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Taking your dog out on adventures can be great, but sometimes difficult if you don’t want to use a car. Obviously dogs love walking, but if your destination is far away, it’ll not only take a long time, but it’ll also be really tiring for the both of you. A good option is to invest in a dog bike trailer.

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Simply put, a dog bike trailer is an enclosed space on wheels that you can hitch onto the back of your bike. Think something like a travel box, but one that can move. There are plenty of options when it comes to how covered the trailer is, and many feature mesh panels that can be opened and closed. These are good options if your dog gets anxious when traveling.

As with many other dog-related items, size is important. Your dog won’t be doing much other than sitting, but make sure you buy a trailer that’s big enough for them. Most manufacturers include size charts, so always consult these before purchasing. There are other things to consider too, such as materials, security, and handling, so to help get you started, here is a list of the best currently available.

1. Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

Schwinn have designed a great dog bike trailer that’s quick and easy to hitch to your bike, and it can be attached to pretty much any model. The dog’s compartment is reasonably spacious, but bigger dogs will probably have to spend most of the journey lying down unless you open the top flap. There are also mesh panels on the side to help with ventilation, and a zip-up door on the back for easy entrance and exit.

The trailer frame is made from aluminum and steel, and the wheels are 15” and can be inflated with a normal bicycle pump. The dog bike trailer can be folded down and the wheels quickly released, making it ideal for storage in small spaces. This is a sturdy and durable trailer, although it recommends a maximum weight of 50bs, so might not be the best option for bigger dogs. If you’ve got a small dog though, this will be a great choice.

2. InStep Single Bicycle Trailer

This bike trailer is actually designed for children, but its upright shape makes it suitable for dogs too. The only thing it doesn’t have is a dedicated place to attach a leash, but this is something you can easily get around. The fabric canopy has a mesh screen and a weather shield, and so should hopefully keep your dog protected in all climates. It has an easy to access door on the side that zips up for extra security, and there are mesh panels for ventilation.

The hitch is quite a versatile design, and should fit on most bike models. The frame is made from steel and is quite sturdy, and the wheels are 16” in diameter and have molded rims for better performance. The frame can be folded up for storage and transport, making this a good choice if you plan to go traveling. The hitch is very mobile, so you shouldn’t have any problems with corners, and the trailer has surprisingly good suspension.

3. DoggyRide Dog Bike Trailer

One of the best features of this pet trailer is how lightweight and portable it is. Unlike some other models, its frame is made of aluminum tubing, and so is really light. This makes it much easier if you’re the one cycling! It’s a great shape and should give you dog plenty of room inside to sit up and look around. There is a mesh roof for ventilation, and a weather screen to keep the rain off. However, this model doesn’t have mesh sides, so might be a better choice for those whose dogs get anxious when they travel.

Sitting on the aluminum frame is a fabric canopy that’ll keep your dog nice and cozy, and it even has a pocket on the back for extra storage. There are reflective strips down the side for improved visibility, which is a great addition. The wheels have stainless steel spokes and durable rubber tires. The hitch is really easy to use and has good mobility. There also shouldn’t be any issues attaching it to your bike either. Overall this is a great choice if you’re looking for a durable dog bike trailer.

4. Burley Bike Trailer

While this might be one of the more expensive models on this list, it’s definitely worth the extra money. It has a range of options on how your pet uses the space, and has plenty of mesh windows for ventilation and visibility. It also has a weather screen on top for keeping the rain out, and all zippers are weatherproof to avoid leaks. The canopy itself is made from a durable and weatherproof fabric, although it might get a bit damp inside if it rains heavily.

The frame is made from steel tubing and has a rigid frame for extra durability. The floor of the trailer is removable for easy cleaning, and can simply be wiped down. There’s also a leash clip inside for extra security. The wheels have a 16” diameter, and can be easily detached for quick storage. One of the best things about this trailer is that it includes an optional handle, so can also be used as a stroller. The hitch is high quality and can be attached to most bikes. If you’re willing to spend a bit of extra money, this is one of the best models you’ll find.

5. Booyah Small Dog Bike Trailer

This model is great if you have a smaller dog, such as a Yorkie, pug, or French bulldog, but obviously won’t be suitable for larger breeds. The manufacturers recommend a maximum weight of 40lbs, but state that you’ll only realistically be able to fit a dog of around 20lbs inside. The canopy is a standard box design, and will actually be quite spacious for smaller dogs. It has mesh windows on the side, and the roof has a mesh screen that can be completely opened, but unfortunately doesn’t have a weather screen. Bear this in mind if you live somewhere rainy.

