Top 10 Best Dry Dog Food with Soft Pieces

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best dry dog food with soft pieces

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Do you have a senior dog that has a difficulty chewing hard foods? Does your canine have stomach issues? Perhaps it is time to try a dry dog food with soft pieces. When it is easy to chew and it feels soft, it can be easier for your pooch to digest and be better for their teeth. Plus, dry food is easy and convenient for you to serve to your pup at meal times. But there are a lot of dog food brands out there.

It can be hard to know what one is going to be the best for your beloved companion. We have done some research and found some of the best dry dog food with soft pieces. Here is our list of top ten dinners for your pup.

First things first: why choose semi-wet dog food over dry dog food and canned dog food?

While feeding dogs seem like such a bare-bones, basic aspect of pet care, it is easy to become overwhelmed when there are so many options.

It is understandable to wonder which approach is the best. As a general rule of thumb, your go-to veterinarian is the best source for deciding what nutrient profile is the best fit for your dog. Beyond that, though, it is also important to think about the advantages and disadvantages of each formulation, so you can decide which is the best dog food for your furred companion.

What is dry dog food?

Dry dog food, which is sometimes referred to as ‘kibble’, is the foundation of the dog food industry. Dry kibble certainly has some advantages over canned foods, such as its distinct benefits for your dog’s oral health. Crunchy kibble will help your dog’s teeth stay healthy by reducing plaque and tartar buildup on their teeth. That is why kibble eaters have better breath than people who eat only canned food. Dry food is also a good source of the chewing and crunching that dogs have longed to do since their primal pack days. They chewed and crunched as a way to relieve stress and because they were hungry to show power.

Furthermore, as opposed to canned food, kibble does not need to be refrigerated after it is opened and can be left outside for free feeders. It is also easier to pack your things if you are traveling with your pet. Cost is another area where dry kibble is more useful than canned food. Because canned food contains a higher percentage of water (between 70 and 85%) than dry food (10% or less), dry food is more economically advantageous to serve on a per-serving basis.

On the down side, there are many dogs that will refuse to eat food if they are not feeling well, especially if they are suffering from intestinal or dental problems. You should visit your veterinarian to make sure that there isn’t anything wrong with your dog. In the event that your dog eats other kinds of food, like wet food or other dog treats, but refuses to eat dry food, it may be that your dog is a particularly picky eater.

What is canned or moist dog food?

Another option other than dry food is canned food, which is also known as moist dog food. Canned dog food is often more palatable for dogs because it is made primarily of protein and fat, with few carbs. Because canned food is both palatable and digestible, it may be the right choice for those who are finicky eaters and for dogs with certain diseases. Additionally, by having a very high moisture content, canned food can help a dog stay hydrated and benefit the urinal tract.

What is the downside of canned food? It has a soft, smooth texture, and it doesn’t allow your pooch to perform crunching, which can help clean their teeth. Furthermore, small dogs that eat canned food have more crowded teeth, allowing plaque and tartar to accumulate in those areas.

Aside from that, remember that canned food is more perishable, with its shorter shelf life, and that it is only allowed to be left open in the refrigerator for a short time. So, any food that remains in your dog’s bowl for more than one to two hours should be discarded.

One way of feeding your dog is to use a mixture of dry and canned food each day. Keep sticking to the daily amount that was calculated for your dog, so that they stay at a healthy weight. The only way to prevent your dog from becoming overweight or obese is by measuring the amount of food that each day your dog eats. When you and your dog eat a mealtime, it is a time for bonding. So make sure that the mealtime for you and your dog is enjoyable.

What is soft-dry dog food?

A common term that pet owners may come across is the “soft-dry dog food.” You may be wondering, what does “soft-dry” even mean? How does that differ from regular dry dog food? Well, we’re here to answer your question.

Basically, soft-dry dog food is a sort of happy medium between wet dog food and dry dog food. These kinds of food have a softer texture and a higher moisture content than kibble. This is probably the reason it is also often referred to as “soft kibble.” Today, soft dry food is available in a wide variety of textures and flavors. Some kinds have only moist chunks, and others have a mix of soft and crunchy kibble bits.

