50 Drama Dog Names

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Drama is a part of life, and it’s the stuff of marvelous, epic tales, too! But it’s not only those kinds of “tales” that make for epic drama! If you’re a pet parent, then you know that there’s always a little bit of drama when you have a dog! And we mean that in a positive way!

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If you’ve recently adopted a dog or puppy and are looking for a unique name for your fur baby, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done some research to come up with some great names for dogs based on drama.

The Search for a Drama Dog Name

It’s sometimes challenging and downright difficult to find just the right name for your dog. There are many places to find inspiration—from your dog’s characteristics and personality, to your favorite movies and stories! If you love drama, then this list of names is for you!

Drama is found in all types of art. You’ll find it in poetry, plays, literature, and more. Do you have some favorite dramatic characters? Are you inspired by dramatic stories?

Some of the most famous dramatic tales include:

This is only a very short list of some of the most famous dramatic stories! But you get the idea!

OK, now let’s get started on those rather dramatic dog names!

Dramatic Boy Dog Names

Here are some drama male dog names that might be a good fit for your canine companion.

1). Creon: this is the name of the ruler of Thebes, from Antigone which was a Greek tragedy.

2). Herakles: was a divine hero in Greek mythology, who was the son of Zeus and Alcmene. He was the greatest of the Greek heroes.

3). Apollo: a Greek god from the play Alcestis, which was a tragedy about a doomed king whose wife volunteers to die in his place.

4). Macbeth: was a Scottish general in Shakespeare’s play of the same name.

5). Othello: from the play of the same name, he was a Moorish general in the army. He has promoted Cassio to lieutenant, making Iago jealous. Iago then plots against Cassio by making him look bad and making Othello uncertain about keeping him as lieutenant.

6). Haemon: from the play Antigone, he was the mythical son of Creon and Eurydice.

7). Oedipus: a mythical Greek king of Thebes, who was also a tragic hero in Greek mythology. He accidentally fulfills a prophecy that said he would kill his father.

8). Jason: the leader and hero of the Argonauts, from the story of Jason and the Argonauts and the Quest for the Golden Fleece.

9). Hippolytus: in Greek mythology, he was the son of Theseus and either Antiope or Hippolyta.

10). Agamemnon: was the king of Mycenae, whose wife, Helen, was taken to Troy by Paris, thus sparking the Trojan War. That’s pretty dramatic stuff!

11). Orestes: in Greek mythology, he was the son of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon. He was included in several Greek plays and myths.

12). Pheres: in Greek mythology, was the son of Cretheus and Tyro, and founder of Pherae in Thessaly.

13). Vincentio: is the father of Lucentio, and he’s a respectable rich old man from Pisa. On the way to take some money to his son, who is at university, Vincentio meets a mad couple who say he is a beautiful woman and the moon is the sun. They also let him know that his son has become his brother-in-law. And the confusion goes on from there!

14). Romeo: is the male lead in the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet. He falls in love with Juliet who is a member of a rival house. From there the story devolves into some high drama, ending with the death of both Romeo and Juliet.

15). Lucio: is a somewhat zany bachelor pal of Claudio, who has a very wicked sense of humor.

16). Hamlet: is the main character in Shakepeare’s The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. This is one of Shakespeare’s longest plays, which is about Hamlet and his revenge on his uncle Claudius, who murdered Hamlet’s father to seize the throne.

17). Duncan: is the king in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. He’s the father of two sons, and is the victim of regicide when his trusted captain, Macbeth, tries to seize the throne.

18). Cassio: is Othello’s lieutenant in Shakespeare’s play Othello.

19). Prospero: is in Shakespeare’s play The Tempest. He is the Duke of Milan. His brother, 12 years before the play begins, puts Prospero and his 3-year-old daughter, Miranda, out to sea, hoping they will die. However, they were able to survive on a small island.

20). Caliban: is the son of the witch Sycorax, in Shakespeare’s The Tempest. He is half human and half monster. You might call him one of the first versions of Frankenstein’s monster.

