Heated Dog Beds – 11 Of The Fanciest Beds For Your Puppy

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Winter is fast approaching and it won’t be long before we’re all snuggled up at home under the covers with the heating on. But what about our canine friends? Sleeping at ground level during the winter can get incredibly cold, especially if you live in a drafty house. Luckily there’s a product ideal for this exact purpose: heated dog beds.

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Heated dog beds are relatively new in the grand scheme of pet accessories, and they essentially work like an electric blanket. They have a heating pad built in, which is usually powered by plugging it into a power socket. Many people might think this is unnecessary because dogs have a fur coat to keep them warm, but they can still get cold during the winter. Heated dog beds are also ideal for older dogs, or those suffering with joint problems, in exactly the same way as a human might use a heat pad to soothe their aching back. This article looks at some of the best heated dog beds available now.

Our Selection of Best Heated Dog Beds

1. K&H Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed

The Lectro-soft heated dog bed is ideal for keeping your dog warm, and it has a specially designed orthopedic pad, making it ideal for dogs suffering from joint issues. It’s made from orthopedic foam and features an incredibly soft PVC cover that’s both durable and waterproof. This makes it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, and also makes it very easy to clean. It also has a fleece cover that’s machine washable.

The bed features an energy-efficient heating pad that’s thermostatically controlled, and is designed to never go above your dog’s body temperature. While many dogs would get off the bed if they got too hot, this is a good feature to stop older or disabled dogs from overheating. It has a 5.5ft power cord that’s wrapped in steel, meaning your dog shouldn’t be able to chew through it. The bed comes in several sizes so you should be able to find the right one for your pooch.

2. ALEKO Heated Pet Bed for Dogs

This dog bed from ALEKO is a more traditional basket shape, and features a heat pad built into the bottom. It’s made from an ultra-soft fleece material that’s very cozy, and is removable and machine washable. It has overstuffed sides for strength and security, and these will help to stop the bed from sagging with age. The bed measures 19” x 19” x 7”, and so will only really be suitable for smaller dogs.

The heat pad is thermostatically controlled, allowing you to set the maximum temperature. It has a 6ft long power cord with a durable chew-resistant cover. The bed’s base is made from a non-slip, waterproof canvas, and so should stop the bed from sliding around on hard floors. Although this isn’t the most durable dog bed on this list, it’s certainly one of the coziest.

3. Boho Farm Waterproof Heating Pad

This heating pad from Boho Farm isn’t a complete bed, but is ideal for putting inside your dog’s existing bed. This can be a more cost-effective option if you already have a good bed for your dog, and means that you don’t have to buy a new one specifically for the winter. This can also be used for newborn puppies as a way of keeping their bed warm.

The pad warms up in about 10 minutes, and is thermostatically controlled. The cord is lined with steel and so will be (mostly) chew resistant. The pad’s cover is waterproof and is easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. There’s not a lot of cushioning in this mat, so if your dog has joint problems make sure you put plenty of other padding in their bed.

4. K&H Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion

K&H have designed this bed to be incredibly snuggly and comfortable, and it’ll be ideal for those cold winter nights. The bed and cushion are covered in an ultra-soft fleece material that’s great for holding in the heat. The cushion is stuffed with a super comfy polyester lining that’s great for your dog to snuggle into. The cushion and heating pad are both removable, so the bed is still machine washable. This is a great feature, and makes washing the bed very easy.

The heater is incredibly energy efficient, and only uses 4 watts of power. It’s thermostatically controlled, and designed to work with your dog’s body temperature so they don’t overheat. The heating pad also only heats up when your dog is lying on it, which is great for saving energy. The power cord is very durable and is designed to be chew resistant.

5. K&H Thermo-Hooded Lounger

This bed is not only warm and cozy; it has a fleece hood for extra insulation. The bed is lined with a soft plush fabric that’s great at keeping the heat in. It has bolstered sides for added security and stability, and the hood is completely removable. The whole bed can be machine washed on a low setting, but make sure you remove the heating pad first.

Like the other K&H beds on this list, this bed is thermostatically controlled in line with your dog’s body temperature. The pad stays around room temperature while not in use, and then warms up in around 10-15 minutes. The heating pad is easy to remove and so this bed is ideal for use all year round. The heater is energy efficient and tested in line with US safety standards. If you’re looking for a year-round cozy bed for your dog, this is the one for you.

