50 Famous Dogs Names From Disney Movies

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Are you the owner of a new puppy or dog? Do you enjoy Disney movies? Is there one movie you especially loved as a kid? Do you have some favorite Disney characters? If so, then these could be the inspiration for your new pup’s name.

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We’ve done some research to help you find famous dog names for your pup—all taken from Disney movies and animated films. One note—not all the characters are dogs, but their names would certainly make great dog names! If you are planning on adopting more than one companion, check out selection Disney names for cats!

Lady & the Tramp (1 & 2)

Have you been thinking about cartoon dog names? Lady & the Tramp is a classic. This is a romantic tale about Tramp and Lady, which came out in 1955. Tramp is a scroungy mut of the streets, while Lady is a refined lady dog from a well-to-do home. Lady and Tramp meet and fall in love. Remember that sweet scene where they share spaghetti together?

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Here is a list of movie dog names from Lady & the Tramp that might fit your fur baby:

1. Tramp: the male lead character; he is Lady’s suitor. His personality is laid-back and he’s a bit silly. Tramp lives a rascally life and is quite happy to do so.

2. Lady: is a demure and somewhat naïve girl. She is very protective of her family and can be quite brave.

3. Angel: is known for her kindness, but she can also be a bit on the snarky side. She is a good friend to her pack and tries to care for Scamp—even risking her own life for him.

4. Scamp: is Tramp’s son and is exactly as his name implies—he’s quite a little scamp. He detests rules and would rather run free.

5. Jock: is a sweet and loyal dog and is the smallest dog in the show—he can be somewhat aggressive at times. He loves his friends and he acts as a mentor for Lady as she grows up.

6. Annette: one of Tramp & Lady’s daughters; sister to Collette and Danielle.

7. Collette: one of Tramp & Lady’s daughters; sister to Annette and Danielle.

8. Danielle: one of Tramp & Lady’s daughters; sister to Annette and Collette.

9. Buster: is the leader of the Junkyard Dogs. He’s very interested in Angel and tries to get her to be his girlfriend, though she’s not interested in him.

10. Trusty: is one of Lady’s neighbors and seems to be the oldest dog in the movie. He works to help track down criminals, though by the time of his appearance in the film, Trusty’s retired from his career.

11. Mooch: is one of the dogs in the Junkyard Dog pack. He has a very sweet heart—he eventually becomes adopted by a family, leaving the junkyard behind.

12. Francois: is the smallest dog in the Junkyard Dogs pack—and he has a French accent. He is loyal, kind and mischievous and gets into trouble on a regular basis.

13. Ruby: is also part of the Junkyard Dogs and seems to be attracted to Scamp—she was one of his past girlfriends, after all! She eventually leaves the junkyard to become adopted by a family.

Old Yeller

Old Yeller is the name of the lead dog in this Disney movie—he’s owned by Travis.

In the story’s beginning, Old Yeller causes trouble by stealing food, scaring the family mule, etc. However, over time the dog ends up saving Travis’ brother, Arliss, from a bear. After this, Travis begins to love Old Yeller and they become close buddies. During the course of the movie, Old Yeller is bitten by wolves and comes down with rabies. Travis is upset, of course and has to shoot Old Yeller. After this, Travis begins raising Old Yeller’s son, Savage Sam.

Here are some dog names from movies that might fit your fur baby from this famous Disney film:

14. Old Yeller: the lead dog in the story—in the beginning is mischievous, but over the course of the movie develops a close relationship with Travis and saves his brother’s life—he’s the hero.

15. Travis: the lead human male in the movie—owner of Old Yeller and brother of Arliss.

16. Savage Sam: son of Old Yeller

17. Arliss: brother of Travis, who was saved from a bear by Old Yeller.

The Shaggy Dog

This old favorite came out in 1959 and is about a teenaged boy who gets turned into an Old English Sheepdog by an enchanted ring. This fun movie is a great favorite and was also made into a sequel in 1976, with the Shaggy D.A.

Here are some names that may fit your pup from this movie:

18. Moochie Daniels: the younger brother of Wilby Daniels

19. Wilby Daniels: the older brother of Moochie—he becomes a shaggy dog after saying a magic enchantment from the ring.

101 Dalmatians

Who could forget this all-time favorite Disney classic that came out in 1961? This beloved movie features two dalmatians who fall in love and have puppies. During the course of the movie, an evil character named Cruella Deville, is on the look out for Dalmatian puppies. She’s gathering them to make all the puppies into a coat! There’s a happy ending—we won’t give it away—but you’re sure to love this movie.