Manufacturers process semi-moist food differently than they process dry kibble. It is cooked at a lower temperature, just like baked goods are baked, in order to preserve the moisture. When that happens, your pooch will have less difficulty absorbing vitamins and minerals, and they will be more protected. It also has a pleasant taste that resembles fresh food, so it can be attractive to your pooch. It is also beneficial for dogs that have difficulty chewing hard kibble.

As a whole, soft-dry dog food is the go-to for dogs in later life stages. Senior dogs are very dependent on their diet. They have different nutritional needs from other animals in their life stage. It is important that senior dogs are fed the best soft dry dog food that contains high-quality protein, because senior dogs often have less efficient digestive systems. The digestive tract of your dog is very delicate, so the best soft dry dog food should include supplements to ease digestion.

They are also better for dogs in earlier life stages: newborn puppies! As with senior dogs, puppies require higher nutritional content. It is recommended that the best soft dry dog food for puppies contains high protein levels and does not contain any grains or fillers. If your puppy dog is being fed, it should contain six ingredients that are important: protein, vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, water, and minerals.

There are some downsides you should keep a keen eye on. For one, a semi-moist dog food has between 60-65% water by weight. It is therefore more hefty per energy calorie compared to dry food. The problem is that semi-moist dog food contains more sugar and salt than dry or canned dog food. Because of the sugar and salt content, semi-moist or soft-dry dog food isn’t the best option for all dogs, especially those with a sensitive stomach.

Do not forget that many semi-moist foods also contain artificial color, artificial preservatives, chemical preservatives, and chemical flavor enhancers. Perhaps semi-moist foods should be reserved for occasional treats, the way you would only treat yourself to a sundae every once in a while.

So, how do I pick the right soft-dry food for my dog?

You must provide your dog with the most appropriate diet that is healthy and beneficial for them in order to give them a long and healthy life.

The best soft-dry food must still contain the necessary balance of vitamins and minerals, as well as other essential nutrients, to ensure that your pup is healthy for a long time. Look for additional vitamins and minerals, like zinc, iron, and B vitamins. Good sources of nutrients are meat, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and fish.

Here are some pointers as to how to choose the right soft-dry dog food:

Above all, work with your veterinarian to determine the calorie content of the semi-moist food, and to determine how much of that food should be eaten daily. As an additional tip, read on through this article to see list of 10 soft dry or semi-moist dog food that we recommend, so you can be sure to pick one that fits your dog’s needs.

Finally, you may also want to explore personalized allergy and immune chews, specifically formulated to provide vital nutrients and promote a strong immune system for your furry friend. PetLab Co. offers a range of these chews, crafted with natural ingredients such as probiotics, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids, which can effectively alleviate allergies and enhance overall well-being.

1. Yumwoof Perfect Kibble

Yumwoof Perfect Kibble

© Yumwoof Natural Pet Food

Yumwoof Perfect Kibble is a soft-dry dog food made with 14 human grade superfood ingredients—all slow cooked to perfection! This brand is great for dogs that need a soft and chewy food which doesn’t have to be refrigerated. Yumwoof’s #1 ingredient is fresh USDA meat, and their recipe includes more coconut oil than any other dog food in existence. Coconut oil for dogs has been shown to improve brain cognition, help keep their teeth clean, increase their metabolism, slow dementia in aging canines, and much more.

Just wait till you open the bag and smell their delicious, chef-made recipe for yourself! Many say it smells like a sweet bread, and one thing’s for sure—it smells very good. Yumwoof’s proprietary cooking method helps maintain nutrients unlike any other dog food. Their human grade ingredients are all slow cooked to perfection at 170° F in a USDA facility using a method that ensures maximum quality of the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals inside. For all of these reasons, we highly recommend Yumwoof and have rated it as the top soft-dry dog food! Visit their website so your dog can try it.

2. Purina Moist & Meaty Dog Food

Next on our list is Moist and Meaty dog food from Purina. We like this product because it is nice and soft for your pooch. They should have no problems chewing it. It also contains real meat so that it is tasty and contains a good amount of protein. T

he good thing about this dog food is that it is described as being 100 percent complete and offers balanced nutrition for your adult canine. This means that you should not have to supplement anything into their diet. This provides them with all the nutrients that they need and they can remain happy and healthy.

