Best Looking Dogs: Your Guide to The Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

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Of course, everybody thinks their pooch is the most beautiful dog in the world. And, everyone is correct! Each canine has something special about them that makes them man’s best friend. But there are some breeds that are perceived as the most beautiful aesthetically. So, let’s take a look at them and see if we can find your favorite!

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1. Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. This adorable pooch is seen on television adverts, in movies and it has become the ultimate family dog. They have a fantastic temperature that means they offer a little bit of everything. They are very friendly and tolerant, which makes them great around kids and in loud environments. But they can also be working dogs as they are intelligent and enjoy having a job. For example, they make great sniffing and tracking dogs, as well as therapy pets.

It Is important to realize that Golden Retrievers can shed a lot. This is particularly true during the spring and fall. They will need to be brushed every day. But these family dogs are a lot of fun and they love to spend time with their humans. They will need a good amount of exercise every day and benefit from playtime and training. They can be excitable and while they are good around children, be aware they can become boisterous. It can be possible to adopt a Golden Retriever from a shelter. If you are going to choose a breeder, ensure they are responsible. There are a lot out there trying to make a profit from this wonderful pooch.

2. Doberman Pinscher

There is no doubt that the Doberman Pinscher is a stunning canine. They have a bold and confident stance that makes them stand out and be noticed. This pooch is originally from Germany. While the ancestry of this breed is a little blurry, it is believed this furry friend is a combination of a Rottweiler, German Pinscher and Terrier. One thing’s for sure, they are beautiful to look at!

The Doberman Pinscher as a lovely sleek coat, as well as an athletic build that makes them look fit and healthy. They do have a lot of energy and this means they have to use their muscles during the day. They are fantastic pooches for canine sports. This breed is often misunderstood. A lot of people think they are scary dogs and aggressive. Of course, you would not want to be an intruder and get on the wrong side of this pooch. But to their family, they are very gentle and protective canines. They are good with children but they do need a lot of exercise and they are large. Just make sure this dog is socialized from an early age for a fantastic experience with this companion.

3. Weimaraner

Next up is the Weimaraner. This pooch had to be included in our list of beautiful dogs. This German canine is believed to be a combination of the English Pointer, Bloodhound, German Pointer and a Blue Great Dane. This canine used to be a hunting dog. He would hunt down big game, including bear and wolves. They are also used for smaller wild animals, such as rabbits and birds. Their distinctive color means you will know a dog is a Weimaraner from a mile away. They have a confident stance and are loyal to their family.

If you have never owned a dog before, the Weimaraner might not be for you. They need a lot of exercise, which means plenty of time to play and run. They also need mental stimulation, which requires a lot of attention at home too. Otherwise, they can become hyper and nervous. You need to have the time to get them the attention they need. In other words, if you work long hours, perhaps consider another pooch. In addition, they do have a prey drive and will chase other animals if not properly trained.

4. Irish Setter

If you see an Irish Setter, you are very lucky! This native Irish pooch is a beautiful canine, with a flowing brown coat. With their long beautiful coat, make sure your brush your pooch very day. This is going to keep the fur silky and soft, avoiding tangles and matting. This canine is friendly and does have a lot of energy. This means they bring excitement to your family but you have to be prepared to give them the care they need to be happy. This includes a lot of exercise and playtime. In particular, their natural abilities mean they are great at canine sports.

The Irish Setter is not only beautiful. This breed is also very intelligent. This means they can be independent and do require training. You will have to be consistent and let them know who is boss. However, they are enthusiastic to learn if you can make training sessions fun. They love to spend time with their owner and they can develop separation anxiety is this is not worked on. Proper socialization is essential but Irish Setters do tend to get on well with other animals. They are good with children and bring a lot of love to your family home. They can take a while to mature, which means they act like a puppy for a long time.

5. Icelandic Sheep Dog

Have you ever seen an Icelandic Sheep Dog before? They are gorgeous pooches that were actually the companions to Vikings! This means their big coat kept them warm on their travels and they were also used to guard flocks of lambs. This means you will always know if there is something in your yard, as they are known to bark and warn you. However, this does not mean the Icelandic Sheep Dog is the best guard dog! This canine is known for being very friendly and affectionate.