Here are some Disney character names that might fit your fur baby from 101 Dalmatians:

20. Cruella Deville: the evil character gathering puppies to make a coat out of them.

21. Jasper: an evil cohort, who abducts Dalmatian puppies for Cruella.

22. Horace: another evil cohort, who helps Jasper steal puppies for Cruella.

23. Pongo: the male lead dog in the story—he’s also husband of Perdita and the father of some of the puppies.

24. Perdita: the female lead dog in the movie—she’s Pongo’s wife and the mother of some of the Dalmatian puppies.

25. Colonel: is an Old English Sheepdog who assists with the rescue of the puppies.

26. Captain: this is a gray horse who used to be in the military but has since retired. He helps with the puppies’ rescue.

27. Scottie: is hyper terrier, who also helps with rescuing the 101 Dalmatian puppies.

28. Prissy: is an Afghan Hound, who helps get the word out (during the Twilight Bark) that the puppies have been stolen.

The Fox and the Hound

This Disney animated film first came out in 1981 and is a drama based on a novel of the same name by Daniel P. Mannix.

The story is about two friends—a red fox (Tod) and a hound dog (Copper) who work to keep their friendship going in spite of their friendship in spite of social pressures to not be friends. If you are considering naming your dog after a fox, why not adopting one instead? Check out our guide to domesticated pet foxes next!

Here are some dog names from Disney that might fit your puppy or dog:

29. Cooper: the bloodhound, who is best friends with Tod (the red fox). He’s very curious and has an excellent nose that makes him love tracking scents.

30. Tod: is the red fox who becomes Cooper’s best friend. He’s orphaned in the beginning of the film after a hunter kills his mother.

31. Chief: an Irish Wolfhound; he tries to train Cooper into being a hunting dog.

32. Vixey: is a vixen (female fox), who falls in love with Tod. A lot of dogs look like foxes so this could be a great name for one of these!

33. Big Mamma: an owl that’s a friend and mentor to Tod—she saves him when she finds him as a baby and helps him find a new home after his mother’s been killed.

34. Mr. Digger: is an old badger—he hates anyone entering his home—he’s quite grumpy at times.

Snow Dogs

This movie is a live-action film that came out in 2002 and is based on the book Winterdance: The Find Madness of Running the Iditarod, by Gary Paulsen. Snow Dogs is about a dentist in Miami, Florida who’s always had a dream of running a dog team in the Iditarod.

Here are some cinema dog names—maybe these one of these names will make a good one for your pup!

35.  Demon: a grumpy dog who’s always trying to bite Brooks (the Florida dentist).

36. Nana: loves Ted to pieces! She isn’t a Siberian Husky but is eventually accepted onto the sled team when Ted needs a lead dog.

37. Scooper: has a crush on the dog Duchess and wants to run by her when the team’s on the go. He loves to dig, but chooses to do it at the wrong times.

38. Duchess: the girl dog loved by Scooper

39. Mack & Diesel: very strong mush dogs—located in the middle of the sled team to keep everyone going at the right pace. They help to encourage Scooper and Duchess keep pace with the rest of the team.

These are a few of the famous dog movies put out by Disney. Let’s take a look at some other popular Disney films with character names that might fit your canine companion!

More Disney Character Names: Not Just Dogs

40. & 41. Mickey & Minnie Mouse: these are the all-time top favorite animated characters from Disney—they’re the original Disney characters! They’ve made their appearance in animated cartoons—first appearing in black & white with no audio! These days they’re a favorite at the Disney parks, welcoming kids of all ages!

42. Belle: from Beauty and the Beast—she goes to live with the Beast, only to fall in love with him and helps him break the evil spell cast on him. If you have one of these cute puppy breeds, that name is perfect!

43. Beast: from Beauty and the Beast—he falls in love with Belle, but doesn’t believe she can learn to love him in his current state. A witch cast a spell on him, so now he’s a Beast, rather than a human.

44. Lumiere: is a candelabra from the animated classic Beauty and the Beast. He’s a guy who knows all the rules and makes sure everyone follows them, also a matchmaker of sorts.

45. Rapunzel: from the animated film of the same name—she’s the lead female who is stuck in a high tower with no way to get out. Eventually her hair grows so long it can be used as a rope by a prince who tries to rescue her.

46. Donald Duck: another Disney favorite, who first appeared in 1934. He’s a lovable, silly duck who gets into all kinds of trouble, but is always saved in the end.

47. Goofy: a friend of Donald Duck, he is known for his funny “Goofy holler” and just being silly.

48. Jafar: from Aladdin: he is the evil character in this animated classic.

49. Ariel: the mermaid from the classic animated film The Little Mermaid. Ariel falls in love with the prince and longs to become human. She endures many adventures along the way, but there’s a very happy ending!

50. Baloo: the lovable bear from the Jungle Book. Baloo help Mowgli survive the jungle and tries to teach Mowgli not to get upset by the small things in life.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of 50 Disney names for your dog! There are many more character names that might be a good choice, but we’ll save those for another time!

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