15 amazing Etsy Products for Your Dog or Puppy

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Are you looking for some new, unique products for your dog or puppy? If you’re like most pet parents, you love to shower your dog or puppy with gifts. Maybe you’re looking for a new toy—handmade and guaranteed to contain only materials safe for your pup. Or perhaps your fur baby needs a new harness or collar and you’d like to find something different to fit his unique personality. Well, there is a place online where you can find some wonderful things for your pup!

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Etsy — What Is It?

Esty is an online platform (Internet marketplace) where designers, artists and crafters can sell their handmade products. According to Statista, there were 1.9 million active sellers on Esty in 2017! With that many sellers to choose from, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

You can find almost anything on Etsy if you do a little research. The site offers everything from hand-crafted jewelry, clothing and accessories to fine art, and everything in between. It’s an excellent place to find gifts and accessories for your dog, too!

How to Search on Etsy

Searching on Etsy is much like searching any other online shop, such as Amazon or Ebay. Just type what you’re looking into the search bar, then hit “Enter” and see what pops up. We did a search for “dog Halloween costume” or “dog pet portrait,” then hit the “Search” button, and this is a partial list of dog costumes available on the site. Under each article for sale, you’ll find some information such as the name of the product with a short description, how many stars the product has received from previous buyers (a 5-star rating is the highest), along with the price (covered in this example) and any other information, including sales or discounts available that may be available for each product.

To the left of the product, you’ll find a box with several sections. At the top, in the “special offers” section, you can click that, and the search results will bring up products that are on sale. Below that, you’ll find the “all categories” section, listing specific categories for pet costumes—in this instance, dog costumes. Clicking on any of these links will take you to a new page of products that fit the specific category you’ve chosen. Next, you’ll see a section that says “shipping” where you can choose the type of shipping method you’d prefer. Under that, you’re also given the opportunity to choose a shop’s location—in the U.S. or other parts of the world.

You may decide to choose an Esty shop that’s closer to your country or region to keep shopping costs and import fees to a minimum

Esty also allows you to choose products by price range, order options (gift cards, customizable, gift-wrapped), and the shipping location (country). These are not pictured in the example above, as the image would have been too large for this post! Even so, you can see that Etsy gives you many options to help you find the specific items you’d like for your dog.

Now you’ve learned how to search the site, let’s go ahead and look for some fun products and gifts for your fur baby!

Esty Dog Costumes

As we found in the example above, Etsy offers many types of costumes for your pup! You’ll find costumes by holiday or other special occasions! Let’s take a look!

Lion Dog Costume: this adorable costume is perfect for any dog—boys or girls! The lion’s mane is created from tan and brown felt strips attached to a felt headband. The mane is “fluffed up” by tulle, added for volume and sparkle. Your pup won’t suffer from elastic pulling his fur to keep this costume on his head. The mane easily pulls up over the ears or can even be worn around your dog’s neck if he’s not happy to have a mane on his head. This is a soft, lightweight costume that ties comfortably under your pup’s chin. The costume also includes 2 matching elastic leg cuffs and is available to fit any size dog—from Chihuahua to Great Danes. Each order is custom made, and the artist offers a guide for sizes, so you’ll get just the right size costume for your fur baby. One more thing—this costume is made in the U.S. and is handcrafted.

Mermaid Dog Halloween Costume (only for smaller breeds): here’s another cute costume for any merdog! This one-piece costume is handmade for smaller breed dogs. The artist says the custom is made in a smoke-free home—so if you or pup have allergies, then this would be a good costume for you both! The scale fabric is slightly stretchy and is lined with the same fabric, and also includes tulle to add a fuller look to the tail. The underside of the mermaid tail is open, to allow your pup to freely walk and do his business. The bodice is made of a stretchy, nude fabric to make the fit more personalized. The artist offers a sizing and measuring guide to ensure you’ll get the right size for your pup. What a unique costume for your dog!

Unicorn Headband for Dogs: if your dog’s not happy about wearing a full costume, then this option may be just right for him! Your fur baby can become a mythical unicorn in must a couple of minutes! This custom made unicorn headband has an adjustable elastic strap, which allows your pet to wear this costume in comfort. The silver satin unicorn is about 5” tall, and includes gold braiding on sliver grey felt, embellished with pink chiffon flowers. How much more “unicorny” could you get? The artist also offers unicorn collars, if your dog’s not happy about wearing anything on his head. In addition, you can have a matching unicorn headband made for your or your kids—your whole family can be matching unicorns!

Etsy Dog Bandana

Bandanas for dogs have been the rage for several years—just take a trip to the dog park, and you’ll see what we mean. If you’d like to find a unique bandana for your pet, then check out Etsy! You can find almost any theme you and your pup would prefer, and of course, you can find bandanas made especially for the holidays! We’ve found three you might like.

Flamingos in Santa Hats Christmas & Winter Dog Bandana: here’s a cute bandana if you live where it’s warm or just like flamingos! This Christmas & winter bandana features pink flamingos wearing Santa hats—just perfect for the holidays—no matter where you live. This bandana actually fits onto your fur baby’s collar, rather than tying around his neck. This is nice, because you won’t have to worry about losing the bandana if it comes untied. The bandana comes in various sizes—for x-small dogs up to large dogs. The artist gives you a size/measure guide, so your pup’s bandana will fit perfectly. This bandana also makes a great gift for the dogs of your family and friends!

