50 Turkish Dog Names And Their Meaning

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Are you the new pet parent to a Turkish dog breed, such as an Akbash or Anatolian Shepherd? Or maybe you have Turkish heritage or love all things to do with the country of Turkey. If you’re looking for a Turkish name of your dog, then you’ve come to the right place!

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We’ve put together a list of 50 dog names, for both boy and girl dogs, and we hope one of these will be the right name of your fur baby, or inspire you with a name that fits your canine companion!

Turkish Dog Names Female

Here’s are some pretty Turkish dog names girl, that also include the meaning of each name

1). Kumru: means “a dove,” this could be a pretty name for a female dog who is a grey or off-white color. Or perhaps for a girl dog that’s as gentle as a dove.

2). Melda: means “young and gentle.” This could be a great name for a little girl puppy who is also gentle. Or even for an adult dog who has a young spirit, and is gentle in all things.

3). Ceyda: means “a beautiful long neck.” This might be a great name choice for dogs, such as greyhounds, that have long, graceful necks.

4). Aksu: means “clear and cool water.” What a beautiful name! Doesn’t it just conjure up a picture of mountains around a clear, cold lake with a blue sky above? This might be a beautiful name or a Samoyed or Husky.

5). Abu: means “a water lily.” If you have a girl dog that reminds you of pretty flower, such as a water lily, this might be the perfect name for her!

6). Sema: means “the sky.” Does your lady canine companion have pretty blue eyes that remind you of the sky on a clear day? This could be a pretty choice of name for her.

7). Tara: means “a star.” Does your fur baby have a blaze on her forehead in the shape of a star? Or does she have a star-shaped patch of fur on her chest? If so, this could be a great name for your girl fur baby!

8). Leyla: means “dark beauty.” This would be the perfect for a lady dog who has dark fur. What a pretty name this is!

9). Ela: means “yellow or chestnut eyes.” Does your girl dog have beautiful honey-colored eyes or eyes that are a light brown? She must be a beauty and this name would be very fitting for her!

10). Aydan: means “from the moon.” Does your fur baby resemble something ethereal? Or does she resemble moonbeams on water? Then this would be an amazing name for your canine companion!

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Turkish Dog Names Boy

Now, let’s take a look at some Turkish boy dog names! We have to keep things even, after all!

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11). Talu: means “Good.” If you have a fur baby who is good, then this would be the perfect name! And by the way, what fur baby isn’t good? They’re all beautiful, unique furry individuals who grab our hearts!

12). Sami: means “high and lofty.” High and lofty may be a reference to mountains, thoughts and more. If your canine companion reminds you of anything high and lofty, this would be a choice of name for him.

13). Fehmi: means “understanding and comprehension.” Is your boy dog especially smart? Does he seem to understand everything you say and feel? Then this would make a beautiful and apt name for him.

14). Kurt: means “a wolf.” If you have a dog that resembles a wolf, then this is the perfect name choice!

15). Tutku: means “passionate.” Do you have a dog that’s passionate about you? Is he passionate about dog competitions? Then this could be the perfect name for your boy dog!

16). Zeka: means “intelligent.” If you have a highly intelligent male dog, then what a unique name this would be for him!

17). Fevzi: means “winner.” We believe all dogs are winners; however, if you have a dog that excels at his obedience training or dog competitions, this would make a pretty name for him.

18). Alp: means “heroic.” While this name may remind you of the Alps, the mountain chain that runs across Europe, if your dog is heroic, what better name could you choose for him? It’s simple and easy, and highly unusual. We bet you won’t hear this name in the dog park, unless others have read this article, too!

19). Nuri: means “bright and shining.” This name is pretty and also unique. This could be a great name for a smart dog, or one that has bright and shining eyes, or whose fur is bright and shining such as an Irish Setter, a Golden Retriever, and more.

20). Beha: means “hard to find.” This could be a unique and unusual name for a boy dog who likes to play hide and seek!

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Turkish Pet Names

Here are some beautiful names for boy and girl dogs—this time, let’s start with more boy names!