6. ALEKO Electric Heated Dog Bed

This heated dog bed from ALEKO is another great choice if you’re looking for a warm and snuggly bed for your dog. It’s very soft and features overstuffed sides for added comfort and support. The exterior of the bed is made from faux suede, and it has a water-resistant, non-slip canvas base. This bed isn’t machine washable because you can’t remove the heater, so bear that in mind when making your selection. This would probably be fine for younger dogs, but if your dog has mobility issues then choose one that can be washed. After all, you never know what might happen.

The internal thermostat is designed to operate around your dog’s body temperature, and has an automatic shut-off function. It warms up quite quickly, and can retain the heat for a long time. It features a 6ft long, chew resistant power cord. The bed measures 20” x 16” x 8”, and so will only be suitable for smaller dog breeds. This bed comes in a leopard print, and so your dog can enjoy a touch of style while relaxing.

7. RIOGOO Heating Pad for Dogs

Unlike other entries on this list, this is another heating pad. It’s ideal as extra padding for an existing bed, and is great for using as a cushion in the car. The pad itself is waterproof and resistant to moisture, and is made of a durable fabric. It’s very easy to wipe clean and is free of dust and allergens. The mat measures 27.9” x 17.7”, and so is suitable even for larger dogs.

The heating pad features several layers of padding and a thermostatically controlled heater. It reaches a maximum of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and only takes around 10 minutes to heat up. The power cord is chew resistant, and the heater is intended to be anti-shock. It’s ideal for use as another layer of cushioning in your dog’s bed, and is fine to be covered with other blankets. It’s also suitable for use with pregnant dogs and dogs with joint issues.

8. Pawhut Electric Heated Pet Bed

Pawhut have designed this bed to be the height of luxury for any dog. Not only is it heated; it has a hood for extra warmth and security. This bed is incredibly snuggly, and will be appreciated by any dog that tries it. It’s made of a soft yet durable fleece material that helps to hold in the heat. The base is slip resistant, and the heater and cushion are removable for easier washing. The bed measures 13.4” x 13.4” x 11.8”, and so would only be suitable for smaller dogs.

The electric heater is placed under the cushion and regulates its own temperature. Unlike other beds on this list, this one doesn’t have as durable a power cable, and only some of it is covered in a chew resistant cover. Bear this in mind when choosing this bed, as it might not be suitable for puppies or dogs with a chewing habit. That said, if you don’t have concerns your dog will chew the cable, then this would be a great choice because it’s so cozy.

9. Biddeford Electric Heated Microplush Throw

As this says in the name, this is an electric blanket rather than a bed. Sometimes it can be unnecessary to get a heated bed, and your dog might prefer curling up under (or on top of) a blanket. The blanket is made from 100% polyester and is a very soft microplush. It’s incredibly cozy and would be a great addition to your dog’s existing bed. It’s machine washable with no danger to the heater. The heater has 6 settings and a 10-hour automatic shut-off function. As this isn’t specifically designed for dogs, the blanket’s 13ft power cord isn’t chew resistant. Keep this in mind if you decide to buy this blanket.

10. K&H Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Dog Bed

This is a medium-sized dog bed that’s suitable not only for winter use, but for dogs with joint problems too. It has a soft and comfortable stuffed cushion and bolstered sides, all of which is made from a plush fabric. The bed and cushion are machine washable, and the heater can be removed for this purpose. This also means the bed can be used all year round, even when you don’t need the heater.

The heater only uses 6 watts of power to heat itself and is designed to only be active when your dog is lying on it. Its internal thermostat regulates it to your dog’s body temperature, and so there’s no danger of them overheating. It’s been tested for 24-hour operation, so you can rest easy knowing your dog can stay warm all day. The bed has an anti-slip mat on the bottom, meaning it’s fine for use on both carpet and hardwood floors.

11. NuoYo Electric Heating Pad for Dogs

This heating mat for dogs is waterproof and easy to clean, and is made of flame-retardant materials. This is an extra level of security for you and your dog, and is always a helpful feature for heating components. The heating mat itself is covered in a soft plastic cover, and features a removable fabric cover that can be machine washed. Everything is made of non-toxic materials, and so is completely safe for your dog. It’s ideal for using as another layer of cushioning in their bed, and can also be used in the car and while traveling.

The heater has 7 different settings, all of which can be controlled by a control box. This has an easy-to-read LED screen and features tactile buttons. The mat still has a thermostat to make sure it switches off at the right temperature, but unlike other beds it isn’t set specifically for a dog’s body temperature. Make sure you read the manual before using for the first time. The mat takes around 10 minutes to warm up, and it has a function to avoid overheating. This is a very safe heating mat and is ideal for dogs of all sizes.

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