Top 10 Best Dog House Heaters

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During the winter, does your dog have a source of heat to keep her or him warm? Of course, just like the rest of your family, your furry friend feels the cold temperatures too. In particular, when your canine has their own dog house, it can get cold during the day and night. But with a dog house heater, you can make sure your beloved companion is toasty during the winter months of the year. With so many options out there, we are going to make it easy for you. We have searched and found the top 10 best dog house heaters for your furry friend. Let’s check them out!

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1. EconoHome Wall Mount Space Heater Panel

The first dog house heater on our list is this one from EconoHome. If you are looking for a contemporary design or your dog house is small, you will like this one. It has a sleek and compact design that does not take up a lot of space. In fact, it can be mounted to the wall to keep it out the way of your pet.

There is an adjustable thermostat so that you can change the temperature for your furry friend. The device uses convection heating so that your dog can enjoy a consistent temperature during the day and night. The heat will circulate nicely around the whole dog house. Since no air or moisture is filtered, this is a good choice of heater for dogs who have allergies. 

2. K&H Lectro Kennel Heated Padded Bed

Next, we have this heated padded bed for your pooch. Your canine is going to love settling down on his own heated bed when it is cold outside. It is comfortable and padded for your pup, with a soft and durable material. The best part is that it has an internal thermostat to keep the temperature at 102 degrees Fahrenheit. This feels good for your furry friend.

The cord on this padded bed has been wrapped so that it is safe for your pup. The design of this product means it is flexible and easy to transport around. You can bring it with you when you go on road trips or a vacation.

3. DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater

What we like about this heater is that it is stylish and practical for your dog house. It has a sleek look that you can mount to the wall to save space and keep out of your pup’s way or it can stand on the floor too. If your dog likes to investigate, perhaps it would be better to set it up high where he or she cannot reach it. This panel heater will blend in nicely and you will hardly notice it.

Of course, DeLonghi is known for their stylish and contemporary appliances. This is no different for this heater. It is slim and it can be mounted anywhere. There is even a handle and detachable wheels that make it portable to bring with you on trips with your pooch.

You can customize the heat to suit your furry friend. It heats from 750 watts to 1500 watts so you can choose from two heat settings and decide which one is better for the outside temperature. We like that it also has an automatic thermal shut off mechanism that prevents it from overheating. You can know that your canine is safe.

4. ClimateRight Heater and Fan

If you are looking for a heater that can also offer cooling during the summer months, we would recommend the ClimateRight Heater and Fan. This is just what your companion needs for his or her own dog house. It comes with a kit that means you can mount it to the wall. This can avoid any accidents if your dog is energetic. But it is also lightweight and easy to transport if you decide to use it on a table or other surface.

If your pooch is sensitive to noise, you will not have to worry about the ClimateRight Heater and Fan. It has a quiet yet powerful operation that will not disturb their sleep. There is a customizable timer so that you can choose when the heater or fan kicks in for your pup so they are the right temperature during the year. In addition, this heater and fan works as a dehumidifier. There are auto and sleep modes you can choose from for your pooch.

5. Akoma Heat-N-Breeze Dog House Heater

Fifth on our list of best dog house heaters is this one from Akoma. It is well built and sturdy for your pooch. It has a protective shield so that your dog does not get burned, as the unit can get warm when it is on. But it still releases a lot of heat for the winter time. This gives you peace of mind and you know that your canine is safe when they are in their dog house. There is also a protected cord so that they cannot chew the wire when they are left unattended.

This is a 300-watt heater, which provides plenty of warmth for your pet in their enclosed dog house. But it is also energy-saving, which means you should not notice that much of a difference on your electricity bill. Your pup will love to lie in front of the heater after a walk in the winter. The temperature can be adjusted from 30 degrees Fahrenheit up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You can change the temperature according to the weather. It will heat up a 75 cubic foot dog house without any problems.

6. K&H Lectro Kennel Igloo

If you are looking for a new dog house, as well as a heater, we love this Lectro Kennel Igloo from K&H. You can also purchase a heated pad that will fit into this igloo. Of course, it is a fun style but it is also nice and cozy since it is enclosed. Your pup will love having their own space that they can call home during the winter.