The trailer has reflectors on the side and back for extra visibility, and a large zip-up door on the back for easy entry and exit. The wheels are quite large considering the size of the trailer, but have good suspension, and can be inflated with any normal bike pump. There’s a leash attachment inside for extra security, meaning you won’t have to worry about having the screen open. The hitch is on a surprisingly mobile arm, and can be attached to almost any bike.

6. Solvit HoundAbound Pet Bicycle Trailer

This is one of the more luxury models on this list, and is actually really good value for money. One of the best features is that it gives your dog plenty of protection in bad weather, and has weatherproof screens for all its windows, and the door. The top and front panels can be completely opened if you want, giving your dog plenty of room to look around while you’re cycling. The canopy is made from water-resistant polyester, and the floor is also waterproof, and has a removable cushion.

The frame is made from aluminum and is incredibly durable. The two 20” tires have good suspension, and include reflectors for night riding. The trailer can be assembled quickly and stored in quite a small space, making it ideal for traveling, or for infrequent use. The whole thing is really easy to clean, and can simply be wiped down with a cloth. The hitch bar swivels really easily, meaning it shouldn’t have any impact on your riding ability, and it can be fitted onto most bikes. Overall, this is a great choice, and probably one of the best on this list.

7. 25 Home Décor Dog Bicycle Trailer

If you’re looking for a safety-conscious dog bike trailer, then this will be a good choice for you because it’s got plenty of safety features. The canopy is bright orange and has several reflective strips, and reflectors fitted on the back, sides, and wheels. This makes it a great choice if you plan to travel at night, or you might find yourself driving in a city. However, the canopy is polyester, and looks a bit cheap compared to some other models on this list. That said, it can withstand damage, but won’t stay particularly waterproof if it rains.

There are several mesh panels on the trailer for improved visibility and ventilation, but unfortunately there aren’t any weather screens to keep the rain out. The compartment has a reinforced floor that’s really easy to clean, and has a leash attachment fitted too. The frame is made from steel tubing, and is specially designed to help with shock absorption to improve your dog’s comfort while riding. This feature makes it a good choice if you’re planning longer journeys, as long as it doesn’t rain on them!

8. Bigacc Dog Bike Trailer and Stroller

What’s great about this trailer is that it can easily be converted into a pet stroller with just a few minor changes. All you need to do is attach a wheel onto the hitch, and fix the handle on the back, and you’ve got a stroller instead of a trailer. While this is a good feature, it does mean you lose some mobility in the hitch arm so that it can also function as the stroller wheel. However, if you don’t need a particularly mobile dog bike trailer, then this shouldn’t be an issue. The trailer is a box design that should give your dog plenty of room inside, and the canopy is made from polyester and has several reflective strips for safety. There are mesh panels in the sides and roof, and the top one can be completely opened. It also has weather screens to help keep the rain out, and the coy interior should keep your dog nice and warm, even in bad weather.

The frame is quite sturdy, but not as rigid as some other models on this list. Also, the wheels only have a 12” diameter, and so this trailer won’t have as much ground clearance as some other models. However, this model is suitable for dogs up to 88lbs, and so will be a good choice for those with larger breeds.

9. Schwinn Trailblazer Single Bike

Much like the model above, this one can also be converted into a stroller with a few simple changes. However, unlike the model above, this one loses far less mobility in its hitch thanks to a different design. This makes it a good choice if you want to use it mainly as a trailer instead of a stroller.

The compartment is spacious and has plenty of weather protection. There are mesh panels in the side for ventilation, but there’s also a good bit of coverage in case you have an anxious dog. This trailer comes in several different colors, and is a good choice if you have 1 or 2 medium-sized dogs.

10. Rage Powersports Dog Bicycle Trailer

One of the best features of this trailer is that it has access doors on both the front and the back, making it really easy to access. However, thanks to its leash loop inside, it’ll keep your dog nice and secure, even if the trailer is open. The front door has a weather screen, and the sides have several mesh panels for ventilation.

The wheels are 20” in diameter, and have improved shock absorption for use off-road. The interior is 24.5” high, and so should be suitable for many dogs. What’s more, it holds a maximum weight of 85lbs, so the sheer size of your dog will likely be the issue before weight is. Overall, this is a good choice if you want a reasonably basic, value for money dog bike trailer.

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