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Leaving your dog or cat home alone during the day can be stressful for both you and your pet. If you’re gone for a longer time, you worry about your pet(s) even more. You know your pet has a wonderful care-giver, but you want to maintain that connection with your pet as much as possible. You’re in luck!

It’s never been easier to check in on your pet while you’re at work or on vacation

With the advent of the Internet of Things, you’re now able to say hi and check in with your dog or cat via a pet camera!

Pet cameras come in many varieties—from the simple webcam to more advanced cameras that allow you to interact with your pet in real-time. Not only do the interactive pet cams allow to talk with your pet, but you can also play with them and/or give them a treat! Keep reading to find the a pet cam that fits your needs—the best pet camera 2020!

Petzi: Pet Cam with Treats

The Petzi Treat Cam is not only a pet cam, but also includes a treat dispenser and allows you to talk to your pet. This camera is moderately priced, and yet supports real-time video with a 720p wide-angle lens. Not only that, but this pet cam also features night vision. You’ll be able to see your pet day or night, while the wide-angle lens gives you a good look at the room your pet’s in. You can see what your pet’s up to and say hi, all while dispensing a yummy treat.

While the Petzi allows you to talk with your pet, the audio system is only one way. Your dog or cat will hear you, but you won’t hear your pet’s responses. However, you can snap cute photos of your pet. You can share these with family and friends, or on your favorite social media networks—just use the free smartphone app. The easy-to-use app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Petzi sells treats especially made for this pet cam, but the dispenser can hold almost any dry treat that is about an inch in diameter.



Furbo Dog Camera: Pet Cam with Microphone

The Furbo pet cam offers two-way communication with your dog—in other words, you and your pet can talk and listen to one another. This pet cam with microphone requires an Internet connection via WiFi. You can also receive “bark alerts” via push notification directly to your smartphone when the Furbo detects pet noises. Not only this, but the Furbo also includes a treat dispenser, so you can “live-toss” a treat to your pet! You can also schedule times to “toss” a treat to your pet. The unit can hold up to 100 treats that are a half-inch to one-inch in diameter. Treats should be non-crushable and dry. Have fun playing fetch games with your pet!

The Furbo features a 1080p video camera, with a 160-degree wide-angle view; this pet cam also offers night vision. With the 4x zoom, you can get a closeup of your pet. You can live stream the video with the free Furbo iOS or Android app. The device also provides access to a timeline of photo events that take place during the day. You can save them to your phone and share with family and friends! Your pup can even take selfies—the Furbo knows when your pet is facing the camera!



PetChatz: Pet Cam with Audio

Another pet cam with audio is the PetChatz HD pet camera. This pet cam offers two-way video and audio—meaning you and your pet can see and hear one another in real-time. The PetChatz includes a 720p camera that allows you to “meet and greet” your pet from anywhere at any time! Connect with your pet using the free PetChatz iOS or Android app, or even from your desktop computer.

This pet cam securely attaches to the wall and is pet-safe, with no corners, edges or cords to chew. The PetChatz also offers the PawCall button (purchased separately), so your pet can call you any time of day or night! Have a conference call with your pet from anywhere in the world!

The PetChatz also dispenses treats specially made for the unit. Your pet can also watch DOGTV (via subscription) and the unit is able to dispense calming aromatherapy scents that soothe and calm your pet. This really is the pet cam that does it all!



Petcube Play: Pet Cam with Laser

The Petcube Play is another interactive pet cam offering two-way audio, with the addition of a built-in laser. Use the laser to have some fun with your pet while you’re away from home! The Petcube Play features a 1080p camera, 138-degree wide-angle view, night vision, and 3x zoom. Not only that, but this pet cam also helps with home security—it offers a built-in motion detector and sound detection, so you can see and hear what’s going on inside your home, while you’re at work or on vacation.

In addition, this unit is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa (an optional add-on feature), so you can give voice commands to you pet via Alexa, to autoplay games with your dog or cat, through the free Petcube app available for both iOS and Android (4.3 and higher).

Instantly share pet selfies and funny pet videos with family and friends via the Petcube app—then easily share to your favorite social media networks. Even livestream your pet on Facebook!

The sleek, modern device is easy and fast to set up. This pet cam requires an Internet WiFi connection. You’ll have instant conferences with your pet and play laser games with them from anywhere, any time!



YI Dome Camera: Budget Pet Cam

The YI Dome Camera is a great budget home security camera that can also be used as a pet cam. This camera features bidirectional rotation, with 345-degree horizontal rotation and 115-degree vertical rotation. The 112-degree wide angle lens offers you a full view of your pet and your room, with almost no blind spots. See if your pet’s being naughty or nice in almost any part of the room! You’ll also find this web cam offers night vision and can “see” in the dark for up to 3 meters (about 9.8 ft).

Check in on your pet with two-way audio and live one-way video. The responsive microphone can also be used in hands-free mode, allowing easy two-way “chats” with your pet. You can even take photos of your pet and record video—all via the free YI Home app—available for both iOS and Android. In addition, you can receive activity alerts from the motion detector that are immediately sent to your smartphone.

This camera is fast and easy to install—you can install on the wall or ceiling.



Best Pet Cameras

As you can see, there numerous varieties of pet cams available to choose from. They are priced from high to low, and include many features such as treat dispensers, laser games, motion and sound detectors, and much more. How do you choose the best pet camera for you and your dog or cat?

1). Consider why you want the pet camera:

2). Consider your budget.

3). What other features would you like?

Any of the pet cams mentioned here will provide excellent monitoring of your pet. Most of these pet cams offer two-way video chat for your cat or dog. All of these pet cams can be used with free apps for iOS and Android, and offer you peace of mind while you’re at work or on vacation.

While pet cams are wonderful, don’t forget that your pet needs a caregiver if you’ll be away for irregular hours or on vacation. Your dog or cat needs and deserves human supervision and care, even though you can interact via pet cam.

Have fun and enjoy time with your pet, even while you’re away

Help your pet with separation anxiety and interact with them via pet cam. When you get home, don’t forget to shower them with love and care!

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