Maltese Poodle Mix Owner’s Guide

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Are you looking to adopt a mixed breed dog? Are you interested in a small, fun-loving small dog? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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In this article we’ll tell you all about the Maltese Poodle mix, explain their characteristics and personalities, and more! Let’s get started!

What is a Maltese Poodle Mix?

The Maltese Poodle mix, also called a Maltipoo, is a hybrid dog, which is a mix between a Maltese and a toy or miniature Poodle. These small dogs are said to resemble teddy bears, and that description is not too far off!

The parents of a Maltipoo have interesting backgrounds. The toy Poodle parent was once bred to work as a sport dog who would fetch ducks and other water birds for their hunter pet parents. Poodles have been a popular breed for decades and are now adopted as companion and family dogs.

The Maltese parent of the Maltipoo is well known for their long, silky coats. This is an ancient dog breed, which originally comes from Malta and has been around since about 6000 to 8000 BC. In fact, you’ll find these dogs mentioned throughout history by the Romans, Greeks and even British.

Both the Poodle and Maltese are very adaptable, intelligent dogs. And these are the parents of the Maltipoo.

Because the Maltipoo is a hybrid dog, it is not recognized as a breed by any dog kennel association. Even so, these little dogs are sure to melt your heart when they come home with you!

Maltese Poodle Mix Characteristics

These little dogs are known as designer dogs, and as such, you’re never certain as to exactly which characteristics a mixed dog will have. Even puppies from the same litter can have entirely different personalities and looks.

The Maltipoo can sport a variety of coat colors and types including:

Because Maltese and Poodles don’t shed much, your Maltipoo fur baby will be a low-shedding dog. One note—these dogs are sometimes bred with the intention of creating a hybrid dog that is hypoallergenic.

While these dogs do shed less and have lower levels of dander, they can still cause an allergic reaction in some people. So, if you have allergies to dogs, it may be a good idea to spend some time around one or two Maltipoos to see if you have an allergic reaction or not.

The average lifespan of a Maltipoo is about 10 to 15 years. Maltipoos do vary in size; their size depends on whether the Poodle parent was a toy or a miniature Poodle. However, Maltipoos usually stand about 8 to 14 inches tall and weight between 5 and 20 pounds. So, these are small dogs, but they have large personalities!

Maltese Poodle Mix Personality

We mentioned that these small dogs have large personalities, and we weren’t kidding! You’ll find Maltipoos are a highly intelligent and they love having fun. They’re also very affectionate and extremely loyal little dogs. Maltipoos can also be very active and a bit mischievous. Even though they love fun, Maltipoos are contented to sit in their pet parent’s lap or take a walk with them.

Maltese Poodle mixes are also known for being extremely vigilant. So, be prepared that your fur baby may sound the alarm when a strange is nearby.

These little dogs are quite excellent charmers, so also be prepared to lose your heart to one of these little darlings.

Even so, Maltipoos do need proper training and socialization from a young age. It’s also helpful that young dogs have many kinds of positive experiences with other people, dogs, animals, etc. Socialization will make sure that your canine companion is a well-balanced little dog, who is happy and healthy.

Maltipoo Health

Maltipoos, as hybrid dogs, can suffer from some of the same health issues as their parents. Of course, not all dogs will experience these conditions, but Maltipoos can have a tendency for these health issues:

Is a Maltese Poodle Mix Good with Kids & Pets?

These small dogs are great with children, though the Maltipoo may become somewhat impatient with kids who pull fur, etc. So, be sure to teach kids how to properly behave and handle Maltipoos. And never leave children unattended with a Maltipoo or any other type of dog.

Maltipoos also do well with other pets including cats. Because these dogs are small, your kitty may come to view their Maltipoo sibling as a fun playmate!

Maltese Poodle Mix Care

Maltese Poodle mixes do require quite a bit of grooming. You’ll need to brush your fur baby regularly in order to keep his coat clean and free of mats. Experts recommend daily brushing, or at least brushing your canine companion every other day. Your fur baby may also need to be clipped once a month by a professional groomer.

As for exercise, your small Maltipoo will need to exercise about at least 30 minutes day. Your dog will also enjoy playing in the yard, as well as going for short walks. Your fur baby also needs plenty of mental stimulation and will enjoy games such as hide and seek, fetch, and more.

Maltese Poodle mixes require about ½ to 2 cups of food per day. It’s best to divide their meals into three or four smaller meals throughout the day. The best food for these hybrid dogs is a high-quality dog food formulated for small dog breeds.

Training a Maltese Poodle Mix

Because these dogs are highly intelligent, they do well with positive reinforcement training methods. You’ll also need a good dose of patience when training your Maltipoo. It’s best to keep training fun, and don’t forget to use plenty of praise and some high value treats as a reward for work well done.

Maltese Poodle mixes are highly intelligent, charming little dogs that can be great companions. They do, however, need their pet parents around most of the time, otherwise these little charmers can suffer from separation anxiety. Maltipoos do well with kids and pets, too, making them a great addition to any family!

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