The great thing is that it is sold in pouches, which keeps the food fresh and means no mess when you are serving your dog. It is easy; just rip it open and pour the food into their bowl. Then it is ready to eat. Give them a treat by buying one with the steak flavor. They are definitely going to love this meaty meal.

This product is made in the USA and can be used as a meal or topper, this will be your decision. Again, this is another meal that is suitable for senior dogs or pups with stomach issues. The pieces are soft and a combination or a dry food with a moist texture. Plus, it contains real meat chunks made from real beef, as well as plenty of vitamins and minerals.

3. Natural Balance Limited Ingredient

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient dog food also makes our list. What we like about this dog food is that it has minimal and natural ingredients. The recipe is crafted to be high in protein and be healthier for your canine than other choices, as well as being soft to chew. For example, the Sweet Potato and Fish Formula, contains lots of amino acids that are great for muscles and quality carbohydrates for energy.

There are no artificial flavors or colorings that can be bad for your four-legged friend’s health. Plus, they will love the taste of fish and other natural ingredients! Some of the other flavors include bison and duck.

You can choose Natural Balance Limited Ingredient dog food for any breed and for adult dogs. It is a type of dog food that is advertised as being good for their skin and coat, as well as their digestion. By looking at the ingredients, we also think it is a dog food that is good for overall wellbeing and health.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing you are making a great choice for your furry friend. This is a grain-free recipe, which is ideal if your pup as this type of allergy. It is not going to cause them irritation or digestive problems. We would say that Natural Balance Limited Ingredient dog food is a premium brand and is a fantastic choice for your pooch.

4. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food

You may have heard about Hill’s Science and they do a lot of different types of dog food. In particular, we like their diet dry dog food since it is easy to chew and suitable for a variety of dogs. It is soft and designed for smaller breed dogs to chow down. What’s more, it is veterinarian recommended. One of the few on our list that has this certification.

This dog food is full of natural ingredients, as well as no artificial colors or preservatives. It is made right here in the USA. Dogs seem to love the taste and it contains balanced ingredients so they get all of the nutrients that they need. They are putting health first with this recipe. In addition, it contains a probiotic fiber, which makes it easy for your small dogs to digest. There is a chicken recipe, as well as other flavors that you can choose for your pup.

5. Solid Gold Buck Wild

This next one is referred to as America’s first holistic pet food. It started in 1974 and this recipe is designed to be grain-free and gluten-free for your pooch. You can feed this to adult dogs and this flavor includes real venison. This means it is a good choice if your dog has sensitivities to real chicken or you want your pup to experience a change.

Solid Gold Buck Wild dog food adds pumpkin and chickpeas for aiding digestion and there are omega fatty acids for a shiny coat. With a blend of superfoods, prebiotics and probiotics, you can support your dog’s health. In fact, this brand claims there are around 90 million living probiotics per pound of food!

6. Purina One High Protein

Another good dog food we thought that we would include is Purina One High Protein dog food. One of the most important things your pup needs is protein. This is going to keep them happy and healthy, fueling and repairing the muscles before and after exercise. That is why we like this food.

It contains 32 percent protein, which is a lot higher than some other dog foods out there. While we like the turkey and venison flavor, you can also choose beef and salmon depending on what your dog likes. Why not get both and let your pup see what one they prefer to eat?

Purina One High Protein dog food contains a lot of nutrients for your pup. It is suitable for adult dogs of all breeds. Importantly, it is soft to chew and canines will love to chow down this food at mealtimes. It should not damage their teeth since it is soft and moist.

In particular, the ingredients and protein will be good for the joints. It is rich in antioxidants and the protein is not from animal by-products. Only quality meat is used in this recipe. Plus, there are no artificial flavors or colorings. We would say this is a great choice for your pet.

7. Wellness Core Rawrev Natural Grain Free

Next, we have this dog food that is specially for small breeds. It is called Wellness Core Rawrev dog food and it is a grain-free recipe.

We like this dog food since it is soft and it provides your pooch with a complete and balanced meal. In particular, we like the combination of meat in this dog food. You can choose different flavors, such as turkey and chicken and wild game and boar. But we like that they include freeze-dried bites of 100 percent raw turkey.

