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Are you getting married and want to invite your furry friend? Or perhaps you just have two dogs that you’d really like to see tie the knot. Whatever the reason, choosing good wedding attire for your dog can be just as difficult as choosing it for yourself.

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There are many factors to consider when choosing a wedding dress or tuxedo for your dog, such as whether you want it to match your own or someone else’s, the size and fit on your dog, and what you actually want it to look like. For example, a doggy tuxedo can range anywhere from a collar decorated with a bowtie all the way to a full suit. There are many different styles to choose from, so here is a pick of the best to help get you started.

1. Rubie’s Dog Bride Costume

This cute wedding dress from Rubie’s looks very traditional. It’s a white dress with lace frills, and a lace headpiece complete with veil. The dress fits over your dog like a regular coat and fastens together along their stomach. However, because it’s a different shape to a regular dog coat it might take some getting used to. The same is true for the headpiece, which might scare some dogs at first.

One of the best features of this costume is that it comes in so many different sizes, ranging from small to 4XL. That said, make sure you check the size chart before ordering so you get the right size, and the manufacturer advises the dress might still need some adjustment. This dress is good value for money, however the material is a bit cheap compared to some other dresses on this list.

2. Evursua Dog Tuxedo

Evursua have designed a great doggy tuxedo that looks just like a regular human tuxedo. Again it fits like a normal dog coat and buttons up along the stomach to look like a shirt. The back looks like coat tails and even has button detailing. The suit obviously comes with a bowtie and will make your dog look very handsome.

The material is good quality oxford cloth, and is machine washable. Luckily it’s not too different from a normal dog coat and so shouldn’t take long for your dog to get used to it. It comes in several sizes, and the biggest fits dogs up to 25” long with a chest of 30”. This would be ideal for your dog to wear to a wedding, or any other formal event.

3. Dian Dian Luxury Dog Wedding Dress

This dress is made up of a tutu skirt and top with lacy sleeves and a necklace. It’s quite a luxurious design, and would look nice at a wedding. The embroidery on the skirt and sleeves is quite detailed, and the necklace has a pearl-like design. The dress fastens along your dog’s stomach with velcro, and so is very easy to take on and off.

The fabric is good quality and the skirt shouldn’t get in the way. Unlike some other dresses on this list, this one doesn’t come with a veil, but that isn’t too much of a problem. It comes in several different sizes, with the biggest fitting dogs with a 16.5” back. While this isn’t massive, it should fit most medium sized dogs fine.

4. WORDERFUL Dog Wedding Dress

One of the best things about this dress is that it only has a small strap across the stomach, rather than doing up like a coat. Instead it’s attached to a collar that keeps it in place, which also makes it much easier for the dog to wear. The dress and collar are frilly, and it has pearl necklaces and flower detailing on the collar. The dress is made of polyester, and so is quite durable, but also means it looks a bit cheap.

This wedding dress comes in four sizes, but the biggest fits dogs with a 19” chest circumference. While this wouldn’t be a problem with some other designs, you won’t be able to put this dress on bigger dogs because the stomach strap is elastic and so only stretches to a certain size. However, if you’re handy with a needle and thread this design would be much easier to alter than some others.

5. Alfie Formal Tuxedo for Dogs

Alfie have designed a very high quality dog tuxedo, and it even comes with both a black tie and red bowtie, meaning your dog is prepared for all formal occasions! The tuxedo slips on like a normal dog coat and buttons up along the stomach. It has a lovely satin lining so your dog will be nice and comfortable while wearing it. The tie and bowtie both fasten around the dog’s neck like collars, and have really easy to use hook clips.

The tuxedo is made from high quality material and should last for a long time. It has button detailing on the back, and pocket details on the front. It also has cuff and collar detailing for the shirt. It comes in many different sizes, and should fit medium to large dogs. Overall this is a good quality dog tuxedo and will be perfect for your pet’s special day.

6. California Costumes Bride Dog Costume

If you’re looking for an incredibly realistic dog wedding dress, then this is the one for you. It looks just like a human wedding dress, and comes complete with a high quality lace veil. It even comes with a bouquet of flowers that are attaché to some weird extra arms, and a cute necklace. The skirt and collar have some embroidered detailing and lacy frills.

