6 Best Rated Large Dog Beds

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I can’t be the first person who has either been pushed out of bed or lost my sleeping space to a dog. One of our dogs actually wouldn’t let me into bed when he could hear me coming down the hall at night. He’d stand at attention (under the covers) and growl at me as if to scare me away. It didn’t happen more than a few times before I sent him out of the bedroom and closed the door on him. He had a nice, comfy couch in the living room and basically claimed that as his own as a result. However, what it really could have used was a large dog bed and everyone in our house would have been happy. We’ll review the best large dog beds for you in a moment or two.

Why does your dog need a larger bed?

A dog bed is basically a place that your pet can curl up and sleep leaving your bed and other furniture alone. Dog beds are always designed to sit directly on the floor and that just makes it easier for your best friend to get into and out of it. You’ll appreciate this feature even more once your dog reaches his or her senior years or is recovering from an injury of some kind.

Well, this really does depend on your dog and the kind of pet owner you are. If you are one of those who forbids or just don’t want your dogs on furniture, then a dog bed is a good solution. If you don’t mind your dogs on furniture but draw the line at bedtime, a dog bed is a good way to train your pooch to respect your sleeping area and have one of their own. Generally speaking, a dog bed is a good idea regardless of your relationship with your dog.

What to consider when buying a bed for your dog

You could probably just go with the very first dog bed you see but think about this for a moment. Did you buy the first bed you saw for you to sleep in? You probably looked at different styles, even hopped on a few to see how they felt and also had to consider your budget. Well, believe it or not, you need to be considerate of a few things when buying a bed for your dog. What you will discover first is that there are a lot of different types of dog beds to choose from. You’ll also find that features will vary from dog bed to dog bed but here are the key things to look for:

1. Size: This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is your dog who will be curling up in this bed and not you. You have to have the right size in order for your pet to have a good, comfortable sleep.

2. Durability: Big dogs can be a tad rough of their belongings. A dog bed that is made of material that can’t put up with some wear and tear is not going to last…well, not last as long as you’d like it to.

3. Comfort: Oddly enough, your dog needs a good night’s sleep just like you do. But in order for that to happen, the bed needs to be comfy but not flimsy. Firm but not hard. Sound like your bed?

4. Quality: There are a lot of different ways to determine quality. In dog beds you would want to see bottoms that are non-skid and covers that are zippered. Waterproof materials also help.

5. Convenience: You are going to want to give the dog bed a cleaning on a regular basis. This is why you would want one with a washable cover that is easy to remove and replace when needed.

6. Extras: As nice as it is to have a number of additional features to anything you purchase for your dog, a pet bed doesn’t need a lot of special add-ons. Basic is good and probably your best bet.

7. Cost: You could pay top dollar and end up with a dud of a dog bed. However, you don’t want to go too cheap, either. Many mid-range products are good enough and offer all your dog needs.


The Best Large Dog Beds Reviewed


1. Big Barker 7” Pillow Orthopedic Dog Bed

This is a pretty awesome dog bed. It features 7-inch thick high quality memory foam in the mattress which makes it very comfortable and is of particular interest for those older dogs I mentioned earlier. The foam will hold its shape and has just the right amount of firmness to support your big dog. The cover can be removed easily for washing and just in case, there are three different sizes that the Big Barker comes in so you have a bit of a selection in case your big dog is more on the medium size. Add to this a ten year guarantee and you have a dog bed that is going to give your pet years of support and solid sleep.

2. Integrity Bedding Orthopedic Heated Dog Bed

Speaking of pretty awesome dog beds, this one is heated and has an internal thermostat which will warm the surface of the bed to the normal body temperature of your dog. The warmer can be removed and only uses 6 watts of power. The outer cover of this bed is removable and can be washed and the bed has a no-slip fabric on the underside to keep it in place and stable if your dog is not as stable on its own feet. This dog bed comes complete with a one year warranty but the features are far beyond that. There are two layers of orthopedic foam which makes this bed thick enough to support the biggest breed of dog with ease. It’s a pretty sweet bed for your dog.

3. Go Pet Club Orthopedic Pet Bed

Here is another great looking pet bed that is available in many different sizes and colors. What makes this such a good choice is that it contains two layers of protective surfaces. In other words, there’s a waterproof cover and a suede zippered cover. Both have non-slip rubber bottoms to hold the bed in place. The thick memory foam is good for all dogs but is of particular assistance for senior dogs or those with arthritis, joint or muscle conditions. This memory foam is 4-inches thick and will support any large dog as well as provide enough comfort for a good sleep or series of naps. It also happens to be non-allergenic. The bed will not lose its shape over time and let’s face it, isn’t that one of the most important things to consider here?

4. Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Large Dog Bed

The unique look of this large dog bed comes from the four pillow design. It features one piece of high quality foam pillows that offer support and gives your dog several places to put its head. The 7-inch thick memory foam is easy on the joints of your best friend and is especially soothing for dogs with arthritis. The liner is waterproof and the cover is removable and washable. The cover is made of soft faux suede and the design of the entire bed is separated from the layer of pillows to provide multiuse. Although this is designed specifically for large dogs, your smaller pets can use this pet bed with ease and will find it as comfortable.

5. LOAOL Waterproof Pet Bed/Dog Sofa Couch

This could very well be the most high-tech dog bed on this list. It has a smart design with a 4-inch think foam base and filled bolster which offer maximum comfort and support for your dog. The inner liner is waterproof and the bottom has a non-skid material to hold it in place. The cover is zippered, can be removed and is promoted as being chew-proof! In addition to being easy to clean, this pet bed is also comfortable and provides enough support for big dogs as well as those who are entering their senior years and may have muscle or joint pain. This bed features a one year warranty and is truly one-of-a-kind big dog pet bed.

6. Fur Haven Deluxe Pet Bed Couch

This is an orthopedic egg-crate foam pet bed. It is made from memory foam and features a two-sided L-shaped bolster that gives your dog many ways to relax bones and joints for a restful sleep. The surface of the outer cover is a plush faux fur that is warm and comfortable. There are four different sizes and three color choices. The removable cover has a zipper and the bed has a waterproof base and can be machine washed.


What can I say? Dogs are great and not only are our fur babies important parts of our lives and families, they also deserve special treatment. I’m not just talking about quality time spent with humans, either. When it comes to bedtime, as much fun as it may be to have your big dog sleeping next to you in your bed, your dog really should have a bed of its own and fortunately you have several options available to you. But don’t make the selection on your own. Take your dog with you to try each one out as you can pretty much be assured that he or she will let you know which of the dog beds they like the most saving you a lot of guess work and trips back and forth to the pet store until you find the perfect fit for your best friend.

Best Rated Large Dog Beds

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