This is giving your dog quality protein to fuel their body for the day. What’s more, it is an easy way to serve raw food and introduce it to their diet if you are thinking about making the switch.

The food contains 38 percent protein, as well as a good amount of fats, carbs and fiber. Plus, there are lots of omega fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Wellness Core Rawrev dog food is made in the USA and is free from any filler and meat by-products. We think this is one of the best when it comes to quality.

8. Purina Pro Plan Savor

Another good dog food we would recommend is Purina Pro Plan Savor. You can choose from some delicious flavors, such as chicken and rice, salmon and rice, beef and rice and lamb and rice. This provides a good combination of protein and carbohydrates for fuel throughout the day for active dogs. Furthermore, there are options for either a white rice recipe or a brown rice recipe!

The meat that is included in this recipe is high-quality. We like that this product includes live probiotics that is going to help with digestion and maintain the health of your dog’s immune system. What’s more, there are a lot of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids for health and a beautiful coat. The small pieces are easy for your dog to chow down and we think that a variety of breeds will like this one.

9. Solid Gold Fit and Fabulous

For those older dogs or dogs who are on a diet, Solid Gold Fit and Fabulous may be the best option for your pooch. This is a holistic dog food that is potato free, which makes it great for dogs that need to shed a few pounds. But they can still enjoy great flavors, with Alaskan pollock or chicken. In addition, this dog food is packed with superfoods for their health. This includes everything from broccoli to sesame oil. In total, it contains 20 superfoods.

We also like that this dog food is easy for your furry friend to digest. It contains fiber and prebiotics, as well as patented probiotics. This promotes great gut health for your pup. Of course, it is calorie controlled too, but without cutting out any of the goodness. Your dog is going to love this food and will not be able to wait for mealtimes.

10. Eukanuba ACTIV Advantage

Last on our list is Eukanuba ACTIV Advantage. This is another fantastic dog food that offers small bites for adult dogs weighing up to 54 pounds. The dry food is easy to chew and is delicious with meaty chunks.

The food range is designed for pups that are active, whether it is in sport or just love playing fetch. It can support their health, with quality animal protein and good levels of glucosamine and chondroitin to help the joints. This makes it great for young dogs to grow up eating.

Eukanuba ACTIV Advantage also contains a good amount of fats and carbohydrates to promote energy throughout the day. Your dog can recover after strenuous exercise. It even contains 3D DentaDefence, which can help to prevent tartar build-up. This means clean and healthy teeth and gums for your pooch and no large dental bills for you. Other ingredients include fiber and probiotic blends to promote great digestion.

Overall, Eukanuba ACTIV Advantage offers a little bit of everything and this makes it a good choice for a dog of any age. Plus, since the food is soft, your dog should have no problem with eating.

What If Your Dog Loves Kibble? Consider Food Toppers!

If you have a dog that loves his kibble but you’d like to introduce some softer food, too, consider food toppers! Food toppers are also a great choice for dogs that are picky eaters.

Food toppers are exactly as their name suggest—tasty bits you can add to the top of your dog’s regular food. These are a great option for picky eaters, when changing from one dog food to another, or they can be used as a fun treat for your fur baby.

Dog food toppers are not meant to replace a dog’s normal dog food. Instead, they are a supplemental food that can be used every day in moderation. Toppers come in various forms, including stews, crumbles, broths, or wet foods. They’re also available in a wide range of flavors.

We’ve put together a list two food toppers you may want to consider for your dog!

Blue Buffalo Delectables Grain Free Natural Wet Dog Food Topper Variety Pack: each packet of Blue Buffalo Delectables Grain Free dog food topper is about 3 oz, and they come in a pack of 12. Their flavors include chicken and beef. These food toppers come highly ranked by both dogs and their pet parents!

Cesar Simply Crafted Adult Wet Dog Food Meal Topper: here’s another food topper for dogs that comes highly rated by canines and their pet parents! Cesar Simply Crafted Adult Wet Dog Food meal topper comes in several different flavors, including a chicken & beef variety pack, chicken & green bean variety, and more. This wet dog food topper is made without artificial preservatives and contains real meat (the #1 ingredient on the label).






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