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Corgi puppies

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You do not have enough space for a big dog? Corgis have become a popular pooch in the United States and they are adorable when they are puppies! Of course, everybody knows that getting a puppy is a huge responsibility. It is important that you learn about the breed before adopting one of your own Corgi dog.

The Corgi has a special history and they have lots of good personality traits that make them a good family companion. Would you love to adopt a Corgi puppy? First of all, let’s learn more about that fantastic breed and what they have to offer compare to other dog breeds like a Dachshund or Australian Shepherd.

The Two Types of Corgis


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Did you know that there are two types of Corgis? Indeed, according to AKC there are two distinctive Corgi breeds that are very different in their history. For example, most people think of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi due to Queen Elizabeth II. She has always had Corgis and they have become a national treasure. But there are also Cardigan Welsh Corgis and they are different with their beautiful sable color. Let’s take a look at them.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Puppies

Of course, Queen Elizabeth II is known for her love of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She has had more than 30 pups during her time being Queen. This was a smart and active pooch many years ago too and they were originally used for herding cattle, as well as sheep and shorts. For small canines, they could be mighty. Just as their name suggests, this breed was from Pembrokeshire in Wales. They descend from northern spitz dogs and they are still one of the smallest herding dogs.

Typically, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is shorter in length and smaller than the Cardigan Welsh Corgi according to the American Kennel Club. They are more fox-like in appearance. They also have shorter tails and some pups will have their tails docked. While this is often said to be for traditional, it does not serve any real purpose.


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The Cardigan Welsh Corgi Puppies

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is the older of the two breeds and its ancestors were first brought to Wales by a warrior tribe of Celtics. This was in around 1200 BCE. Therefore, the start of this breed could be around 300 years old.

You can tell them apart from the Pembroke Welsh Corgi due to their long tail. Indeed, it is often referred to as a sleeve of a cardigan sweater. This pooch used to drive cattle to market many years ago. They have a medium-length coat, which can enjoy a variety of different colors. This can include red, blue, black and brindle. It is common for a Cardigan Corgi to have white markings.

Good Traits of the Corgi

Corgis have some fantastic personality traits that make them the perfect addition to a family setting. Let’s take a look at some of the traits of the Corgi and will people love them so much, including the Queen of the UK.

Good Temperament

If you are searching for a happy pup to join your family, look no further than the Corgi. This lovely canine is very affectionate and will love to spend time with their pack. They are not known for being assertive or having aggressive tendencies. They do have a fearless side that will have to be managed, as they can become too curious and get themselves into trouble. But generally, they are a fun and lovable pooch to have around the house. You would also commend their playful personality. Simply throw a ball using a playful dog ball launcher towards the doggie, let him bring it back to you with a wagging tail, and play together. They are also quite smart and will enjoy training from an early age. Simple 20 minute training sessions will be what your Corgi needs to chill out.


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Easy to Groom

When your Corgi puppy becomes an adult, they are easy to take care of when it comes to grooming. All will need is some brushing on a regular basis. This is going to keep their fur healthy and shiny. It is also going to prevent matting and tangling. Therefore, you do not have to worry about excessive grooming that you might not have time for.

But one thing to be aware of is that they do shed a lot for a small dog. This is due to their thick double coat. If you are somebody that likes a neat home, this may not be the breed for you. A couple of times a year, you will notice a lot of shedding and their fur will lie around the house. This means regular vacuum cleaning. Again, brushing your pooch is going to help and prevent this from happening so badly. But there is always going to be some hair that comes off into your home and on your clothes. Again, if this is something that you do not want, you may be better looking for another breed to adopt. Invest in one of the best dog bed available today to make sure you welcome your Corgi the best way possible. Less stress equals less grooming.

They Have A lot of Energy

You may think that because a Corgi is small, they will not need a lot of exercise. This rule does not apply to the Corgi. In fact, this furry pooch needs good physical activity during the day to be happy and content. This is due to their background of herding cattle and this is something that has to be channelled into playtime or exercise. Therefore, make sure that you take your Corgi on walks from a young age. They love to explore and stretch their legs and this is going to make them happy in the house. If you are an active household, the Corgi will suit your lifestyle. You will love to explore with your furry friend by your side. If you are planning on having your Corgi stay outside, make sure to buy a dog house heater for winter.

Always remember that if you do not provide your Corgi with enough exercise and stimulation through the day, they can become destructive. This means that when they are left alone in the house, they will chew and destroy your belongings. If you are going to be at work for long periods of time, it is best to hire a dog walker or take your canine to doggy day care. This can mean your pooch is happy and having fun during the day when you are gone.


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Do not forget that you have to keep your Corgi puppy mentally stimulated too. This can be done through sniffing games, training and learning tricks. This is going to tire them out mentally and make sure that they are not bored during the day. This is what will learn to destructive or bad behaviors that you do not want. Simple 20 minute training sessions will be what your Corgi needs to chill out.

Therefore, Corgis do have a lot of energy for a small dog. This is a fantastic trait if you are someone that enjoys being out and about and going on outdoor adventures. But if you are someone that is a home bird, you may want to look for another breed that is lazy and likes to spend time in the house.

