50 Farmer and Farm Themed Dog Names

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Are you looking for a great name a new dog you’ve adopted? Do you live on a farm, or have you ever lived on farm? Have you enjoyed working in the fields and doing farm work? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ve created a list of farm-inspired names for your fur baby!

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Before we get started with our list of dog names, we’ve put get together some facts about farms that you may find interesting! This is followed by some interesting facts about farm dogs, and then we’ll finish with some great farm-inspired names for your canine companion!

OK—now we’re ready to get started with great farm names for your fur baby!

Old Farmer Dog Names

Here are some great old farmer names for dogs!

1). Bailey (m/f): what a great name for dog—especially if you grow and bale hay on the farm!

2). Buster (m): this is an old-fashioned dog name that can definitely be used on the farm. It might make a great name for a playful dog!

3). Buddy (m): if your fur baby is your best friend, this is the perfect name to choose for him!

4). Charlie (m): short for Charles, is an easy, short name for a great farm dog, perhaps a Collie or a larger dog.

5). Cody (m): if you live in a farm out West, this is a great, old-fashioned name for a dog on the farm.

6). Trixie (f): this name was popular on farms in the Mid West, and it was a great fit for those farm dogs that were a fit mischievous and highly intelligent.

7). Jake (m): this is another old-fashioned farm dog name, which could be perfect for a type of herding dog.

8). Maggie (f): short for Margaret, this is an old-fashioned name that would be a great choice for an Anatolian Shepherd, or even a Dalmatian.

9). Sally (f): a very old-fashioned name that could be a great fit for a Border Collie or a Corgi.

10). Toby (m): this is another older name for farm dogs and would be a great fit for Vallhund or a Jack Russel Terrier.

Farm Dog Names Girl

Do you have a girl dog and would like to find her a farm-related name? Then check out these names—one of them could be a great fit for your lady dog!

11). Lassie: the name of the famous TV dog who worked on a farm and on the series of the same name. She was a beautiful collie with long, flowing hair. If you have a beautiful female Collie, this could be a great name for her!

12). Barley: this is grain that’s common on many farms and is part of the grass family. If you have a fur baby who loves the grass, then this could be a great name for her!

13). Honey: commonly found on farms and produced by bees, what sweeter name could you find for your canine companion?

14). Rain: is a necessary part of farming; without rain, the crops can’t grow. And we think this is just a pretty name for a lady dog.

15). Charlee: means “farmer” and it’s a simple, cute, unique name for a girl dog.

16). Carley: from the Middle English and means “farmer’s meadow.” Does your fur baby love to go out and hike in nature? What a pretty name this could be for her!

17). Maize: means “corn,” but could be also shortened to “Maizey.” This is a cute farm name for a girl dog!

18). Dell: remember that old song, “The Farmer in the Dell”? You may have learned it as a young child. What a cute name for your fur baby!

19). Merona: is a type of sheep. This would be a great name for a herding dog such as German Shepherd, a Catahoula Leopard Dog, or a Belgian Malinois.

20). Zappa: is the Italian word for “farm worker.” If your fur baby helps you on the farm, what a pretty name for her!

Here are some farm themed dog names, in case you haven’t found the right name for your canine companion yet!

21). Silo (m): a farm building that resembles a tower, used to store large amounts of materials, such as wheat or corn.

22). Alfalfa (m/f): which is grown to feed animals.

23). Brooks (m/f): farms often have a stream or brook running through them.

24). Jimmy (m): the name of a famous farmer and former President of the US, Jimmy Carter, who was a peanut farmer.

25). Rooster (m): a mature male chicken.

26). Tiller (m/f): the tool used to get the soil ready for planting. This might be a great name for a dog who loves to dig!

27). Coop (m/f): the building that houses chickens.

28). Harrow (m): another tool that was used to plow the fields level, pull weeds, and break up dirt.

29). Whitaker (m): means “wheat farm.” If you have a wheat farm, or even grew up on a wheat farm, this would make a cute name for your dog!

30). John (m): the name of one of the most popular tractors & other types of farm machinery in the US—the company John Deere.

Farm Inspired Dog Names

Here are a few more names that are inspired by farms, which could make a great name for your canine companion!

31). Banhan (m): is the Irish name for “piglet.”

