50 Fruit Inspired Dog Names

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You’re here looking for dog names and are probably wondering what fruit has to do with dog names? Well, this article is definitely about dog names. In fact, we’re going to take a look at dog names inspired by fruit! You read that correctly!

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Fruit is something many of us enjoy every day! They’re a huge part of our lives and are an essential part of a healthy diet. What are your favorite fruits? Do you know any facts about the fruits you love so much? Do you know how it’s grown, where it comes from, and how long it takes to grow? There’s a lot that goes into producing the fruit we eat each day.

So, those are some fun facts we discovered in our search for fruit inspired dog names! After reading the list you may be hungry, so grab your favorite fruit and come back to find a great fruity name for your canine companion!

Cute Fruit Dog Names

Here are some cute names inspired by fruit that may make a great name for your dog!

1). Clementine: this is a type of citrus fruit that is something like an orange and a mandarin orange. They are very tangy, but yet sweet, too. They contain high amounts of vitamin C and fiber.

2). Jujube: also known as red or Chinese date, this is a fruit that native to Southern Asia, but is also now found in other parts of the world. These fruits are small and round, with a pit in the middle. They’re very sweet and chewy. They’re often dried and used in candies and desserts. However, they’re also used to improve sleep and increase anxiety. They’re high in fiber and low calorie, making this a very healthy snack!

3). Nectarine: is a variety of hairless peach. They have a brighter color and are usually smaller than peaches.

4). Mango: this is a stone fruit and is the national fruit of India, Haiti and the Philippines. They’re sweet and are often eaten sliced or cut into chunks. You can also make juice and more from them!

5). Kiwi: has a slightly fuzzy, fibrous skin that’s thin, and in the middle the fruit is greenish gold with tiny black seeds near the middle. This fruit is rich in many nutrients including vitamin C and can help reduce blood pressure, help keep the guts healthy, and more.

Tropical Fruit Dog Names

Here are some dog names inspired by yummy tropical fruits!

6). Coconut: this is another fruit many of us know. The fruit has a hard, fibrous outer husk and inside contains white flesh that has a sweet flavor. They’re filled with healthy fats, minerals and B vitamins, along with copper and iron.

7). Banana: this is that curvy yellow fruit that many people love to eat! In fact, it’s often a first food for babies. Bananas are high in potassium, fiber, magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin B6.

8). Papaya: comes from Central America and Southern Mexico and is filled with precious nutrients that are good for our health.

9). Pineapple: this is a fruit many of us are familiar with. While we think of it being native to Hawaii, it actually comes from South America. This is the third most important tropical fruit in the world!

10). Abiu: comes from South America and is native to the Amazon. The fruit is extremely nutritious and contains minerals, vitamins, iron and calcium. Abiu also contains plenty of fiber and energy. The fruit is usually scooped out or cut into segments and then added to a fruit salad. Sometimes it’s also used to make ice cream and juice.

11). Babaco: originally came from Ecuador. It needs to be grown in a subtropical climate, free of frost. The fruit have no seeds, and the flesh is juicy, with a slightly acidic tang and it’s low in sugar. Some described the flavor of this fruit as a cross between strawberry, pineapple and papaya.

12). Breadfruit: is native to the Pacific islands, where it has been a staple food for thousands of years. The fruit is very nutritious and is usually eaten cooked or raw. It can also be fermented.

13). Cawesh: this fruit is about the size of an orange, with a cream-colored flesh that some have said tastes like a cross between a pineapple and a banana. If you haven’t heard of this fruit, you’re not alone. It’s not widely known outside of its country of origin, which is in Central America.

14). Fig: are a pretty fruit that have a somewhat tear drop shape. They’re small and filled with tiny seeds. They contain B vitamins, magnesium, copper, vitamin k and more.

15). Durian: while these Asian fruits have a bad reputation for being smelly, they are in fact very delicious. The fruit is oval-shaped and about a foot wide. The skin is covered in very sharp spikes. This is a fruit that’s very healthy, once you get past the smell. It contains high amounts of iron, vitamin C, and potassium.

16). Guava: these fruits have an oval shape, with light green or yellow skin. They are a great source of antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium, as well as fiber.

17). Kola nut: comes from the kola tree which originated in West Africa. The fruits are star-shaped, and each one has from 2-5 kola nuts in it. They are used as a stimulant in West Africa—each nut contains more caffeine that 2 cups of coffee!

