and Banjo were both safe and sound, aside from some bumps and scratches. Way to go, Banjo!

Leon: protected his family from intruders in their home. Leon gave chase, knowing that man in a ski mask, with a gun, wasn’t allowed in his house. The intruder shot at Leon, hitting the pup in the head. The dog survived, even though the bullet just barely missed his brain. This brave Pitt Bull saved his family and their home from those who meant no good.

Jedi: is a black lab who monitors his boy companion, Luke, for diabetes. Jedi alerts Luke’s parents when the boys blood sugar goes too low or too high. The pup went through extensive training to be able to work with Luke. As a result, the dog has saved Luke’s life on more than one occasion. Jedi even works through the night to keep watch over Luke.

These are just three superhero dog stories we’ve shared. There are millions of more superhero dogs out there—including your fur baby!

DC Comic Dog Names

You’ve probably heard of DC Comics—even non-nerdy people have heard of them! DC Comics is one of the oldest and largest comic book companies in the U.S. They’ve produced a number of iconic superheroes including:

This is only a brief list, but you’ve definitely heard of Superman and Batman. The letters “DC” come from the initials of their most famous series Detective Comics. In fact, it was in this series that Batman made his debut.

DC Comics have delighted readers for years with their superheroes who are known for their courage, support of justice, righteousness, and virtue. The stories are generally full of action and filled with good vs. evil.

When it comes to a dog’s name, you’ll have many DC superheroes to choose from! Here are some great boy dog names to choose from:

Now, let’s take a look at some DC Comic names for girl dogs:

Marvel Comics Dog Names

Marvel Comics has been around for some time; in fact, the company became very popular during WWII. Their hero, Captain America (Cap), made his first appearance in March 1941, just before the U.S. entered the war. The cover of the comic features Captain America taking on the bad guys of the day.

From there, Marvel went on to develop other superheroes (and supervillains!) in their ever-evolving Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU), including:

From the 1960s, Marvel has become one of the largest comic companies in the U.S. The company is currently owned by The Walt Disney Company. They’ve come out with their own superhero movies and characters—you’ll have a wealth of names to choose from! First, let’s take a look at Marvel dog names for male dogs:

In the next list, we’ll review some Marvel Comics names for female dogs:

Nerdy Dog Names

We live in a world of smart devices constantly connected to the Internet. IT and technology are popular fields. In fact, techy people have commonly been called “nerds,” but what does that mean?

A nerd is someone who is intelligent, obsessed and not socially smart. This is different than geeks—we’ll take a look at this term later on.

The term “nerd” was once meant as a slight; however, these days, many people consider the term to be a compliment, if applied to them by others. The word “nerd” first appeared in the Dr. Suess book If I ran the Zoo (1950). After that, the term was picked up in by the pop culture of the 50s and applied to people who were not “cool.”

Why would anyone want to give their dog a nerdy name? If you or a loved one work in the tech industry or in one of its many branches, then you may want to choose a nerdy name for your pup. Cartoon dog names are trending these days! Here are some boy dog nerdy names:

Now, let’s look at some nerdy names for girl dogs!

Geeky Names for Dogs

Now we’ve come to geeky names you can give your dog! We promised to discuss the difference between a nerd and geek, so here goes! Just like nerd, the word “geek” was initially used as an insult. It was first noted back in 1916, when it was used to describe circus performers who did crazy stunts. It’s thought that “geek” comes from a German word “geck,” which means fool or freak.

These days, “geek” means someone who is obsessed with something. It could be anything from computers, comic books, video games, etc. Here, you might think of people who love to play Dungeons and Dragons, though Trekkies can cross over into geekiness, too, especially if they’re obsessed. Back to geeks—they can be obsessed about any type of topic, including science, math, dogs, etc.

Can a person be a geeky nerd? Technically, yes. It’s possible. Maybe there’s a Dungeons and Dragons player who loves computers! There you have it—a geeky nerd!

Let’s take a look at a few geeky names for boy dogs:

Here are some geeky names for girl dogs:

There you have it—comic book dog names, nerdy and geeky dog names! We hope this guide has helped you to find just the right name for your own precious canine companion! And if you’re a nerd or a geek, you’re in very good company!

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