50 Famous Cats Names from Disney Movies

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Are you looking for good names for your new kitten or adult cat? Do you enjoy Disney movies and cartoons? Then you’ve come the right place—perhaps a Disney cat name would be the purrrfect choice for your new kitty!

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Choosing a Disney Name

When choosing a Disney name for your precious ball of fur, you’ll want to consider her personality, maybe be inspired by her markings and coloring, etc. Does your cat remind you of Disney characters in some way? You’ll have a wide variety of names available from Disney—for boy or girl cats!

Cat Name Disney Movie

What about a cat name inspired by a Disney movie? Disney has many movies to choose from. Let’s take a look!


This Disney animated movie features a puppet who longs to become a real boy! The puppet’s name is Pinocchio. He lives with a cobbler named Geppetto (who always longed for a son), who created Pinocchio from wood. Additional character name ideas include:


This movies revolves around a young circus elephant who was born with gigantic ears. He’s given the cruel nickname of “Dumbo” because of his overly large ears. Dumbo encounters some problems throughout the movie that are mostly caused by his ears, after which the circus makes the poor little elephant dress up as a clown. Some famous characters include:

The Three Caballeros

This animated musical that premiered in Mexico City. The animated film follows three friends on their adventures through Latin America. The main characters for this film include:

Cat’s Name in Disney’s Cinderella

Another famous Disney movie is Cinderella and it’s filled with Disney cat name ideas! In the movie, a girl named Cinderalla ends up living with her step-mother and step-sisters after the death of her father. The evil step-mother makes Cinderella into a servant and makes sure the girl is busy with chores from before sun-up to after sun-down. Over the course of the movie, there is a ball sponsored by the king and queen to help their son, the prince, find a wife. The evil step-mother and her daughters are invited to the ball, but Cinderella’s forced to stay home. Cinderella’s fairy god mother makes an appearance and creates a beautiful dress, glass slippers, a coach and horses all from magic, to help the girl attend the ball. There’s a happy ending, but you’ll have to watch the movie to find out how it ends!

Some famous characters that might make great names for your kitty include:

Disney Aristocats Cat Names

Another famous movie from Disney is the Aristocats! This is a movie just filled with cats, so you may get lucky and find your kitty’s name here!

Disney Cat Names from Movies

We’re not done yet! We have more name ideas for names for your kitty inspired by Disney movies! In the next lists, we’ll take a look at boy cat names and then girl cat names—all based on famous Disney characters.


Famous Disney Names for Boy Cats

Here are some names that might be a good fit for your boy cat:

Famous Disney Names for Girl Cats

Here are some names that might make a good choice for your little girl kitty—all inspired by Disney movie characters:

How to Choose a Name for Your Cat

Cats can be finicky critters and some are even persnickety about their names. So, how can you find the right name for your cat, one that he/she will acknowledge and respond to? Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your kitty’s Disney name:

1). Color: perhaps your cat or kitten has a distinctive, pretty color. This may be the inspiration for her name! Look for Disney characters that have similar colorings—this might be the perfect name for your cat.

2). Personality: another idea is to choose a Disney character with a personality that matches your cat. Is your cat like Lucifer and enjoys getting others into trouble? Or maybe she’s more like Duchess, elegant and caring.

3). Gender: you can also choose a Disney character name that matches your kitty’s gender. For example, if you have a boy cat, names like Thomas O’Malley, Aladdin or Jiminy Cricket might make great choices. For girl cats, you could choose names such as Ariel, Cinderella or even Snow White.

Take your time to choose just the right name for your cat. It may help to get to know your new cat or kitten by observing their behavior, how she plays, etc. Be sure to keep your cat’s name short, as complicated names are difficult for cats to recognize. Once you’ve chosen a name, then it’s time to see if your cat likes her new name. If she responds, that’s great! If not, then you’ll have to work on finding another name she prefers. When you’ve both agreed on the new name, then be sure to repeat your cat’s name often. Use her name when you feed and play with her, during snuggle time, etc. She’ll soon become familiar with her name and may even come when you call!

We hope this article has helped you find just the right Disney character name for your new cat or kitten! We wish you both all the best!

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