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Many people loved dressing up their pets. When it comes to cats, they can be slightly less forgiving than dogs, but providing you don’t cause them anxiety by dressing them up, it can be quite fun. There are plenty of different outfits available for your feline friend, but hats are one of the easiest to buy, and one of the easiest items of clothing to get your cat used to.

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So whether you’re thinking of dressing your cat up for a Halloween party, or just for that perfect Instagram picture, you’ve got plenty of choice. Most hats for cats only come in one size, but there are some manufacturers who produce accessories in various sizes, so look out for this when you’re buying. Check out the list below for some of the best hats for cats currently on the market.

1. Stock Show Pet Trapper Hat

Perhaps you’re looking to give your cat that perfect seasonal look, or you think they’d suit a woodsman/lumberjack vibe. Whatever your reason, this trapper hat is a traditional design that’s perfectly suited to your pet. It’s a standard trapper hat shape, with ear flaps and fur-lined brim. The hat also has a rip-tape strap that fits under your cat’s chin in order to keep the hat in place. The strap obviously makes the hat adjustable, meaning you can fit it as tight or as loose as you need.

The hat is made from 100% cotton, and has a plush polyester lining, meaning it’ll keep your cat warm while also looking very fashionable. The hat has a diameter of 2.7”, meaning it’s not massive, but should fit most cats. If you’re unsure about the fit, try measuring your cat’s head first (although you might find this a bit difficult). The standard pattern is red and black plaid, which adds to the traditional look of the trapper hat, but make sure you buy an outfit that matches.

2. Namsan Sailor Cosplay Costume for Cats

Who would have thought that cats suited being sailors? As soon as you put this outfit on your cat, you’ll think they were destined to sail the seven seas! The set consists of a traditional style sailor hat and a collar, meaning you can complete the look easily. In fact, this would be a perfect set for competitions, as it’ll really make your cat stand out from the rest. Both the collar and the hat are made from cotton, meaning they’re easy to wear, durable, and machine washable.

The hat has a circumference of 11” and should fit most cats’ heads. However, because it has a chinstrap, it doesn’t have to fit completely, and can be worn at a jaunty angle for extra cuteness. The collar also has a circumference of 11”, but has a large piece of rip-tape on each side, so has some level of adjustability to it. That said, it really wouldn’t be difficult to expand it a little if needed. Overall, this is a good set, and great value for money considering you get both a hat and a collar.

3. Kitan Club Cat Cap

Kitan Club have designed a range of amazing caps for your cat, each one consists of a cap with a pair of bunny ears. Who knew cats would look so much cuter with bunny ears? The actual design you get will be at random, but there are 6 available, and they’re all very cute. Plus, if you don’t get the one you want the first time round, you can always buy another one! All the hats are the same size and design; the only real difference is the color.

The caps are really easy to fit, and unlike others on this list, actually cover the whole head instead of just sitting on top, meaning they’re much more secure. They’re designed to fit cats with a head circumference between 11 and 11.5”, which is a reasonably standard size for a cat head. The cap secures in place with a strap under the chin, which does give you some level of adjustability. The caps are all made of high-quality polyester and are very durable. They’re also fine to be put in the washing machine, just make sure they’re washed carefully.

4. Kawaii Kawaii Fruit Hats for Cats

If you’ve ever thought your cat would look perfect as a piece of fruit, then this is the right hat for you! The company has made a range of hats in the shape of different fruits, and they even do vegetables too! Included in the range of fruit-shaped headwear are pineapple, cherry, lemon, peach, pear, and persimmon. Each hat is the same basic size, but some are slightly bigger than others (for example the lemon and cherry are both quite tall).

The hats are all designed to fit cats with a neck circumference between 11 and 12”, but have an adjustable neck strap too. All the hats are made of polyester, but should not go in the washing machine as the material isn’t as durable as some other cat hats on this list. If you do need to wash it, do so by hand. This range of hats is super cute, and you should consider getting different designs if you have several cats so that you can end up with a whole fruit bowl!

5. Schnappy Handmade Crochet Cat Bonnet

One of the best things about this range of cat hats is that they’re handmade, meaning you know someone has put a lot of care into producing this garment for your cat. Each hat is made with high-quality knitting wool, so you can be sure they’ll last a long time. The hat is made with red and green wool, and each has a pom-pom attached to the top, and toggles on each side, just like a human winter hat. With this great design, it wouldn’t be hard for you and your cat to find matching hats.

