Irish Doodle: Owner’s Guide

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If you are on the lookout for a new furry friend to bring into your family, you may be looking at the most popular dog breeds. Recently, the Irish Doodle has become a common choice with families since they can be awesome companions. This fun-loving and affectionate pooch is definitely one that you should consider.

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But are you wondering what exactly an Irish Doodle is? Indeed, this is a crossbreed that is very interesting. Let’s take a look and learn more about the fantastic Irish Doodle!

The Irish Doodle is a Crossbreed – What does that involve? 

The Irish Doodle is a relatively new crossbreed. Indeed, it is their red and wavy coat that captures everybody’s attention. This furry friend is a combination of the Irish Setter and the Poodle. Hence, this is why they are called the Irish Doodle. Let’s find out why this crossbreed is becoming popular.

Often, an Irish Doodle is referred to as a designer breed. But this only means that they have become popular. They are still a crossbreed like all other pooches and this does not mean they have anything more to offer that makes them superior to other canines out there. Since this breed is a cross breed, the Irish Doodle is not recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Irish Setters are famous for their beautiful red coats and this often seen on the Irish Doodle. The Setter is referred to as a gun dog and they have long and floppy ears, as well as weighing up to 70 pounds. Then you have the Poodle are can also weigh up to 70 pounds and have a cute wavy coat.

It is thought that the Irish Doodle emerged in the last 30 years. This is a canine that became a designer breed after the boom created by the Labradoodle. Suddenly, everybody wanted a hybrid pooch and this likely led to experimenting with cross breeds. It is also likely that the Irish Doodle emerged in the United States. But there is no definitive storyline of when or where this breed emerged from. But what we can say is that the Irish Setter is from the 18th century while the Poodle breed is as old as the 15th century. Therefore, mixing these two ancient breeds has been a success and everybody loves the Irish Doodle.

Some Maintenance Required

You may be looking for an easy pooch to take care of. But we hate to break it to you; there is going to be some maintenance when you choose the Irish Doodle. Of course, we all love their beautiful and wavy red coat. But this is going to require some washing, trimming and brushing. You will have to arrange trips to the groomers for your canine, as well as being able to brush them a lot. It is recommended to brush your canine’s coat daily so that it does not become matted or tangled. You may have to trim some of their ear fur to prevent build up and risk of infection. In addition, you can cut their fur around the eyes so that it does not interfere with your pup’s vision and ability to see.

One great thing about the coat of the Irish Doodle is that it is referred to as hypoallergenic. This means that this may be the perfect pooch for those that have allergies and suffer from sneezing and itching when they are around pups. This is due to their low shedding. Therefore, if you thought that you could never have a furry friend because of their allergies then you were wrong!

Always remember to double check and ask your vet about Irish Doodles being hypoallergenic before you get one. This is to make sure that your allergies will not get worse. In addition, if you choose to get your furry friend from a breeder, you can always ask them whether they are hypoallergenic before purchasing one.

They are Smart

Most of the time, you will find that the Irish Doodle is very intelligent. This can make them a fast learner when it comes to tricks and commands. They get their smartness from the Poodle and this is something that is not found in a lot of breeds.

One thing that you should realize is that Irish Doodles can be stubborn. This means that you will need to take charge when it comes to training. Being the pack leader is essential to ensure that they listen and respect you. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your time and your furry friend ignores your commands. Always be patient and you can have a rewarding experience with the Irish Doodle. It can be a lot of fun!

They Need Moderate Exercise

When you adopt an Irish Doodle, you need to be aware of the energy levels they have. This is going to allow you to have a fun time with your pooch and understand their needs. Thus, when it comes to the Irish Doodle, they have moderate exercise needs. They are going to be suited for an active family that likes to get outdoors and explore. If you like to go out hiking a lot and you enjoy jogging and running, the Irish Doodle is going to make the best companion for your adventure. They are always going to be in the mood to join you and this will make sure to drain their energy levels. When you come back, they will be ready to nap all day! Therefore, daily exercise is going to be important for the Irish Doodle to be happy.