This furry friend is playful and loves to spend time with their humans. In particular male Icelandic Sheep Dogs seem to be particularly loving. This canine will require some training but they are quick and enthusiastic learners. They need a moderate amount of exercise and they enjoy investigating new places. The Icelandic Sheep Dog reaches around 18 inches, weighing around 20 to 30 pounds. Weekly brushing is necessary for this big coat. And it is waterproof for dealing with winter weather.

6. Bernese Mountain Dog

Next on our list of most beautiful dogs is the Bernese Mountain Dog. This big and stunning pup used to be a working dog in Switzerland. They would do everything from herding cattle to pulling carts. They are calm and friendly, as well as being obedient. This makes them a good pooch to have around the home.

Of course, the size of the Bernese Mountain Dog does mean that they require training. In addition, they do need a good amount of exercise to be relaxed. Otherwise, they can become disruptive. They would benefit from having their own yard and being in a household that is active. In addition, they can shed a lot of fur and this is something to be aware of. They make good watchdogs and companions, showing unconditional love and remaining very loyal to their owner.

7. Great Dane

The Great Dane makes our list of best-looking dogs and this giant pooch is known to be gentle and loving. This breed has been around for thousands of years and they were originally used to hunt boar. They make good guard dogs because of their size and they have a muscular build. Some owners choose to crop their ears. However, this serves no function.

The Great Dane makes a fantastic family pup. They are good around children and gentle for a large dog. They will also defend their owners if they need to. Due to their size, training will be essential. They love to make their owners happy, which means they are good to train. Daily exercise is recommended and they love to play. Because of the size of the Great Dane, their life span is shorter than other breeds. Unfortunately, they may only live for about eight years in good health.

8. Saluki

Did you know that the Saluki is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world? This pooch was thought to be a gift from Allah and they are recognized by their beautiful coat. They are known to be very fast and have good endurance and have a long and sleek physique. They are surprisingly muscular and strong too. This canine is an affectionate companion to have around the home.

The Saluki benefits from a lot of running and playtime. Be aware that the Saluki has a prey drive. If they see a small furry, they are likely to speed off quicker than you can catch them. Recall and training will be essential, as well as having a fenced yard. They make good partners for agility and tracking competitions. This pup can be timid if they are not socialized from a young age so this should be a priority as a young puppy. They can make a good watchdog and will bark if they see anything suspicious going on. However, if it is important to note that they are not guard dogs.

9. Afghan Hound

With their silky and long coat, you cannot help but stare at the beautiful Afghan Hound. This canine has an elegance that a lot of breeds lack. They are dog models! This pooch is originally from Afghanistan and they were used for hunting large prey in the mountains. Of course, this fur was able to keep them warm during this time. This pup is very athletic and they are known for their speed and endurance.

The Afghan Hound can be quite independent. Therefore, this pooch will decide when they want to go off exploring and when they seek affection from their humans. They like things on their own terms. They also have a mischievous side and love to play with objects they should not touch!

10. Pharaoh Hound

We just love the Pharaoh Hound! This is a beautiful dog breed that originated almost 5,000 years ago. Just like their name suggests, they were the companion of kings. In addition, it is thought this breed may have been a hunter. This pooch is not only beautiful but they are also fun to be around. They love to play and they are gentle with people. They still like some independence but will decide when they want to enjoy this or spend time with their humans.

The Pharaoh Hound will not make the best guard dog. However, they will bark to let you know something is going on. Indeed, they can do this when they are bored and it is important to give them attention. If you are out a lot during the day, this might not be the breed for you.

11. Dalmatian

We have not come across anybody that does not think the Dalmatian is beautiful! This white and black spotted canine is a famous pooch from starting in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians. Besides being a movie star, this breed has also been a hunter and firehouse dog, as well as even performing in the circus. The Dalmatian can be goofy and enjoys playing and having fun.

You will find that they have endless energy and need a lot of exercise during the day. This is not a breed that will sit around. In addition, they are very intelligent. They benefit from training since they can be headstrong. Just make sure that you are patient and reward them with positive actions. They can be scared if you use harsh treatment and this will discourage them from learning.

One thing to know about the Dalmatian is that they can become deaf when they are older. This is a condition that the breed is prone to. This is something you may be able to overcome with training but should be a consideration when you are choosing a breed.

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