The skirt and body are made cotton, and while this is a more traditional design, this dress is a bit more flimsy than some others on this list. Also, this dress is an unusual shape and doesn’t fit around your dog’s legs, so you might find it moves around when they run. The veil fastens in place with an elastic band, so at least there’s no chance of that going anywhere. This dog wedding dress looks nice, but might not be the best design if you’ve got an energetic dog.

7. Stock Show Tuxedo Bandana for Dogs

Unlike other tuxedos on this list that fit like a coat, this one is a bandana that you simply tie around your dog’s neck. This makes it a much better design if your dog doesn’t like wearing coats but you still want them to look smart. It has bowtie and shirt detailing, and so should be worn on their front, but it’ll look fine worn on their back too.

However, this bandana does only come in one size and that fits dogs with a 17.3” neck circumference. That said, it would be really easy to adjust seeing as it only ties together. It comes in two designs with different bowties, and both are made of high quality material. Overall this is a good alternative if you don’t want to buy your dog a full tuxedo.

8. East Side Collection Groom’s Tuxedo for Dogs

This tuxedo features a satin shirt underneath a tuxedo jacket, and fastens together with velcro. This makes it much easier to get on and off than some other designs because you don’t have to deal with many buttons. The shirt does still have button detailing though so don’t worry. The back of the suit jacket has button detailing and shirt cuffs.

Although this shirt and jacket looks nice, the material is a bit cheaper than some other designs. That said, it’ll still look nice, but your dog might be more comfortable in a cotton or polyester shirt. The tuxedo comes in several sizes, so make sure you check the size chart before ordering. Even though this isn’t as good quality as some others on this list, it’s still good value for money.

9. Midlee Dog Tuxedo in Gray

This tuxedo from Midlee is a great choice if you want something other than black. After all, not everyone wears black tuxedos to their weddings any more. What makes this costume even better is that it comes with a hat and matching leash! This means your dog will be all set for your big day, and will look just as smart as you.

The jacket is made from high quality material and is very durable. It slips on like a normal coat and buttons up at the front. It has a pocket on the front, and button and pocket detailing on the back and sides. Unlike some other designs, this tuxedo doesn’t have sleeves, but this doesn’t make much difference. It comes in loads of sizes, all the way up to 5XL! This is a great alternative to the other tuxedos on this list because of the change in color.

10. Howstar Dog Wedding Dress

Much like the tuxedo above, this wedding dress is a great alternative to some others on this list because of the color. Rather than white, it’s more of a cream/bronze color, which is a nice change. It has a cute bow around the waist and embroidered lace detailing on the collar and skirt. This dress is really easy to slip on and off, and fastens together with velcro along the stomach.

The body of the dress is made of satin, and the skirt is made of polyester fabric and lace. While the skirt on this dress is quite delicate, the overall design is much more durable than some others on this list. It’s also much easier to get on and off, so will be ideal for squirmy dogs that might not like wearing clothes. It comes in a range of sizes, with the biggest fitting dogs 17” long, and so this means it won’t be suitable for larger breeds.

11. Fladore White Pearl Wedding Dress for Dogs

This dress is made of white satin with lace detailing on the collar and skirt. The skirt is a good design and won’t get in the way of your dog going to the toilet. To put it on you simply slip their front legs into the holes and fasten it together across their stomach. It fastens in place with velcro and so is really easy to get on and off. To make the dress even nicer, it has floral and pearl detailing on the waist, which is a delicate design.

While this dress is a nice design, its materials aren’t as high quality as some others on this list. However, it’s good value for money and will certainly look good at your special occasion. Just remember, it won’t be machine washable because it’s satin, so do everything possible to keep your dog clean while wearing it. The dress comes in a range of sizes, and fits dogs up to 17” long. Although this won’t fit bigger dogs, it can easily be adjusted with a bit of sewing.

12. Bolbove Dog Tuxedo

What sets this tuxedo apart from the others is the fact that it’s blue and pinstriped. This makes it a good alternative to the black tuxedos, but might looks a bit casual at a wedding; it might look more like your dog is going to a business meeting! The suit comes with a bowtie and buttons up along the stomach. It has a satin lining, meaning your dog will be comfortable while wearing the suit.

It has coattail detailing on the back, and pockets on the front of the jacket. The jacket and shirt are both made from high quality cotton fabric, and have sewn-in cuff detailing for an even more realistic look. One of the best things about this tuxedo is that it comes in loads of sizes, all the way up to 7XL. This means it would be ideal even for big dogs, and is the biggest on this list. Even though this might look more like a business suit, it’s a great option.

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