Do not forget that energy is more than just physical. Your Irish Doodle is a smart dog and they want to be challenged mentally. This means that you have got to provide games and challenges for your furry friend during the day too. This can include puzzle games that involve treats, as well as hiding treats around the house for your canine. They will love to think and use their nose to find them.

In addition, do not forget to teach your pooch new tricks. This is a great way to challenge them mentally and it will exhaust them. But the great thing is that it can be rewarding for you and the pups enjoy it too. For example, try to teach your Irish Doodle to roll over, beg or give you a paw. The process of learning the trick and working through the steps is going to allow them to feel satisfied at the end. Take your time with tricks and they might not get them straight away. Just make sure that you use positive reinforcement so that your furry friend finds the experience fun and rewarding. Again, treats can be a great encouragement through the process!

Training is Important

As we have discussed, the Irish Doodle is an intelligent breed. But they are also known for being stubborn. This is something that you should remember when you are trying to train your canine. Of course, training is important for every pooch. No matter what breed of dog you decide to get, you should always make sure that they have some basic training and obedience. This is going to make sure that you have control of every situation.

Therefore, make sure that you spend time training your Irish Doodle to listen to you from an early age. Using treats can be a great way to get started. They should know basic commands, such as sit and stay, before moving onto more complex training. Learning to walk nicely on leash will make your life a lot easier, as well as training your Irish Doodle to be off leash. This is going to allow them to satisfy their energy needs. Recall training will take time and it is not something that happens overnight. In conclusion, you have to be patient and be consistent with your training regime.

Do not forget that training is going to involve socializing your Irish Doodle. This canine will be good with other dogs if they are allowed to make furry friends from a young age. This means taking your pup to classes when they are young, as well as visiting dog parks and going dog walks with friends. They can learn acceptable behavior and learn to have fun and make new furry friends. If they are not socialized, this can be bad for their mental health, as well as make them reactive when they are out on walks and surrounded by other dogs.

Where to Find an Irish Doodle

You may have decided that the Irish Doodle is the perfect pooch for you and your family. This is great and it can be very rewarding owning one of these beautiful pups! So, you may be wondering where you are going to be able to find one. There are three ways that you can find an Irish Doodle and they all start in your local area or online.

First of all, it is always recommended that you head to your local shelter to find a pup that needs a home. There are dogs abandoned every day and it can be a rewarding experience having a rescue dog. Unfortunately, you will be lucky to find an Irish Doodle in a shelter. Since they are a designer breed, this makes them rare to find adoption centers. Of course, it is always good to look just in case. You may also fall in love with another dog that needs a home too.

Another way to find an Irish Doodle is to see if anybody is trying to re-home their canine online. There are websites out there that mean you can sell your pooch on the internet. This can be done for a variety of reasons, which is a change in your personal or financial circumstances. You may be lucky to find an Irish Doodle available and this can sometimes be a cheaper route than going to a breeder. It may also suit you if you are looking for an adult Irish Doodle and not a puppy. Just make sure that the sale is legitimate and that you are not paying an extortionate amount of money.

The last way that you can get your hands on an Irish Doodle is by looking for a reputable breeder that specializes in this breed. You can easily do this by asking around, as well as doing your research online. The most important thing you need to remember if you are going to get an Irish Doodle puppy is that you need to find a breeder that you trust and that cares about the dogs. As the Irish Doodle is referred to as a designer breed, this can mean that people starting breeding these pooches just for the money. It is never a good idea to encourage this type of business.

You can look for a reputable breeder online by searching for reviews and testimonials. You want to know that other owners would recommend getting your beloved companion from there. Once you find somebody that you think that you trust, you can arrange to meet them before agreeing to buy a puppy. Always ask them a lot of questions about their breeding and test their knowledge. If they are reputable, they should be able to easily answer your questions and be happy to do this.

Always make sure that you meet the parents and puppies before agreeing to the sale. You want to make sure they look healthy and happy. Ask the breeder for health certificates and ensure they have had the relevant vaccinations. The last thing you want is for your Irish Doodle to start off life with health problems.

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