21). Antonio: is Prospero’s younger brother, who tries to take the dukedom from his older brother in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

22). Malvolio: is a character from Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night. This guy is the vain, pompous steward of Olivia’s household. He’s famous for despising all types of fun and games, and he wants the world to be free of sin. However, he goes against his stoic nature and believes that Olivia loves him.

23). Shylock: is a character from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. In the story, he is defeated and converted to Christianity.

24). Lear: is a tragedy written by Shakespeare, which tells the story of a king who gives his power and land to two of his three daughters after they say they love him (when they really don’t). However, his third daughter gets nothing because she won’t flatter her father as her sisters have done.

25). Angelo: is in Shakespeare’s play the Measure for Measure. He is the Duke of Vienna and goes on a trip leaving Angelo in power.

Dramatic Female Dog Names

Now, here are some drama female dog names. We hope one of these dramatic girl dog names will be a great fit for your dog!

26). Antigone: the main character from the Greek tragedy of the same name. This might be a pretty name for an elegant dog.

27). Ismene: is the sister of Antigone. This is another elegant name, and if you have dogs that are sisters, this would be the perfect combination!

28). Eurydice: is Creon’s wife and mother of Haemon. The name has a very exotic ring to it and it’s one you won’t hear everywhere!

29). Medea: is the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis and is in the story of Jason and the Argonauts.

30). Phaedra: was a Roman tragedy written by Seneca. She was the wife of King Theseus of Athens, who lusted after her stepson, Hippolytus.

31). Hecuba: is the wife of King Priam of Troy during the Trojan war. She had 19 children.

32). Iphigenia: was the daughter of King Agamemnon from the play by Euripides Iphigenia at Aulis.

33). Lysistrata: was the main character from the comedy Aristophanes. This is a comic story of one woman’s mission to end the Peloponnesian War between Greek city states. This was going to be accomplished by denying all men on land to have relations with woman.

34). Electra: she was the main character from the play Electra by Sophocles. She was known for being a very vengeful soul, as she plans how she and her brother can attack their mother, Clytemnestra.

35). Alcestis: was the mythical queen of Thessaly, and wife of Kind Admetus. She’s become known for being a devoted, selfless, woman and wife.

36). Isabella: is a very virtuous and chase young woman who must make a difficult decision on the fate of her brother. She appears in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.

37). Juliet: is the lover of Romeo in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Juliet was belonged to the Capulets, who had a blood feud with Romeo’s family the Montagues. The story ends in the tragic loss of life of the young lovers.

38). Francisca: is a nun from the order of St. Claire in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. She’s in charge of the novice Isabella as this girl prepares to take her vows.

39). Mariana: is the ex-fiance of Angelo in Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. She’s a young woman of Vienna. Her family’s wealth was lost at sea when her brother drowned.

40). Ophelia: is the main female character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. She’s a young noblewoman of Denmark, and the daughter of Polonius. She ends up drowning due to Hamlet’s madness.

41). Gertrude: is the name of Hamlet’s mother in the play of the same name.

42). Desdemona: is a Venetian beauty in Shakespeare’s Othello.

43). Bianca: is Cassio’s lover in the play Othello by Shakespeare.

44). Emilia: is the name of Iago’s wife in Othello.

45). Miranda: is the name of Properso’s daughter from the play Tempest by Shakespeare.

46). Hippolyta: is the name of the Amazonian queen from Shakespeare’s A Mid Summer Night’s Dream.

47). Hermia: is the name of Egeus’ daughter in a Mid Summer Night’s Dream.

48). Viola: is the name of the protagonist in Twelfth Night by Shakespeare.

49). Olivia: is the beautiful countess in Twelfth Night, by Shakespeare.

50). Cordelia: is the name of King Lear’s favorite daughter in Shakespeare’s play “King Lear.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this dramatic article and that you’ve been able to find the perfect name for your dog!

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