The hats are made to a circumference of 14-15.7”, and presumably because they’re handmade you’ll get a choice of size when ordering. This makes the hats bigger than others on this list, which is helpful because there isn’t a rip-tape strap to hold them in place, so they need to fit better. As always, make sure you measure your cat’s head before ordering. The hats are also designed with ear holes, which will both help the hat stay on better, and make your cat feel more comfortable.

6. Kitan Club Aquarium Cat Cap

This range of hats from Kitan Club all have an underwater theme, which might not be the most fitting for cats, but they certainly all look very cute. As with their other sets, it’s a random pick from the range, but this is even more incentive to collect them all. Included in the range are jellyfish, orca, crab, seal, fish, sailor, and whale. Each one has its own unique look, but they’re all perfect for photoshoots and costume parties.

The hats are all made from high-quality polyester, and are all machine washable. Each hat is very durable and good quality, and the material is very soft. They’re made to fit a head circumference of between 11 and 11.5”, which is pretty standard for cats. They have an adjustable chinstrap that fixes in place with rip-tape, and this gives another level of adjustability to the hat. Kitan Club is a leading brand of pet accessories in Japan, so you can be sure these hats are made with superior craftsmanship and care.

7. Rubie’s Classic Star Wars Headpiece

If you’re something of a Star Wars fan then this is the choice for you. Get your cat(s) involved in your Star Wars reenactments and dress them up as all the different characters. You can choose from Yoda ears or Leia buns, but there are definitely more choices available elsewhere. Also, to complete the look, the manufacturers produce complete Star Wars costumes. All items are approved by the license holders too, so you know you’re getting legitimate accessories.

Both kinds of cat hat come in one size only, but will fit most pets. However, unlike other hats on this list, they don’t have a rip-tape chinstrap, meaning there’s less adjustability in the items. The hats are made from cotton and polyester, and are of a high quality and quite durable. However, don’t consider washing them in the machine because some parts are too delicate, so make sure you only ever wash them by hand.

8. Ausein Unicorn Costume for Cats

This is the cat hat you never knew you needed! Make your cat look like a beautiful unicorn with this amazing hat. Built like a hood, the hat includes ears, a horn, and a lovely technicolor mane. This set is perfect for Halloween, birthday parties, or just the perfect social media photo. The hood is made from soft fleece with a silken lining, meaning it’ll be kind against your cat’s skin. All of the materials used are a very high quality and are very durable.

The hat fits cats with a neck girth between 8.7 and 11.8”, which is quite a nice range of sizes, and gives you much more adjustability than some other designs on this list. The rip-tape strap is 38mm wide, which helps it to fit such a wide range of head sizes. It also means it’ll stay in place very securely, just make sure you don’t fasten it too tight. The mane is made of faux fur, and the horn and ears are both made of metallic fabric, with the horn standing quite rigid. Overall, this is a great hat for cats, and will be suitable to a wide range of tastes.

9. Mikayoo Cowboy Pet Costume for Cats

This is only included on this list because it features such a cute hat as part of the whole costume. Dress your cat up as a cowboy any time and for any occasion with this amazing costume. The outfit goes over the cat’s front legs to make them look like a human, and even comes with extra arms to complete the look. The outfit is made from cotton and polyester, and comes in a range of sizes that will fit pretty much any size cat, and some small dogs too. The outfit is really easy to take on and off, and has Velcro down the back for convenience. It consists of trousers, a shirt, and a waistcoat.

The hat itself is definitely the star of the show, and it’s worth buying this outfit just for the hat alone. It’s made from polyester and looks just like a cowboy hat. Unfortunately, although the outfit is available in different sizes, the hat is the same size in all kits, and so might not fit larger pets. However, it does have a string to tie it under the chin, so even if it doesn’t fit perfectly it should stay in place. This is a great set and would be perfect for Halloween or photoshoots.

10. Kawaii Kawaii Vegetable Hats for Cats

Along with their range of great fruit-based hats, Kawaii Kawaii also produce a range of great vegetable-based hats too. These are very similar in style, size, and shape to the fruit hats; so if you bought one of those and are looking to expand your vegetable patch, then don’t hesitate to try these. The choices are carrot, onion, eggplant, tomato, and radish. As mentioned before, they’re all a very similar size, but there will be some variation based on the shape of the vegetable.

All of the hats are made from 100% polyester and are reasonably durable. They’re designed to fit cats with a neck circumference between 11 and 12”, and the Velcro chinstrap means you have some level of adjustability in this sizing. Also, the wide Velcro strap means the hat will stay in place quite securely, giving you plenty of time to snap the perfect picture. Overall, these are a great range of cat hats, and a must-have for those wanting to dress their pets.

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