50 Husky Dog Names – Great Names for Your Husky

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Are you the proud pet parent of a beautiful Husky? These dogs are well known for their thick coats, their various coloring and markings and for their blue or multi-colored eyes. These dogs are very striking and have a wolf-like appearance. Huskies are also known for being extremely intelligent dogs, who very friendly and require quite a bit of exercise!

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If you’re the new pet parent of one of these remarkable dogs, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together some popular Husky names that may be a good fit for your fur baby!

Husky Dog Names with Blue Eyes

Let’s start off our list with these names for Huskies that have one or two blue eyes! Each of these names has something to do with the color blue.

1). Rain

2). Azula (which is Spanish for “blue”)

3). Isis

4). Indigo: this is a shade of blue, usually dark blue, which could be the perfect name for a lady Husky who has deep, vibrant blue eyes

5). Brooke

6). Skylar

7). Azurite: a type of blue stone

8). Cyan

9). Teale: this is a bluish/green color

10). Lapis: another type of blue stone

Husky Dog Names in Movies

Here are some names taken from movies (including animated films) that feature Huskies:

11). Amelia: from The Snow Dogs

12). Duchess: from The Snow Dogs

13). Demon: from The Snow Dogs

14). Thunder Jack: from The Snow Dogs

15). Scooper: from The Snow Dogs

16). Barb: from The Snow Dogs

17). Max: from Eight Below

18). Maya: from Eight Below

19). Truman: from Eight Below 

20). Shorty: from Eight Below

Husky Dog Names Male

Are you still looking for a great name for your new Husky canine companion? If you have a boy dog, then maybe one of the names in this list will be a great fit!

21). Akira

22). Bay

23). Beau

24). Blizzard

25). Boomer

26). Bruno

27). Chase

28). Chinook

29). Cosmo

30). Dash

31: Kavik (Inuit for wolverine)

32). Kolya

33). Nanuk (another word from the Inuit language which means polar bear)

34). Oso: the Spanish word for bear

35). Ranger

36). Tundra

37). Sundance

38). Wilder

39). Yukon

40). River

Husky Dog Names for Female

If your have a lovely Husky lady dog, then here are some names we think will be a great fit for her. Here are some Husky dog names for girl dogs:

41). Alaska

42). Alina

43). Astra

44). Bianca (especially for a lady dog who has large areas of white on her body)

45). Cleo

46). Freya

47). Irina

48). Pearl

49). Sitka

50). Tasha

Facts About Huskies: There’s More Than One Type

Did you know there’s more than one type of Husky breed? Many people are surprised by this fact, but there are several Husky breeds including:

Siberian Husky Heroes

Huskies are members of the Spitz dog family, but the Siberian Husky is its own breed. They are highly outgoing, intelligent, have free-spirits and are usually healthier than the other husky cousins. In addition, these dogs are famous for their heroism. In fact, Huskies made the headlines in 1925, when a sled team delivered medicine to Nome, Alaska that was dealing with an outbreak of diphtheria that winter.

You may be familiar with the name of the dog that led the team. His name was Balto; he and his team members traveled over 600 miles in only 5 and half days. Can you imagine? Today, you’ll find a bronze statue in honor of Balto and his sled team in Central Park, New York City. Huskies were also used during WWII by the US Army for transporting provisions, medicine and mail to soldiers. In addition, these brave dogs served with the Army’s Artic Search and Rescue Unit of the Air Transport Command, and in the Byrd Antarctic expeditions.

Huskies and Eye Color

Most Siberian Huskies have very bright blue eyes, though some dogs can have brown or even amber eyes. Husky blue eyes are a dominant trait, which is interesting because blue eyes are a recessive, rare trait in other dog breeds.

Some Huskies can even have one blue and one brown eye, or half-blue or half-brown eyes. And another interesting fact about their eyes is that the almond shape helps the dogs to squint and keep snow out of their eyes! Who would have known?

The Great Escape Artists

Siberian Huskies are also famous for their ability to escape from yards. They have been known to jump over or dig under fences, making it a challenge to keep one of these dogs safely in the yard! In fact, pet parents who have a Husky will need to have at least a 6 foot fence as a minimum. And it’s necessary to have a portion of the bottom of the fence installed underground to keep a Husky from digging out.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Husky facts and that you’ve found a great name for your beautiful male or female dog!

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