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Samoyed Corgi Mix

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There’s no question that Samoyeds are beautiful dogs with their long fur and bright faces. And then there are Corgis! These amazing dogs are adorable with their long bodies, short legs, and alert, darling faces. And what do you get when you mix these dogs?

That’s what this article is all about! We’ve put together some information about the Samoyed Corgi mix. You’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether this dog is right for you and your family. Let’s get started!

What is a Samoyed Corgi Mix?


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The Samoyed Corgi mix, also called the Corgoyed, is a hybrid dog that results from mixing a purebred Samoyed with a purebred Corgi. While the combination results in a beautiful hybrid dog, the Samoyed Corgi mix is not very common. What’s more, we don’t have much information on when these hybrid dogs were first developed. However, we can learn more about them by taking a look at both purebred parents.

Quick Overview of the Samoyed

The Samoyed is a dog that was originally developed by the Samoyed people, who live in Siberia, Russia. The dogs were working dogs that were used for hunting, herding reindeer, and for pulling sleds. The dogs were also part of the family.

Today, the Samoyed is a companion canine who is highly intelligent, and much loved. The dogs’ faces are said to have a smile, which is appropriate as these dogs are pretty happy most of the time. The Samoyed has a thick, white coat that is very dense. It was developed to help the dogs survive in the harsh winter Siberian climate. Their hair is even used by weavers who call the fur Samoyed wool. The fur can be carded, spun, woven, or knitted, much like wool.

These lovely dogs do tend to shed quite a bit during shedding season. It may look like there’s another dog or two in your home with all the white fur!


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The Corgi

The other purebred parent of the Samoyed Corgi mix is the Corgi. The Corgi originally comes from Wales, where the dogs were developed to herd cattle. That may be surprising when you see a Corgi. These dogs have long bodies with short legs. How on earth can they keep up with cattle? Their appearance is very misleading, as these dogs have the stamina and strength to herd their flocks all day over tough terrain.

Corgis are highly intelligent dogs; they’re still used as herding dogs today. However, they also make great family companions. The dogs tend to be happy and loving, but they also have a stubborn streak. Even so, they’re usually easy to train. What’s more, the dogs are also great at being watchdogs. They are wary of strangers and will bark if someone is threatening their family and property.

With parents like these, how could the Samoyed Corgi mix go wrong?

The Samoyed Corgi mix usually stands between 10 to 23 inches tall and weighs between 20 to 30 lbs. They have a life expectancy between 12 to 14 years.

Samoyed Corgi Mix Appearance


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The Samoyed Corgi mix is a hybrid dog that randomly inherits his genes from both parents. Each dog is unique and may look completely different from his siblings of the same litter! This means that each dog inherits different characteristics from each parent.

Some of these hybrid dogs may have short legs, stubby tails, and patched hair like their Corgi parents. However, others may have the curly tails and the white, fluffy hair of their Samoyed parents. Then there are Samoyed Corgis which are a blend of both purebred parents.

Samoyed Corgi mixes usually have a thick coat of fur that comes in a range of colors, including white, black, biscuit, brown, tan, grey, and red.

Samoyed Corgi Mix Temperament

The Samoyed Corgi mix comes from purebred parents who are highly intelligent. This characteristic is also found in their hybrid puppies! Samoyed Corgi mixes have the stubbornness of the Corgi balanced with the Samoyed’s eagerness to please. These are dogs that want to be with their humans and be included in daily activities!

These hybrid dogs are highly trainable, and they learn quickly. Like their parents, the Samoyed Corgi mix also has a strong work ethic and thrives when given a job to do. Even so, these are dogs that also love to play!

Samoyed Corgi mixes have a lot of energy, are happy dogs, and are friendly with others. This is a dog that’s always up for a new adventure!


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Are Samoyed Corgi Mixes Good Family Companions?

Yes, the Samoyed Corgi can make a wonderful family companion. They’re adaptable to live almost anywhere, and they get along with kids and strangers. The dogs are gentle and playful. They also love to go in the car, on walks, and more.

However, Samoyed Corgis have thick coats and don’t do well in hot, humid climates. They are very sensitive to overheating, so leaving these dogs outside is not recommended.

Do Samoyed Corgi Mixes Get Along with Other Pets?

Yes, these dogs can also get along well with other pets, especially if the dog has been trained and socialized. However, they can have a strong prey drive, so it’s not recommended for these dogs to be unsupervised around smaller animals such as rodents, rabbits, and more.

Samoyed Corgi Mix Food Requirements

The Samoyed Corgi mix is a muscular, athletic, active dog that requires a dog food formulated for medium-sized active dogs. They need about two to three cups of dog food a day, divided between two meals.


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Exercise Requirements

The Samoyed Corgi mix is an active dog breed. These dogs are happy to snuggle, but they also love to play. The dogs require between 30 to 45 minutes of daily exercise to burn off excess energy.


The Samoyed Corgi loves to learn and excels at training. Plus, they’re highly motivated by rewards to do well with the new things they’re taught. These dogs can learn just about anything, from easy cues to learning a task to help you around the house.

The main issue is that the dog may inherit some of the stubbornness of their Corgi parent. This may make the dog somewhat resistant to your cues if the dog isn’t in the mood or wants to do to something else.

While these hybrid dogs can learn easily, it takes a patient, consistent pet parent to get the job done.

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! The Samoyed Corgi mix is an amazing medium-sized dog that’s filled with energy! These dogs love their families and will protect them if necessary. The dogs are great with kids and other animals, though it’s essential to supervise them around smaller pets.

We’re pretty sure if you adopt a Samoyed Corgi mix that you’ll have a loving, fun companion for years to come!

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