Best Cat & Dog Board Games for Pet Fans

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Are you looking for a great gift for a dog or pet parent? Do you have a geeky family member or friend who loves dogs and/or cats and loves to play games? Or maybe you have a pet parent who has everything, and you don’t know what to get them? Then consider a board game! Cat and dog pet parents often enjoy games based on their favorite pets!

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Board Games Making a Comeback

In our digital age, people are more than ever seeking ways to become more social with face-to-face interactions including board games. They’re also looking for ways to “unplug” and take a break from digital gizmos such as smartphones, videos games and computers. Families and friends are increasing turning to board games as an escape from digital overload. Rather than going for an expensive night out, couples and families are staying home watching videos, cooking and playing board games together. They’re finding board games and “unplugging” help them to feel more relaxed, socialize more and even sleep better. Weekends are perfect times to take a digital break by playing board games.

Pet-Themed Board Games

To further relaxation and fun, pet-themed board games are becoming more popular than ever. What’s the draw for such games? Pets! If you love animals and pets, what’s not to love and enjoy board games based on pets? These days, you can find all types of board games with pet themes. We’ve done the research and have brought you a list of the best pet board games around! You’ll find games for geeks, those who love puppies and kittens and more!

Cat Board Games for Sale

Here, you’ll find several board games based on cats. If you or a loved one enjoys cats and board games, you’ll find these games irresistible!

The Cat Game Drawing Game for Teens and Adults

This is a fun game for anyone who loves cats! It can be played by three or more players, or you could even play as teams. You might compare this game to Pictionary, only the game’s based on cats, of course! You have three categories: movies, occupations & activities and famous people. Then you choose a paper cat to help you draw. The cat papers are pictures of cats you place on the drawing board, then cover with a protective plastic. After covering the cat pictures with the protective plastic, you use a marker to draw on the plastic. If you choose a movie theme, and the name of the movie is the Santa Claus, then you’d draw a picture around and over the cats that would have clues to the movie’s name.

When a player/team correctly guesses the name of the movie (or whatever category chosen), then the board goes to the next player/team. You keep playing until someone collects five cards (or a team gets the most points). This is a fun game for any time and any season—whenever you’ll enjoy a fun game based on cats!


Here’s another game sure to please cat pet parents—Cat-opoly! This is the perfect game, in fact, for anyone who loves cats and the game of Monopoly. You’ll enjoy all the fun of Monopoly, but with a cat twist! For starters, the game pieces are shaped like a ball of yarn, can of sardines, can of cat food, milk bottle, a mouse and a fish. What could be cuter? Rather than being a real estate game, you work to acquire cats, fish bones, cat nip, litter boxes and more. While playing, you may have to pay the dog tax to get passed the neighborhood dog (a bulldog), or you may fall in the water—heaven forbid! It’s fun for kids and adults; however, the game should not be played around small children, as the playing pieces pose a choking hazard for kids under three.

Cat Lady Board Game

You have to become a Cat Lady in this game, which means adopting cats and making sure to have enough food to feed them! You also collect cat toys, cat costumes (what fun!), cat posters and catnip over the course of the game. Before staring the game, you choose from a variety of famous cat-people, including Hemmingway, Marie Antoinette, etc. The goal is to be the player with the most points. If you love short games, then you’ll love this one. Playing time is around 30 minutes and the rules are easy and fast to learn. Not only that, but the artwork on the cards is lovely. It’s great fun and short—a fun way to spend time with family and friends who love cats!

Dog or Cat Board Game Kickstarter

Looking for a new dog or cat board game or want to support a new game? Then check out kickstarter pet games. We found a game on Kickstarter—it’s called Dogs Board Game. This is a game all about rescuing stray dogs and caring for them—so if you love pet rescue, then this is a game for you!

In this game, you travel around the board, which is based on a city, and search for stray dogs to rescue. Then you take the dogs to your shelter and care for them. You can give them food and medical treatment (if required). The player’s dog shelter with the most points wins the game. The game can be played with 2-4 players, ages 10 and up; it usually lasts about 60 minutes.

We found another kickstarter game based on cats—Cat Rescue—The Game of Saving Cats. In this cooperative game, players work together to rescue and adopt cats. The game’s played with 1-4 players and usually lasts about 15 minutes. This game is great for family and friends that promotes helping animals. What a great way to teach kids about rescuing cats and other animals!

Pet Board Games with Dogs

We took a look at board games with a cat-theme, so now let’s take a look at board games with a dog theme!


Here’s a game for people who love Monopoly and dogs! You’ll have a great time playing this game with family and friends! Buy and sell fire hydrants (popular with dogs), butcher shops, dog houses and big bones! Rather than passing “Go,” you’ll pass “Go Fetch,” and collect $200 each time. Or you may lose $200 if you catch fleas! It’s the perfect game for ages 8 and up, with 2-6 players. Have a barking good time playing this fun game!


In this fun two-player game, choose a dog breed you love and then have fun training your dog to weave poles, jump hurdles, run through tunnels and more. For this fun card game, you’ll need to be a fast-planner with good timing! The game goes through 6 courses where you can train and compete three dogs. This fast-paced race came usually takes about 30-45 minutes to play and was a 2016 2-Player Game of the Year Nominee. Have fun with your loved ones playing this fun dog-themed game!

Grandpa Beck’s Nuts about Mutts Card Game

Looking for a card game the whole family will love? Then checkout Grandpa Beck’s Nuts about Mutts Card game! The game is great for anyone from age 5 and up and is a little bit like Uno. You try to match the dog breed, background color or number when it’s your turn to play. You’ll also find cards that make things even more fun: fleas, fire hydrant, pedigree and more. If you’d like a little more challenging game, there’s an advanced play version of the game for anyone aged 8 and more, where you can expect a fast game with matches and runs. Play all your cards first and you win!

Animal Board Game Names

Maybe you have a new dog or cat and are looking for a name? If you love board games, have you considered naming your new fur baby after a much loved board game? We’ve got some ideas for you!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this fun guide to game ideas for pet parents and anyone who loves animals! We wish you many games of chance, fun and most of all, time spent with loved ones!

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