21). Ahmet: means “Thanking God.” This is a very meaningful name if you’re thankful for your fur baby.

22). Alaatin: means “you did well.” All fur babies do well—what a great, positive name to give a fur baby!

23). Aslan: means “lion.” This could be a great name for a ChowChow or another type of dog that looks like a lion!

24). Atabey: means “big brother.” This could be a great name for a dog who is a big brother to another fur baby!

25). Ates: means “fire.” This would make a beautiful name for a fur baby that has dazzling red hair that resembles are fire! Or if your canine companion has a mischievous side, this could also be an apt name!

Dog Name Turkey

Here are some more names that come from Turkey—they include Turkish names, names of Turkish cities and places and more!

26). Izmir (m): this a city in western Anatolia, which has been the center of many civilizations for thousands of years and is a place filled to brimming with history, culture and more.

27). Aras (m): is the name of a strong river that goes through Turkey.

28). Kemal (m): this name comes from the the former President of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who is known as the “Father of the Turks.”

29). Zeki (m): the name of a famous singer, Zeki Muren, who is also a composer and actor.

30). Sait (m): this name comes from a great Turkish writer named Sait Faik Abasiyanik.

31). Halit (m): this name is for the famous Turkish actor Halit Ergenc, who is famous for playing Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

32). Selim (m): this is another pretty name, which is for Selim I, who was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1512 to 1520.

33). Khan (m): this is a word that means “ruler” in Ottoman Turkey.

34). Ankara (f): this is the capital of Turkey, which is famous for many things including the Hagia Sofia.

35). Adana (f): this is another beautiful name for a girl dog—it’s the name of a large city in southern Turkey, located near the Seyhan river.

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36).  Alanya (f): this is a pretty and unusual name for lady fur baby—it’s the name of a beautiful resort town located on the Mediterranean.

37). Sezen: the name of a popular singer named Sezen Aksu. She’s had a major influence on Turkish pop and music around the world.

38). Ajda: this is the name of a popular actress and singer, who is considered a superstar in Turkey.

39). Halide: this is the name of a famous women who once lived a luxurious life and took up the struggle for her country. Halide Edib is an author, politician, scholar and more.

40). Sabiha (f): this is the name of the first female combat pilot in the word’s history—Sabiha Gokcen. Her surname means “belonging to the sky.” She was an adoptive daughter of Ataturk.

41). Safiye (f): another famous singer, Safie Ayla was the first woman singer to perform for Ataturk.

42). Afife (f): this is the name of the first Turkish-Muslim woman to become an actress on the stage, at a time when women were not allowed to become actresses.

43). Theodora: this is the name of the Byzantine Empress—she had quite a history, but ended up becoming an Empress and a Christian.

44). Anna: this name comes from Anna Komnene, who was a Byzantine princess, scholar, hospital administrator and more. She was the daughter of Emperor Alexios.

45). Fatma: this names comes from the famous Turkish lady Fatma Aliye Topuz, who took up science, was an essayist, women’s rights activist and more.

46). Nezihe: this is another great Turkish woman’s name that comes from Nezihe Muhiddin, who was a women’s rights activist, and a journalist and writer. She was a political leader, too.

47). Mujde: this is the beautiful name of a women who was nominated as Turkey’s Female Social Entrepreneur in 2018—Mujde Esin.

48). Halet: this lady was an archeologist and Olympian fencer—the first Muslim to compete in the 1936 Olympic Summer Games—her name was Halet Cambel.

49). Sertab: what a pretty name! This name is in honor of one of the most successful Turkish singers—Sertab Erener.

50). Elif: another very beautiful name that comes from Elif Safak, who is a famous writer in Turkey. In fact, she’s the most widely red woman writer in that country!

We hope you’ve been able to find the perfect name for your fur baby in this article, or that perhaps you were inspired to find a beautiful Turkish name for you canine companion! Check out our latest post about dogs and pregnancy, we share the risks and latest tips.

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