50 Italian Dog Names

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Have you ever traveled to Italy? Do you love Italian food and culture? If you’ve answered yes to one of these questions, then perhaps an Italian name would be a great choice for your canine companion! Italy is a country with a long history, extensive arts, fashion and culture. And need we mention the country’s world-famous cuisine? Many people around the world love Italian food such as pizza and spaghetti. And we can’t leave out their heavenly gelato—which, by the way, is not ice cream. The country is also famous for it’s Vespas, the iconic Italian scooters that race around everywhere.

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When it comes to art, the Italians have great works by Giotto, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and more. You’ll find famous paintings and sculptures all throughout the country in churches, castles and museums. If you love all things Italian, have Italian heritage, or if you’re from Italy, then you’re sure to find inspiration in one of our lists of Italian dog names!

Italian Dog Names with Meaning

Here’s a list of Italian dog names and their meanings—perhaps one of these will make a great name for your fur baby!

1). Aldo (m): means “rich.” Maybe this is a great name for a dog with champagne tastes!

2). Bella (f): means “beautiful.” What girl dog isn’t beautiful? Every dog is precious and beautiful, including your lady fur baby!

3). Bambino (m): means “baby” or “cub.”

4). Luna (f): means “moon.” Does your fur baby howl at the moon? This is the right name for her!

5). Bravo (m): means “good boy.” Is your male canine companion obedient? Look no further—this is a great name for him.

6). Lupo (m): means “wolf.” If your fur baby looks like a wolf, then this is a fitting name for him.

7). Primo (m): means “first.” Does your dog come first in your life? What better name could you choose for him?

8). Tesoro (m): means “treasure.” Is your canine companion a treasure? We think all dogs are treasures—what a fitting name!

9). Topolino (m): means “little mouse.” This is often used as a term of endearment by Italians. However, if you have a very large dog, or a small, cute dog, this could be just the right name for him. Plus, aren’t all dogs treasures?

10). Piccolo (m): means “little one.” If your fur baby is a precious pup, and he’s small, this could be the perfect name!

Italian Dog Names Inspired by Food

We think you’ll get hungry as you read through these names. Who doesn’t love Italian food? Can’t you just smell the pizza cooking on the breeze from the local Italian café? When you walk the streets of Rome, this is one of the strongest smells you’ll notice—pizza cooking. Well, enough about one of our favorite Italian foods!

In this list of dog names, you’ll find they’re inspired by some great Italian foods!

11). Gelato: not really an ice cream, it’s somewhat familiar and highly addicting.

12). Risotto: a rice dish famous in northern Italy.

13). Budino: a rich, creamy type of Italian sweet custard or pudding.

14). Prosecco: an Italian white wine that’s highly popular.

15). Ziti: a thick, spaghetti type of pasta with a hole in the center.

16). Cannoli: yummy Italian pastries—who can resist cannoli?

17). Mocha: an Italian chocolate coffee, always a delicious affair. For more Coffee related dog names search our site.

18). Espresso: another Italian coffee that’s very popular around the world!

19). Salami: this is a famous cured meat from Italy, made with garlic and pork. We have a post answering the following if you are interested: can my dog eat Italian red onions?

20). Pastrami: a type of cured ham that’s often used in sandwiches or even presented on a snack tray.

Italian Dog Names for Cane Corso

If you’re not sure, Cane Coro is a dog breed that originates in Italy. These dogs are known for being affectionate, intelligent and majestic in their bearing. These small dogs are assertive and confident, and make great guard dogs. The breed dates back to ancient Rome, and their name translates from Latin as “bodyguard dog.” If you have a Cane Corso, then perhaps an Italian name is in order! Here are some Italian names that may be a good choice for your fur baby!

21). Bruno

22). Andrea

23). Ena

24). Enzo

25). Gino

26). Lanza

27). Rocco

28). Tina

29). Cara

30). Dona

Badass Italian Dog Names

Here’s a list of “badass” Italian dogs names that could be a good fit your for your canine companion! When we say “badass,” most people think these names are best for dogs with a lot of “tude” (attitude), or perhaps even mean dogs. But we don’t mean that.

These badass dog names are inspired by great artists and more! You can be “badass” in more than one way, you know!

31). Alessandro: means “defender of men.” Think of Alessandro Matri who plays football for the Juventus Foot Club and the Italian national team.

32). Andrea: meaning “masculine.” This name is inspired by the famous pianist and tenor Andrea Bocelli.

33). Francesco: this name is inspired by the famous St. Francis of Assisi, and Pope Francis. For more celebrity dog names, search our site.

34). Federico: means “peaceful ruler.” Here, think of famous filmmaker Federico Fellini.

35). Giuseppe: means “he will add.” This name is inspired by the famous Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi.

36). Hortensia: daughter of the Roman orator Quintus Hortensius, she was the first female lawyer in history. Talk about badass!

37). Catherine: inspired by the famous lady Catherine De’ Medici: she was the mother of the French countess Maddalena de la Tour d’Auvergne. We have a selection of French dog names, check it out!

38). Maria: this name is inspired by the famous lady doctor, philosopher and pedagogist Maria Montessori, one of the first women to graduate in Medicine in Italy.

39). Grazia: this lady, Grazia Deledda, was the first Italian woman to be awarded the Nobel prize for literature.

40). Margherita: we’re not talking about the margaritas made in Mexico. No. This name is inspired by the first woman in Italy to be head of an observatory, Margherita Hack. If you have ever wondered if your dog can eat Italian sweet peppers check out our website!

Now you can see there are other ways of being badass! Each of these names is an inspiring choice for your canine companion!

Funny Italian Dog Names

Do you have a dog that has a great sense of humor? Or does he like to play around? Then maybe one of these funny Italian names may be the right choice for your precious pup!

41). Tito: means “great.” This might be a good choice for a small dog, or a large dog if you want to point out that he isn’t small!

42). Caramello: a yummy syrup topping made from caramel.  This could be a great choice if your fur baby has the beautiful coloring of caramel!

43). Linguine: this is a type of pasta that’s rather long. If your canine companion has a long body, this may be an apt name for him!

44). Solo: meaning “alone.” Does your fur baby like to spend time alone with you? What name could be better?

45). Pizza: OK—we know you love Italian food. If this is your favorite food from Italy, then this could make a great name for your dog. Or if he likes to sneak a slice of this yummy food when you’re not looking, what better name could you pick?

46). Baffi: means “mustache.” If your fur baby has a mustache, then this would make a cute name for him!

47). Zitto: means “quiet.” Now, if your dog is rather on the barky side, then this name (which means the opposite of barky) could be a cute choice.

48). Dolce: means “sweet.” This isn’t really a funny name, but if your fur baby has a sweet nature, no other name will fit as well!

49). Vespa: are you fond of those beautiful Italian scooters? Then this could make a cute, funny name for your precious pup!

50). Bacio: means “kiss.” If you have a fur baby who is free with his kisses, then this is the best name for him (or her)!

We hope you’ve found just the right name for your dog in this list of Italian dog names!

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