The heated pad is designed to fit perfectly into the igloo. It has an automatic thermostat to detect your pup’s body temperature and adjust accordingly. Plus, it only uses 60 watts, which is going to save you money on energy. If they are cold, they will still feel toasty with this heated pad. There is a fleece cover included to add to the warmth. For safety, the cord is steel wrapped so that it is chew resistant. The pad is made from a durable yet comfortable material that your pooch will enjoy. The heating pad takes around 20 minutes to heat up during the winter.

7. Vornado AVH2 Plus Whole Room Heater

If your canine sleeps in their dog house during the winter, you need to make sure they feel warm and comfortable. This is something you can do with the Vornado heater. It gently heats the air through vortex air circulation that can be soothing and relaxing for your pup. There is no intense heat that may make them feel uncomfortable.

It has a compact design that you can place on a table or on the floor. You do not have to worry about your dog’s safety either. This heater has a cool-touch exterior, as well as an automatic safety shut-off system. This means that it will not overheat when you are not at home. The design of this heater means it can sit on any surface and it does not take up much space. For example, if your dog knocks over the heater it will automatically shut-off. We all know that dogs can be clumsy, so this is a fantastic feature that gives you peace of mind when your pup is in the dog house.

There is a digital display on the top of the heater that lets you see the temperature. With three heat settings, low, medium and high, you can warm up your furry friend when the temperature drops. They are quiet heat settings and you can choose from low using 750 watts, medium using 1125 watts and high, which uses 1500 watts. You can choose a good temperature for your pooch, as well as the one you want for energy consumption. There is even a 12-hour timer so that you can keep your pup warm during the night or when you are away at work. With auto climate control, this heater is able to maintain a nice temperature that your dog finds pleasant.

8. ASL Solutions Deluxe Dog Palace with Floor Heater

If you really want to spoil your pooch, check out this Dog Palace from ASL Solutions. This is the shape of the traditional kennel but it has an insulated raised floor, as well as an insulated door. There is foam insulation features in every panel too. There is no breeze or cold getting into this dog house! This is going to make sure your pup is warm and cozy during the winter. There is even a window panel in the door so that your furry friend can see out.

Of course, the under-floor heater is the highlight of this dog house. This is going to provide your pooch with a consistent heat when the temperature drops outside. It is water resistant and has a built-in thermostat. The electrical cord exits from the dog house so that the cord does not become a danger to your dog. There is a fleece blanket cover included with the heater for extra insulation and warmth. This dog house and heater are suitable for all sizes of dogs.

9. MARUNDA Pet Heating Pad

Dogs love the heat and when they are in their dog house, they will want to be all cozy so they can snooze and enjoy a rest. You can provide your furry friend with this amazing heating pad so they can be comfortable. The MARUNDA Pet Heating Pad offers a constant temperature with its built-in dual thermostat. This allows your pup to enjoy a comfortable temperature of 95-108 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat distributes evenly across the mat so they can spread out and sleep on the warm pad.

The heating pad design is comfortable and supportive for your pup. It is also waterproof, which makes it easy to clean if there are any accidents in the dog house. It has a removable cover that you can wash. The heating pad is safe for your pet too. It has a chew resistant steel cord for safety. You will not have to worry if your dog loves to chew things. This heating pad is scratch proof and fire proof too. All of these reasons are why this heating pad is perfect for your dog house!

10. RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad

Last but not least, we have the RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad. This is the perfect addition to the dog house since it can provide the warmth and comfort they need to rest during the cold winter. In addition, it can be beneficial for your dog if he or she suffers from arthritis. This can be soothing and help to relieve discomfort that often occurs at night.

First of all, the heating pad itself is made from a soft Oxford fabric material, so your furry friend will love to lie down on it. It is waterproof in case of any accidents. It is also anti-electric shock for the safety of your pooch. You can clean the material by hand. When it comes to the heating, it has a temperature control allowing for high- and low-level heat. Your pooch will love the fact that it can warm up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This is just what you need for the cold winter months when it starts to snow outside. Your pup can be comfortable in their dog house.

What’s more, if your dog likes to chew everything, you will be happy to know that this heating pad has a stainless-steel cord. This makes it chew resistant and safe for your pooch. Just plug it in and your pup can stay warm all winter!

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