18). Noni: also called Indian mulberry, this is a tropical fruit that’s related to coffee! The trees grow in Southeast Asia and Australasia. The fruit is filled with a wide variety of nutrients including antioxidants, vitamin C, and potassium.

19). Pawpaw: is a greenish blackish fruit that is about 3-6 inches long. Inside, the flesh is pale or bright yellow, with lots of seeds. Some have said this fruit tastes like a cross between a banana and a kiwi.

20). Tamarind: while the fruit most resembles a legume, it is truly a fruit. Tamarind has a juicy, acidic-tasting pulp, which is brown when the fruit is mature. It has a sweet and sour taste and is filled with B vitamins and calcium.

Fruit Dog Names Male

Here are some great fruit inspired names for boy dogs!

21). Pumpkin: this is an orange fruit that has orange meat, pulp and seeds in the middle.

22). Blueberry: these are deep blue-colored berries that have a sweet, tangy flavor.

23). Lychee: this is a small, reddish orange fruit that has a sweet inner flesh.

24). Blackberry: you may think of that popular type of mobile phone, but these fruits are yummy!

25). Pomelo: this is a citrus fruit that looks something like a huge grapefruit. They originally come from Malaysia and have a slighter more mellow flavor than a grapefruit. They’re also packed with nutrition.

26). Orange: you know these green fruits we mentioned above! By the time they reach the grocery store, these fruits are a nice yellow orange color. They’re packed with vitamin C are great to eat just peeled or drink as juice. Oranges are also great for different types of dishes—from salads and more.

27). Grape: most of us are familiar with these luscious, juicy fruits! They’re grown on vines and are used to make wine and raisins.

28). Cucumber: yes, this is a fruit! They’re related to gourds and can be eaten in a variety of ways.

29). Mulberry: these may look like blackberries, but these are different. They’re used to make so many things—from fruit juice, tea, jam, canned jellies, and even wine. They can also be dried and enjoyed as a healthy snack. Mulberries come in red, white and black.

30). Kumquat: this is a small orange fruit, which are similar to oranges. However, with these you can eat the entire fruit—including the skin.

Fruit Dog Names Female

Here are some great fruit inspired names for girl dogs!

31). Plum: these are a fruit that has a sweet, sour taste and they’re soft and crisp. They can be made into jams and more.

32). Cherry: you’re more than likely familiar with these small red fruits! They are pretty tart and can be used in everything from pies, teas, juice, and more.

33). Honeydew: this is a type of light green melon, which is sweet. These melons are related to cantaloupes. They’re used in a wide variety of ways including alone as dessert, in a salad, in soups and more.

34). Lemon: this bright yellow fruit is extremely popular around the world and is a citrus fruit. Lemons are used in all types of cooking and are very healthy.  They contain large amounts of vitamin C.

35). Apricot: these are somewhat like a peach, and it can be eaten alone or used in other ways such as in jams and jellies.

36). Gala: this is a type of apple, which is one of the most widely used in the world. It’s known for it’s bland, sweet flavor and can be used in a wide variety of ways.

37). Raspberry: while not a true berry, these are wonderfully sweet, and tart “false fruits” that are wonderful to enjoy any time and in many ways.

38). Pear: these green, yellow and sometimes white fruits are similar to apples, but the flesh is a little grainier. They packed with nutrients and are great to use in baking, eating raw, in salads and more.

39). Pomegranate: considered one of the healthiest fruits in the world, they are packed with nutrients that can provide a wide range of health benefits.

40). Tangerine: these are a hybrid of mandarin oranges, and have a sweet, tangy flavor.

41). Cranberry: these berries come in a range of colors including crimson, hot pink and bright red. They’re packed with nutrients and can be either dry-harvested or water-harvested.

42). Mandy: this name is inspired by those wonderful sweet and sour mandarin oranges.

43). Starfruit: this is another sweet and sour fruit that is shaped like a 5-pointed star. They are either yellow or green, and are either small and sour, or large and sweet.

44). Cherimoya: this is a relatively new fruit for the world to enjoy. It comes from South America and it’s insides are a bit like custard. It’s been said this fruit tastes like a cross between bubblegum (not a fruit!), pineapple and banana.

45). Kiwano: also known as the horned melon, this yummy fruit looks like it comes from outer space. However, it originally comes from Sub-Saharan Africa. The fruit’s skin is orange and spiky, while the flesh inside is yellow with green seeds. The taste is something like cucumber and lemon.

46). Korean Melon: this is a small yellow melon that has white or yellowish stripes, with a white flesh. They’re somewhat similar to honeydew melons, with a cucumber taste.