Dogs & Wine Bandana: if you and/or your pup are wine aficionados, then this bandana will be perfect for your dog! The fabric pattern includes different dog breeds set amongst wine bottles and wine glasses. It’s so cute! This bandana is made of 100% cotton fabric and is hand-sewn. These bandanas are tied around your dog’s neck, so be sure to measure correctly to get the sizing right for your pup. The available sizes are from XS (Chihuahuas) on up to L (Labradors). The artist also specifies that you can contact them if you’d like a custom-sized bandana for your pup. Not only that, but when you purchase one of their bandanas, a portion of the purchase price will go towards the Arizona Animal Welfare League! What could be better than that?!

Handmade Funny Dog Bandanas: if you and your dog are in to humor and funny sayings, then check out these bandanas! These bandanas are handmade and are embroidered with funny expressions. You can choose the saying and color and font when ordering. The artist offers a list of humorous sayings, or you can choose one of your own!

This would also make a great gift—you could have it customized for a friend’s pet with a funny saying just for them!

Etsy Dog Pillow

If you’re looking for a pillow for your fur baby, looking no further than Etsy, where you’ll find all types of pillows in just the right color, theme, etc. to fit your dog.

Boho Bohemian Print Personalized Dog Bed Pillow: if you and your pet are looking for a Boho pillow, then you needn’t look any further! This washable pillow is handmade to order. It’s both stylish and comfortable. Not only that, but you can have it personalized with your pup’s name, too! The artist offers several sizes, so you’ll find the perfect pillow for your pup—small, medium, or large. This product is made in the U.S.

Custom Pet Illustration Pillow: here’s a cute idea for you and/or your pet! You can have your pup’s face illustrated on this custom pet pillow. The portrait pillow is made stuffed with non-allergenic polyfil and the outside is a cotton blend fabric. This product is handmade. You’ll need to provide 3 photos of your dog and then work with the artist until you’re happy with the finished product. This pillow also makes a great gift for any dog lover!

Bed Dog Donut Pillow: here’s a unique pillow for your pup—it’s actually a pillow and a bed, all in one! Each pillow-bed is individually handcrafted according to your specifications. The bed’s filled with eco-text 100 stuffing and includes three zippers that allow you to change, refill or replace the stuffing when needed. The donut-shaped pillow offers a comfy place to sleep and nap. It comes in three sizes—so you’ll be sure to find just the right size for your fur baby. The bed is washable—the artist even includes washing directions you can preview before ordering.

Etsy Puppy Dog Pals

If you and your pup enjoy the Puppy Dog Pals characters, you’ll be happy to learn you can find all kinds of products with these adorable pups on Etsy! Here are three cute products we found on Etsy.

Puppy Dog Pals Blanket: here’s a cute blanket you and your pup are sure to love! These blankets are made of 100% cotton fabric, with a green soft “minky” dot backing. The blankets are also machine washable and can be tumble dried—easy to care for and cute, too! The blankets measure 34” x 42” and the artist even will do custom orders—just be sure to contact them before ordering! What a great way to make your fur baby more comfortable in his dog bed!

Custom Dog Bowl Party Dishes—Puppy Dog Pals: here’s another cute idea—just perfect for your fur baby—Puppy Dog Pals dog bowls! These would be great for a gift or even as party favors for your pup’s birthday party with family and friends (including his dog pals, of course!). These dog bowls are customized with any of the Puppy Dog Pals and your pup’s name can also be included! Not only that, but you can choose any dog character—just contact the seller in advance.

12 or 24 pc Puppy Dog Pals Cupcake Toppers: if you’re giving a Puppy Dogs-themed party for your dog (or another member of your family), then these will make a cute addition for your cake or cupcakes. These cute cupcake toppers about 3.5” high (including the toothpicks) and are made of premium gloss cardstock. These toppers are single-sided, meaning the design is on one side only. These are handmade! If you’re using these for your pup’s party, be sure to remove the toppers before serving your doggie cupcakes—you don’t want your dog or one of his doggie guests to accidentally eat and/or swallow the attached toothpicks.

Etsy Puppy Accessories

If you’re the new proud pet parent of a puppy, we’ve got you covered. Etsy has many unique products and gifts that are safe for puppies, too!

Grow with Me! Puppy Package: here’s a great idea for new pet parents—a collar set made to fit your puppy as he grows. This package includes 3 collars and a matching leash that you change out as your puppy grows. When he becomes too big for one collar, then move to the next larger size, etc. The bundle is all handmade and comes in various sizes—just follow the measuring and size guidelines provided by the artist.

Custom Engraved Dog ID Tags: here’s another idea for new pet parents—makes a wonderful gift—a custom engraved dog ID tag made from cedar. This wooden dog tag features your pet’s name and is laser engraved with your pup’s name, a symbol or a phone number. Great for everyday use (just make sure your puppy doesn’t chew it up!). Just follow the sizing and ordering directions provided by the artist to have this wonderful ID tag made for your fur baby or for the fur baby of a friend’s!

Dire Wolf in Training Personalized Game of Thrones Bandana: if you and your puppy are fans of Game of Thrones, then this bandana will be just right! Your new fur baby will be so cute sporting this bandana with the Game of Thrones theme. The super-cute bandana comes in several sizes—XS to M/L. The bandanas are adjustable, so they can grow with your puppy. They’re made from 100% cotton fabric that’s machine washable. They should only be air-dried. You can also create a customized saying—just contact the artist before ordering. Let your puppy show everyone he’s a dire wolf in training with this GOT-inspired bandana!

Etsy is a wonderful marketplace if you’re looking for unique and/or customized products for your pup. You’ll be sure to find just the right thing to fit his personality and needs!

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