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Are you considering making a new addition to the family? Would you like to adopt a new fur baby? Do you know which pet adoption sites are the best? If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

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If you’re looking to adopt a fur baby, then it’s best to avoid pet stores or breeders. There are so many fur babies that need a good home, but they’re currently in pet shelters or rescues. When you adopt a new pet from one of these places, you’ll have a new friend who loves you all the more for it. Not only that, but you’ll be saving a life, one that deserves to have the love of a fur ever family and a safe home to live.

If you’re not sure where to find a rescue or shelter near you, then consider using an online service to find your fur baby! We’ve done the research for you to make it as easy as possible for you to connect with your new dog or cat!

Pet Finder Websites

Here are two great pet finder websites you can use to find a fur baby to adopt!

1). Pet Finder Foundation

This is a public charity that works to prevent euthanasia of adoptable pets. They help rescues and animal shelters across North America to place pets who need a new home. The charity was founded in 2003 and has given over $20 million in cash and product grants to help organizations that save pets in need.

This is a unique pet adopt organization, as their program is set up to “make pets more adoptable.” They do this by ensuring all the pets are healthy and happy. In addition, they work to make shelter operations more sustainable and help adoption groups during natural or man-made disasters that leave pets without a home.

To use their service to find a new fur baby, all you need to do is visit their home page. Scroll down until you see a bright green box on the right sidebar, which says “Adopt a Pet Today!” Here, fill in your location (city or zip code), and then the type of pet you’d like. Here, you can choose from dogs, cats, horses, small animals and more! If you choose “dog” then you can also choose the breed in the next box. Once you have all the information filled out, just click the purple button that says, “Find Pets.” You’ll be taken to a new page.

On the new page, there’s a purple bar across the top of the page. Here, you’ll find information that tells you the number of dogs in your area who need a home, how many miles away (you can change this and have results that are closer to home), and next you’ll see “near your zip code, state name.”

Now, all you need to do is scroll down the page and check out photos of beautiful dogs that are looking for their fur ever homes. Just click on the image of a dog you’re interested in, and you’ll be taken to a new page. Here, you’ll find the dog’s name, breed, gender, and more details (including if the dog is house-trained or not). There’s also information about his personality, and you’ll find some more pictures of the dog at the top of the page.

This site is extremely easy to use! But don’t say we didn’t warn you. Seeing all those lovely faces will make you want to adopt each and every one of the dogs!

Dog Adoption Websites

If you’re looking to adopt a new canine companion, then these sites are the best to use!

2). Dog Time

This is a great site to help find your fur ever dog! Not only can you find a dog to adopt, but the site is dedicated to dogs. You’ll find all kinds of articles on dog name suggestions, canine health information, how to train your dog, and much more. And if you’re a first-time pet parent, there’s a lot of helpful information on what you need to know starting out.

While they’re located in Los Angeles, this site works to help home pets from all over North America. Dog Time’s site is easy to use. To look for a dog, look at the top bar on their webpage, and click on “Adopt.” Then scroll down to about the middle of the page, and you’ll find a section that says, “Pets in Need of a Home.” Just below this, you can type in the breed you’re interested in, then add in your zip code, and hit the button that says, “Search.” The search is powered by PetFinder—just click on the name and photo of a dog you like, then you’ll be taken to a page with all the information about that dog, which also includes photos.

It’s easy to use and you can find dogs near your home!

3). Adopt a Pet

This site was formerly “,” but they’ve now changed their name to “Adopt a Pet.” This organization works with shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, pet rescue groups, and pet adoption agencies across North America. The site runs ads for adoptable pets, including dogs. And they receive no compensation when you adopt a pet through their site. Their focus is to find homes for pets in need—that’s it. One more note—all the people working with the organization are volunteers, who are pet parents themselves.

To use this site to find your new fur baby, all you have to do is fill in some information in the blue box that says, “Adopt the Perfect Pet.” Here, fill in your zip code or city, the age of the dog you’d like, and choose a breed. Then all you have to do is click the green “Search” button. A new page will open with images of dogs looking to be adopted.

Next, scroll down the page to view the photos and names of the dogs. You’ll also find where they’re located. Click on the image of a dog to find out more about them. A new page opens and you’ll find more pictures, where the dog is currently living, the breed/age/sex and other information. You can email the pet rescue facility from this page or use the provided link to visit the rescue’s website directly.