47). Feijoa: also called the pineapple guava, this yummy fruit comes from Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. It’s said to be tart and have a gritty flesh that’s scooped out with a spoon.

48). Tamarillo: this is a little bit different—it’s a tree tomato! The fruit is egg-shaped and tastes a bit tart. You scoop out the insides with a spoon. It can also be blended with water and sugar to make juice.

49). Loquat: is a small orange fruit that is pear-shaped. It is supposed to taste something like a cross between a peach and mango.

50). Longan: these are small berries, which have white flesh and black seeds. They originally come from South Asia and somewhat resemble a lychee.

There you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed our good fruit dog names and the fun facts on fruit. Mostly, we hope you’ve found a great, unusual name for your dog!

Fun, Unusual Facts About Fruit

Along with researching for fruity dog names, we also did some research and came across some fun and unusual facts about fruit!

What defines a fruit? Scientists have decided that “a fruit is a seed-bearing structure that develops from the ovary of a flowering plant, whereas vegetables are all other plant parts such as roots, leaves, and stems.”

According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary a fruit is the usually edible reproductive body of a seed plant.

What is the plural of fruit? To start with, the word is a noun; however, it is an exceptional noun in that it can be countable and uncountable. For this reason, “fruit” or “fruits” are both correct as the plural of the noun “fruit.” How confusing is that?

Bell peppers are fruits: they develop from a flower and have seeds. Did you know that this also includes cucumbers, squash, and pumpkins? They’re all fruits!

Bananas are berries: was that a typo? No, bananas are truly berries! This is because a berry begins from a single flower and a single ovary. Not only are bananas berries, but also kiwis and grapes.

Strawberries are not true berries: OK, that’s a wild one and not a typo. Berries have their seeds on the inside. If you’ve looked closely at a strawberry, you’ll see its seeds are on the outside. The “berry” is actually something called a pseudocarp (false fruit). Who would have known? This also applies to blackberries and raspberries!

Grapefruit: is healthy, but not when combined with certain medications. When combined with some of the medications on this list, grapefruit can cause life-threatening side effects. The reason is that the grapefruit contains an enzyme that deactivates a natural enzyme in our guts (CYP3A4). This gut enzyme is what controls how much of a medication is absorbed into the bloodstream. Grapefruit keeps this enzyme from working and then the gut absorbs more medication than it should, and levels of the drug then increase rapidly in the body. So, when you see a warning on a prescription medication not to take it with grapefruit/grapefruit juice, do mind the warning. There’s a good reason it’s there.

Cranberries: these are true berries! Don’t worry! What we’d like to tell you about these wonderful fruits is that they are not really grown in water. You’ve probably seen those commercials that show cranberries floating in water. The fact is they are grown in sandy bogs, and only harvested in water if they’ll be used for jelly, juice, and more. Those bags of cranberries you buy at the grocery store over the holidays, however, are another matter. These berries have been harvested without water and by machines. Who knew?

Oranges are green: yep, this isn’t a typo or misinformation! The fact is that oranges are green. In fact, when they’re green they can be ripe! Because people in Europe and the US are used to brightly colored oranges, the fruits are usually treated in some way to make them orange. When cold air hits green oranges, the fruits lose their chlorophyll (the green coloring on the peel). Another method is to expose the green oranges to ethylene gas, which also works to break down chlorophyll. The fruit can also be dyed to look orange. Yum!

Pears: not many people realize that pears are extremely healthy! This fruit is sometimes overlooked as many people reach for apples. But consider that pears a fruit that are very low in calories. They’re considered beneficial in bringing down blood LDL cholesterol levels, while reducing weight. Pears are also filled to overflowing with fiber, which is great for the heart. They may be a little grittier than apples, but this is great because the fiber can bind toxins that cause cancer in the colon. Pears are also fat-free and include a large amount of vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K and more!

Avocados are fruits: because they have a seed on the inside! While they do have a lot of fat, the type of fat they contain is beneficial and works to lower cholesterol. They also have a lot of fiber and vitamins that are very healthy.

Figs: are an excellent source of calcium. In fact, one cup of dried figs has as much calcium as a cup of milk. They also have a lot of fiber. However, they are also high in sugar and calories, so don’t eat too many at one time!

Apples are related to roses: these are extremely healthy fruits with lots of fiber and vitamin C. Even though we enjoy them, apples are related to roses, as are plums, cherries, apricots, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and sloes.

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