10 Mop Like Dogs – Dogs That Look Like a Mop

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mop like dogs

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Let’s be honest. There are some dogs out there that look like mops! They have long locks that hang and remind you of a mop you use to wash the floor. It is adorable and definitely stands out when you at the park. They almost look like they have dreadlocks.

Of course, there are some dog owners that like short hair and minimal shedding. But if you do not mind your dog’s fur, then you might be interested in adopting a dog that looks like a mop. Let’s take a look at 10 breeds that are mop like.

Mop Dog Characteristics

Before we start looking at the dogs that look like mops, let’s first discuss some of the characteristics of a mop dog. Generally, corded coat, thick and wooly, the fur is longer than average, ears may be slightly cropped, are all part of the look. These dogs are usually sheepdogs or designer dogs. They usually have undercoats, although the mop dog may have a dense undercoat. The tail can be curled or straight, with either the tip or the base being slightly longer than the rest of the tail.

Most dogs with this look are friendly and great companions. They make great pets, and you will enjoy having them around your home. They are not overly active, and are great with children. They love to play, and make a great playmate for kids. They are also good for first time dog owners.

Mop Dog Grooming

Professional groomers usually recommend to have your mop dog groomed at least once a year. This will ensure that your dog’s coat is kept in good condition. This will also help keep your dog’s skin healthy.

1. Komondor

Probably the breed that everybody thinks about when they imagine a mop like dog is the Komondor. This pooch has fabulous dreadlocks and they were used to guard sheep and cattle on farms. Despite what their white coat may look like, they are actually very soft. They are born with normal fur and over time, it grows and forms dreadlocks. They have an outer coat, which keeps them warm and protects them from adverse weather conditions.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes the Komondor dog breed as a large dog. The Komondor’s coat is dense, straight, and they weigh around 60 pounds. They are also known for their immense size and power. The Hungarian Komondor’s ears are folded down to protect them from the cold and their tail is usually long.

Do they make good family pets? Absolutely. Due to their origins, the Komondor can be very defensive and this means that they are able to protect your family. They are also smart pooches and they love to please their owners. This means that you can train them more than some other dog breeds. Of course, you will have to be responsible with training and allow them to understand new people entering your home. If they are not socialized from an early age, this can lead them to being suspicious of strangers. This breed does require a confident and experienced owner, they need to know that you are in charge. After that, they will obey your every command.

Do not forget to socialize your Komondor with other furry friends. They can become aggressive if they are not socialized, which is the last thing anybody wants. When they are young, they can learn to interact with other canines and even live with other pups.

Since the Komondor is a rare breed to see, it is unlikely you can adopt one from the shelter. Instead, if you are going to choose a breeder, ensure they are an experienced and responsible one.

The lifespan of a Komondor is about 10 to 12 years. They have a lot of stamina and are great for running, hiking, and hiking. They are excellent with children and make great pets. They do not bark too much, but can be territorial when they feel threatened.

2. Spanish Water Dog

Have you ever heard of a Spanish Water Dog? This cute pooch that does require a lot of grooming due to their coat. The curls happen as a result of the weather. They are originally from a humid region and this means their fur curls because of the humidity. When you grow their fur, it will become tight cords.

Obedience training is essential for this breed, but they can be trained to hunt for wild animals and retrieve. They are a great choice for families with kids, because they are gentle and good with children. They are also very good at playing fetch and they love water.

The Spanish Water Dog is a very intelligent breed. They are also a working dog and this means they love to have a purpose. In particular, they are happiest when they are active. This makes them great for working on a farm or even taking part in dog agility. In order to have a happy pooch, it is best to socialize your canine from a young age. This includes with people outside your household, as well as other dogs and animals. This canine is best suited for active families that are able to provide this breed with the exercise they need. Just as their name suggests, the Spanish Water Dog loves to swim and be taken on new adventures to explore.

3. Puli

Next up is the Puli. This mop pooch is also from Hungary like the Komondor and has similar cords that mean they have a warm and weather resistant coat. Again, These Hungarian sheepdogs look like they have dreadlocks and this is going to make sure they can withstand all types of weather outdoors. It can actually take around four years for their coat to be fully grown in. This pup definitely looks like a mop, right?

The dreadlocks are quite thin, which means that you do need to help them maintain their coat. This is going to prevent matting that becomes uncomfortable for your pup. This canine was originally used as a herding dog. This means they are energetic and love to have a job. They are also confident and have high intelligence. In particular, they are a good dog breed to have around children. They often act as babysitters and they are sensitive. Indeed, this is why a Puli can be used as a therapy dog. Since they are intelligent and confident, they will benefit from training at an early age. This is going to ensure they learn manners and know that you are the boss. In addition, training sessions can help to provide them with the mental stimulation they need. Just make sure that you change it up; they do not enjoy repetitive tasks.

4. Lhasa Apso

If you can imagine a long mop with straight fibers, then you will also see the Lhasa Apso. This beautiful breed is originally from Tibet. In fact, they were actually used as a watchdog at many monasteries and palaces many years ago. Today, this popular pooch enjoys a place in the family home and as a companion to their humans.