Some Other Traits to Consider

Of course, there are a lot of positive traits you will find in Corgi puppies. We have only mentioned a few of them. There are so many more left for you to discover. But there are also some other traits that you should consider before you rush to get a Corgi puppy. While we do not want to call these bad traits, they are considerations that are important for you to know about. Your future corgi will become one of your favorite family members, note that like with any other dog there are no health guarantee and daily exercise is highly recommended.

They Can Nip


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Normally, Corgis are going to be good with other dogs and animals, as well as small children. But they can nip at them if they are not trained. This means that you should get your Corgi pup used to being around other animals and children from a young age. This might prevent them from developing this behavior. Learn when puppies lose their teeth and make sure to buy the appropriate treats and toys for them to teeth. Corgis are a herding breed meaning they are used to be part of a herding group and a high quality lifestyle for them should include some form of hierarchy. Your new puppy in all of his puppyhood may be aggressive towards other little dogs at first and if not addressed this could lead to health issues.

In addition, you will also have to teach young children to respect your dog’s space. Making sure you know how to introduce a dog to a baby will be critical. They should always be gentle around your furry friend so that they do not nip as a response to feeling scared or overwhelmed in a situation. Allowing an area that only belongs to your dogs can be beneficial. This allows them to feel safe when the house is noisy and busy.

They Can be Territorial

You may be surprised to hear that the Corgi can be very protective of their family. For a small dog, they make good watchdogs. This can mean that they will alert you to any dangers. But on the bad side, they can be very territorial. This means that they might not like it when strangers visit their home. Make sure to give your corgi puppy something to chew on.

One way to combat this behavior is to teach your Corgi pup to be around others from a young age. In addition, socializing with other animals will be a good thing to do too. But this is a trait to remember when you are choosing a breed to adopt. For some canines, this will be a behavior they cannot shake.

Some mixed breed have a wonderful merle color and while adopting a purebred may be an attractive idea you might like a pomeranian touch in your pup. Those little short legs will not cease to amuse you, Corgis are particularly loving dogs. Most Corgi Owners fall in love with the breed and end up adopting two for them to have someone to play with. When considering adopting your puppy be aware that willebrand’s disease can appear in Corgis and regular visits to the vet are highly recommended.

A professional trainer can also help you with behavior issues if you were unable to train your little Corgi. For both your sanity and his, investing some time and money in understanding behaviors and communication with dogs will likely make a world of difference. Feel free to look for reviews on your local professional or ask your veterinarian for a referral.

They Bark A lot


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For a small dog Corgi’s make good watchdogs. This does mean that you have to be prepared for their barking. If they see anything going past the window or something in the yard, they are going to let you know about it! You can try to train your Corgi puppy from a young age to stop excessive barking. You can also try to avoid stimulus that makes your canine bark. For example, having curtains on the windows. But this can be a habit that is ingrained in the breed and not always something that you can correct.

Corgi Puppies For Sale

Now that you have found out more about Corgi puppies and what you can expect when you add this breed to your household, you may be wondering where you can find your next pooch.

There are going to be a few options open to you. Firstly, it is recommended that you check your local shelter. There may be a Corgi puppy that is up for adoption. You can give a canine a loving forever home! But you will have to be lucky to find a Corgi puppy in a local shelter. Corgis are among the best dogs for small spaces. This is not a common breed of dog that you see a lot. So, the chances of one being handed into a shelter is low. You might be lucky and find an adult Corgi.

Another option you have is to go online and try to find other organizations or individuals that want to have their Corgi adopted. Often, there are rescue organizations that are dedicated to specific breeds. In addition, families can post on forums and other adoption websites about their pooch. Again, it may be more likely that you will find an adult Corgi rather than a puppy. But you can still find a loving furry friend that can make your family complete.

Corgi Breeders


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If you still cannot find the Corgi puppy that your heart is set on, you can always start looking into purchasing from a breeder. This can allow you some freedom of choice and you can select the canine that you like. If you decide to go down this route, it is imperative that you find a reputable breeder that you can trust. You want to stay away from pet shops and puppy mills that can mistreat their pups. Note that Corgis can suffer from hip dysplasia or degenerative myelopathy during their lifetime, regular vet visits are recommended to ensure your pup stays healthy. Ensure that the puppy you are about to buy is up to date on all its vaccinations, some backyard breeders may not be taking care of them the way that is recommended.

Finding a reputable breeder will take some time and research. It is not a process that should be rushed. Once you find a breeder through word of mouth or online, it is recommended that you visit them at their premises. This can allow you to meet and speak to the breeder, ensuring they are experienced, trustworthy and caring towards their canines. It is also best if you can ask to see the puppies and their parents. This way, you can make sure that they are happy and healthy, as well as socialized. If a breeder does not allow you to see the dogs, they may have something to hide. Inspect the premises as much as you can before purchasing a puppy. You want it to be clean and odor-free.

Your Corgi puppies should be vaccinated and had a health check before they are given to you to take home. Make sure that you gain certification of this from the breeder before you collect your pooch. This is going to make sure that they are healthy and ready to embark on a new adventure with you!

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