Dog Rescue Websites

Dog rescue websites are another way to find a canine fur baby. They’re filled with many dogs who need a new home and a loving family. By adopting from a rescue or shelter, you’ll be saving the life of a fur baby who deserves all the love and care you can give them.

4). The Shelter Pet Project

The Shelter Pet Project is a joint project that’s put together by the Humane Society of the United States, Maddie’s Fund and the Ad Council. Their goal is to make shelters the first place pet parents go when looking for a fur baby to adopt.

This site is easy to use—just find the search box at the top of the page, then type in your zip code, choose the mile radius you’d like and then choose the type of pet. Then just hit the purple “Search” button, and the site will present you with a list of dogs and their pictures.

Just scroll down the page to a dog you’re interested in, then click on the picture. You’ll be taken to a new page with information about the dog, more photos, etc.

Animal Adoption Websites

Would you like to adopt another type of fur baby? Perhaps a hamster, bunny, or even a horse? These websites feature animals of all types—including dogs and cats. You’re sure to find your fur baby on one of these sites!

5). Best Friends

The Best Friends Animal Society has been working to help animals for over 30 years. They continue to run the country’s largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals, while working to reduce the number of animals that have to go to a shelter in the first place.

You can adopt a fur baby directly from their sanctuary or find pets available for adoption near you—right from their site!

6). The Animal League

This is another very large no-kill sanctuary, which is located in New York state. Here, you can adopt one of the fur babies living at the sanctuary. They have a wide variety of dogs and cats just waiting to find their new home and family. These pets are ready to love you for the rest of their lives!

You can search through their adoptable pet’s webpage, where you’ll find pictures of dogs and cats that are available for adoption. Just look at these precious faces—surely there’s one here who will be your companion for life!

7). Alive Rescue

Alive Rescue is pet rescue that was founded back in 2008. It was started as a rescue and safe haven for animals. They believe that “every animal has the right to a well-balanced, socialized, and fulfilled life. We take responsibility to save, rehabilitate and place abandoned, abused and stray animals.” This pet rescue is located in Chicago, and most of their pets come from local shelters, where they rescue animals from shelters where there’s a high rate of euthanasia.

To find your fur baby, just click on the “Adopt” link at the top of their homepage, and then scroll through photos of adorable cats and dogs waiting to be adopted.

Cat Adoption Websites

If you’re looking for a feline fur baby, here are some websites that offer cats and kittens for adoption!

8). Meow Cat Rescue

Started back in the 1990s, the MEOW (Mercer Island Eastside Orphans and Waifs) Rescue was created by some animal-loving friends who wanted to make a difference in the lives of homeless animals. They wanted to find new homes for these animals, while offering sanctuary at their no-kill facility.

Here, you’ll find a wide range of cats and kittens who are looking for good homes! Just click on the “Adopt” link at the top of the page (near the left-hand side), and then take a look at these beautiful kitties who need homes. And you’ll also find dogs at this rescue!

9). Kitten Rescue Los Angeles

This rescue focuses on rescuing cats and kittens from the streets of Los Angeles and from City Shelter euthanasia. They were started in 1997, and they are one of the largest animal welfare groups in LA.

To find cats and kittens who need a good home, just click the “Adopt” link near the upper left-hand corner of their home page. From there, you can choose to view all cats, babies, youngsters, adults, seniors, males or females. And they also rescue dogs, so you can view their dogs that are up for adoption, too!

10). Save a Cat Rescue

Located in Houston, Texas, this cat rescue is also a no-kill facility, that looks for new homes for their kitties. The cats cared for here are strays, abandoned or abused cats, or cats from shelters where they would have been euthanized. Each cat is cared for in a foster home and has excellent medical care, so you know your kitty will be healthy and have all her shots.

To view the available cats for adoption, just click the “Adopt” link on the upper left-hand side of their webpage. A new page will open with photos of cats who need a good, loving home.

We hope this article has provided you with the information on each site, to help you find your fur baby and new loving companion! We wish you all the best in your search and know that you’ll find a loving fur baby who will be extremely thankful and happy to go home with you!

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