Despite their small size, the Lhasa Apso is a great guard dog. They will protect their family members and this means they can watch your home. Of course, this can make them suspicious of strangers entering the house. Just make sure that you spend time socializing your canine so that they are able to get on with everybody. This includes other furry friends. They can be good at training but they can also be independent. Be aware that they are intelligent pups and know how to manipulate their owners to get their own way.

Of course, you want to know more about the coat. Indeed, you will need to brush it every day to ensure it looks flowing and beautiful. This is also going to prevent tangles. They can also benefit from a groomer and need frequent baths to stay clean.

5. Bergamasco Shepherd

Next up is the Bergamasco Shepherd. This pooch is like a huge mop with an abundant felted coat. This pooch originally came from Persia around 2000 years ago. So, this is an old breed with unique characteristics. They are known to be intelligent, independent and fantastic at herding. In fact, for a long time, shepherds did not want to share the Bergamasco Shepherd heritage for this reason.

You will find this pooch good to train, as they are smart and they pick up commands easily. But they do have an independent streak and this means they sometimes will do what they want to.

They are protective of their owners and this can mean they become wary of strangers. Socialization will be helpful and ensure that they can enjoy having visitors to the home.

6. Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is another breed that looks like a mop thanks to the long fur. They originated in Scotland and their coat keep them warm as they herded flocks of sheep and cattle. This pup was able to do its job in any weather and conditions. Now, you can enjoy having a fun family companion. Because of their background, they do have energy and they love to have tasks to do. If you have the time, they are a fantastic breed for competitions, such as obedience and agility.

This shaggy canine is always ready to go. They are described as bouncy and enthusiastic, with a trip in the car can even a fun day out for this pooch! However, they do require a lot of exercise in order to be happy. Be away their hair can become muddy and dirty being outdoors and will need cleaned regularly. This may not be for everyone. The Bearded Collie is good with children and they are affectionate dogs towards their family. They make good watchdogs and will bark at anything that alarms them. Just make sure that they are trained otherwise they may do this all day.

7. Havanese

Think about the Havanese as a very cute and small mop! This pup has long and silky hair, which does require regular maintenance. This includes brushing every day and trips to the groomers for cuts. This furry friend was originally bred to be a companion in Cuba and this means they love to spend time with their family. In fact, they can become Velcro dogs. If you are out a lot during the day, they will become anxious.

You may be surprised to hear that the Havanese has a lot of energy. For a small dog, they do need good walks and they thrive at canine sports. This includes flyball and obedience. They also enjoy training sessions and this is going to be beneficial to avoid bad habits forming. In addition, early socialization is recommended. This will allow your Havenese to be happy and confident on their walks.

8. Poodle

You may not imagine the Poodle having a mop like coat. In a lot of cases, they have fur that is bouncy and fluffy. But some owners do alter it so they have cords that remind you of the texture of a mop. This breed is known for prancing and looking elegant. Poodles are also very smart pooches and this means they learn quickly and are highly trainable. Did you know that this breed is actually one of the smartest in the world?

Do remember that Poodles need a lot of physical exercise, as well as mental stimulation. Otherwise, they can develop bad habits, such as being destructive. They are playful and love to play fetch with their humans. Just make sure you show your canine that you are the boss. Otherwise, they may think that they are in charge and try to run the show.

9. Afghan Hound

With their long silky coat, it is easy to mistake the Afghan Hound for a mop! This beautiful pooch is instantly recognizable because of their long fur and they have a confident and elegant stance. Surprisingly, this pup used to be used for hunting large prey in the mountains. This meant that their coat was more than for aesthetic appeal; it was also for keeping them warm on their adventures.

The origin of the Afghan Hound does mean that they are independent at times. They may wish to do their own thing. But most of the time, they will look for affection from their family, as long as this is not hugging and squeezing. As you can imagine, grooming is important for this breed. This will be a considerate expense. Since they also have a prey drive, training is going to be essential. This canine is not the easiest to train because they are independent and this will take a look time. They do not respond well to harsh training and you must be gentle with this furry friend.

10. Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small mop dog who has a big personality! They are known for being feisty and if they are spoiled, they can develop bad behaviors. This pooch has a long silky coat and they have a small size that means you may have seen them being carried in totes. As a companion dog, they are affectionate and enjoy spending time with their humans. But they can become suspicious of strangers if they are not introduced and socialized as pups. In addition, they will require training so they do not develop bad habits with barking.

Yorkshire Terriers are best for families with older children. They can become snappy if they are scared or get a fright. They enjoy a moderate amount of exercise, such as a walk at the local park. They do not necessarily need their own yard. If you raise this pooch with other dogs and cats, they will get along. They do like to play but they can think they are bigger than they are. This means they might try to pick fights with larger pooches outside of the home. Again, socialization is key to avoid this issue from being a problem in the future.

Final Thoughts

Dogs that look like a mop might be cute and great companions, but they require a lot of grooming. It is advisable to have them groomed at least once a year. The mop dog is also a good choice for first time dog owners, because they are gentle and friendly. However, if you can’t groom them regularly, they may become dirty and untidy. They may also become aggressive due to the lack of grooming. Aside from that, health issues may also arise.

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