32). Baler (m): another piece of farm machinery used to compress crops into bales.

33). Bean (m/f): a crop that’s commonly grown on many farms.

34). Alima (f): means strong, which is a trait needed by dogs on the farm.

35). Fabianna (f): is the Italian name that means “bean farmer.”

36). Chickie (f): a cute name for chickens that lay eggs.

37). Acre (m): the measure used for a unit of land—farms are often measured by the number of acres they cover.

38). Charo (f): the Spanish name that means “farmer.”

Country Names Used on the Farm

Here are some cute, old-fashioned names that are sometimes use on the farm!

39). Gus (m)

40). Ollie (m)

41). Marley (m/f)

42). Daisy (f)

43). Sadie (f)

44). Roxy (f)

45). Penny (f)

46). Ellie (f)

47). Riley (m/f)

48). Maddie (f)

49). Scout (m/f)

50). Dakota (m/f)

How to Choose a Unique Name for Your Farm Dog

If you’re having trouble picking out the right name for your dog, read on! We’ve put together some tips to help you find the best name for your farm fur baby!

10 Facts You May Not Know About Farming

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “farm?” Do you think of rolling fields of corn and wheat? Or do chickens, cows and pigs come to mind? If so, then you’re not alone. However, there are some facts about farms and farming that may surprise you. Let’s take a look!

1). First farms began around 10,000 BC: this was during the first Agricultural Revolution and was a time when nomadic peoples began to settle down and grow crops. Some of the first crops they grew included einkorn wheat, emmer wheat, hulled barley, peas, bitter vetch and flax.

2). The Industrial revolution led to great improvements in farming: the second Agricultural Revolution took place from 1700 to 1900 and brought many improvements to farming.

3). Fruit farming: began between 6,000 and 3,000 BC. Figs were one of the first fruits grown on a farm.

4). Plows were invented in the Middle East: the first type of plow was called an “ard” and was made from sharpened branches of a tree. This was one of the most important inventions, which has been credited with the advancement of human society.

5). Farming is now high-tech: farmers use technology that helps them to grow more food these days, making food more affordable, safe and more efficiently produced than at any time in the past. From the use of GPS to tractors that drive themselves, farming is now a high-tech industry.

6). Tractors were invented in the 1880s: they were created to pull plow through the fields. Up to that time, humans and animals were used to pull the plow. The modern tractor can now even run itself and is used for pulling, plowing, planting, mowing, harvesting, moving soil and heavy equipment and more.

7). Popular movies about farming: there are several popular movies about farming including Country (1984), The River (1984), Out of Africa (1985), Giant (1956) and The Big Country (1958).

8). Number of farms in the US: according to the USDA, there are currently about 2 million farms operating in the US, which employ about 1.3% of the US population.

9). Origins of the word “Farm”: the word “farm” comes from the Old French word ferme, which means “to rent, lease” and the Latin firmare which means “to fix, settle, confirm, strengthen.”

10). Average age of farmers: is about 57.5 years in the US, where farmers are becoming middle-aged and older.

Facts About Farm Dogs

Here are a few facts about dogs used on the farm! Dogs are common on most farms and there’s a reason. They can be a great help to their farmer pet parents and family. Farm dogs play an integral part when it comes to running the farm; they’re more like a team member there to help out with all types of tasks. Farm dogs are used for herding cattle and other types of livestock, and there are dog breeds that even specialize in herding specific types of farm animals. For instance, cattle dogs include Welsh Corgis, Bouviers of Flanders, Border Collies, and more.

Herding dogs help to guard, stalk, chase and keep cattle together. They can also kill predators who try to steal livestock.

Dogs are also used to guard the farm and control predators. Popular dogs for guarding the farm include the Great Pyrenees, Komondor, and Maremma. These dogs are large and have been used for centuries to guard the farm, the family and livestock. Not only that, but these dogs can also reduce the loss of livestock due to theft. Then there are bonding dogs, who work to guard the livestock and bond with the farm animals. These dogs are especially raised to bond with the animals they will eventually protect and herd, such as sheep.

Not only do dogs work on the farm, but they also provide companionship for farmers and their families. Farm dogs, as noted earlier, are considered a part of the family and one of the team when it comes to working the farm.

We hope you enjoyed these farm names for dogs and that you were able to find the perfect name for your canine companion!

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