Poodle Hybrids – Cockapoos, Shepadoodles, Labradoodles and more

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Have you heard of Poodle hybrids? Are you interested in adopting a poodle hybrid dog? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ve put together some information about poodle hybrids including what they are, if they shed, different types of hybrid poodles and more! Let’s get started!

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A poodle hybrid dog is a cross between a poodle and any other type of dog breed. In fact, there are over 800 such mixes listed, though not all are recognized. These hybrid poodles are highly popular. While poodles are known to be loveable divas, many people are attracted them because of their low-shedding coat. Some hybrid poodles are even thought to be hypoallergenic. It’s a good idea to understand, however, that any dog, including a hybrid poodle, can cause allergies in someone who is allergic to dogs. It just depends on the specific dog proteins they’re sensitive to. In addition, these dogs shed less than other types of dog breeds, which means your house will also stay cleaner!

Another reason for these hybrid dogs to be so pupular is because it’s possible to choose their size. Poodles are commonly classified as toy, miniature and standard. Other reasons that make hybrid poodles so popular include their high level of intelligence, along with the fact they’re generally easy to train. In addition, they’re often very lively, active dogs who enjoy having fun. You may even come across a poodle who loves to be ridiculous, in spite of their reputation for being snobby.

Poodle Hybrids Pros

Hybrid dogs, including poodle hybrids, tend to be healthier. This is because when two purebred parents are crossed, their puppies will have better genes, which means improved health overall. With purebreds, there’s concern that the gene pool becomes depleted over time, leading to dogs with genetic conditions that can be quite serious. These dogs tend to have more health issues than those who are mixed. Generally speaking, most hybrid poodles have a higher chance for being healthier.

Another advantage in poodles that are mixed with another breed is that the puppies will have characteristics from both parents’ breeds. This can mean that puppies have a better temperament, tend to be trainable, make loving companions and more. But it depends on the breeds that are mixed with a purebred poodle.

Poodle Hybrid Cons

Poodle hybrids do have some health issues. These can include some conditions known in poodles such as:

Keep in mind that the other breed crossed with the poodle can also contribute specific health issues to their puppies.

Most hybrid poodle dogs are usually healthy but do keep in mind these possible health issues when considering a mixed poodle fur baby.

Best Poodle Hybrids

Now that you’ve explored the background of these adorable hybrid dogs, let’s take a look at some of best poodle hybrids to consider!

Shepadoodles: are a hybrid mix of a German Shepherd and a standard poodle. These dogs are known for their high level of intelligence and for being easy to train. They’re also eager to please. Shepadoodles are great with kids and are also known for being very loyal to their families. These beautiful dogs also make great watch dogs, as they will guard you if strangers come near your home.

Shepadoodles do require a lot of exercise, otherwise they may become quickly bored and even become obese. Shepadoodles puppies are so sweet and small, however, they will quickly become large dogs.

Labradoodles: this is another popular mix of poodle. They’re a mix between Labrador and a poodle. They come in various colors—everything from white, chocolate, black and more. Labradoodles have short, tight curls, which some people saying the fur somewhat resembles sheep’s wool. These dogs are known for their want to please behavior, and they are highly trainable. However, Labradoodles do have a tendency to become excited around other dogs, or when they’re just happy to see you! They may slap you with a paw, jump on or even lean on you.

These amazing dogs are beautiful but are also more prone to certain health issues found in both Labradors and poodles. This is one reason it’s best to use an ethical, reputable breeder. If the parents of the hybrid puppies have health issues, more than likely the puppies will inherit these problems. Health issues of labradoodles can include:

Cockapoos: these adorable hybrid poodles are known for their clownish ways. These were one of the first hybrid poodles back in the 1960s. These little dogs are a combination of a purebred Cocker Spaniel and a poodle. They’re extremely people-oriented, intelligent and easy to train. They also don’t shed very much. While they are pretty lapdogs, they are lively and love to run the agility course, do tricks and more.

Cockapoos require about the same amount of grooming as a purebred poodle. And they’re known for being a healthy combination when obtained from a reputable breeder. You can find cockapoos for adoption either from an ethical breeder or at a shelter.

ShihPoo: you may have already guessed from the name but a ShihPoo is a cross between a purebred Shit-tzhu and purebred poodle. These adorable fur babies are known for being on the stubborn side, but if trained and socialized at a young age, they can become a beloved companion. They’re very friendly and love to be lapdogs. A ShihPoo is best for homes that are quiet and have no small children.

In addition, ShihPoos don’t need a lot of exercise and play, but often prefer to just lay near you or on your lap. However, they do enjoy a daily walk. Keep in mind that this not a good choice for those who are new to being pet parents. This dog requires a strong pet parent who will carry through with potty training and proper socializing.

Schnoodle: this is a cross between a poodle and a Schnauzer. Schnoodles are happy to be a lapdog and a will love to accompany you out on a jog. These sturdy, beautiful dogs are loyal, known for their intelligence, and are very affectionate. However, they are also known to be a little more on the stubborn side and independent. Schnoodles also love to dig, so if you have a garden, you’ll need to fence it off so  your fur baby can’t access it. And you may need to reinforce your fence if the dog likes to dig under the fence to make his great escape!

Yorkipoo: you’ve probably figured out that this adorable dog is a combination of a Yorkshire terrier with a poodle. The result is a pretty smaller dog that’s full of energy but is great at obedience and agility competition. These small dogs also love to perform tricks. They’re filled with love and need someone who is willing to spend time gently training this cute little dog.

Chipoo: can you guess the two dogs crossed to create this unique little guy? Chipoos are the result of cross a poodle with a Chihuahua. They’re full of cuteness, but Chippos are also known for being possessive, independent and stubborn. These dogs may be cute and small, but they require a firm pet parent and plenty of training. Be warned—these little dogs are more on the challenging side!

Poochon: this dog is a cross between a poodle and a Bichon fries! They’re known for being a healthy hybrid, and they get along well with children. Poochons also don’t shed, which can make them an option for those who are allergic to dogs. Grooming and hair trims are also easy.

Poochons need at least 30 minutes of walking every day to stay healthy.

Poodle Cross Breeds for Sale

Hybrid poodles are fairly popular, so it’s easy to find a breeder. However, it’s imperative to find a reputable breeder. To find a great breeder, you can first ask your veterinarian for their references. You can also visit dog shows or even contact local breed dog clubs to find the best hybrid poodle breeders. Another option is to try the AKC—check out their list of breeder referrals. When you find a breeder who seems to be good, then it’s a good idea to visit their premises. You’ll want to look to see where the puppies are raised, how they’re handled, meet the puppy’s parents. Dogs and puppies should be relaxed around people, which is a sign they’ve been handled often and they’ve been properly socialized.

The premises should be clean, including the places where the dogs and puppies live. Another sign of a reputable breeder is if they ask you to sign a contract that specifies the dog should be spayed or neutered. In addition, the breeder should not specialize in sizes or coat colors that are not natural to the breeds being mixed. Reputable breeders will also not allow you to take a puppy home until it’s eight weeks or older.

As you can hybrid poodles are popular for a reason! They’re dogs that are usually healthy and love their pet parents and families to pieces! We’d like to wish you and your new hybrid poodle fur baby all the best in the coming years!

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