Top 8 Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

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Top 8 Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

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For pet lovers, a dog is a full-fledged member of the family. It can’t be left at home or in a pet hotel when you go on a trip. Many people think taking a pet with them on a long journey is too troublesome or even impossible, but this is a delusion.

You only need to plan beforehand if you want to enjoy the vacation with your pet. We will discuss the factors you should take into account when organizing a trip with a dog in this article.

Tip #1

You should start accustoming your dog to the car in advance if you plan to travel with it by car. Take your pet on short trips, such as out of town or to the supermarket. Prepare a place for your dog — place a pillow or blanket to make your pet feel comfortable. And make sure you can look at the dog from time to time along the way.

Tip #2

Going on a trip by car, be sure to prepare the vehicle itself and visit service center in advance. Carry out an auto electrical service  in a car workshop to make your transport ready for the trip. This way, you will minimize the technical problems and relieve yourself and your dog of unnecessary stress. Therefore, it’s obligatory to perform full car scanning and diagnostics.

traveling with your dog2

Tip #3

If you are traveling with your pet to another country, it’s necessary to find out about the rules for bringing the animal into the country of destination. Since there are no uniform international rules — each country has its laws on this matter.

So we advise you to call the embassy or consulate so that you can be provided with official information on this issue. And don’t forget to read the rules for transporting an animal from the chosen airway before buying plane tickets.

Tip #4

To travel with pets to other countries, you must make sure your dog is vaccinated, got microchipped, and has an international passport. Also, some states have different requirements for the vaccination of animals and the availability of certain tests. Therefore, clarify all the details in advance as well to get an unforgettable trip.

Tip #5

Don’t forget to pack a travel suitcase for your dog. On vacation, you will need two bowls — for food and water, the usual food, disposable absorbent diapers, dog poop bags, and a first aid kit. Take your pet’s favorite toys and care products — combs, brushes, shampoo, etc.

traveling with your dog2

Tip #6

Pay special attention to the search for housing. We are all well aware that not all hotels allow guests with pets. Therefore, book your dog-friendly apartment/hotel in advance to comfortably accommodate your four-legged friend, and don’t rush about in search of suitable housing already upon arrival at your destination.

Tip #7

Arrive at airports 2-3 hours before departure (and even earlier is better). You will need more time for your pet to pass the veterinary control. It’s crucial to eliminate the rush and catch your flight. So you save both yourself and your pet from unnecessary stress. Therefore, it’s critical to have as much time as possible to solve various issues (if any).

Tip #8

Follow your dog’s sleep, eating, and walking routines. Water must be available at all times. Give your dog time to adjust to the new location, and avoid hypothermia or overheating. And watch your dog’s emotional state.

traveling with your dog4

Wrapping Up

Most dogs tolerate the road well when traveling by car and feel comfortable in the carrier even on a long trip, especially if the owner has taken care in advance — that it’s soft, comfortable, not cold, and not hot. Prepare your dog for the journey ahead of time, and prepare yourself thoroughly. And then you will enjoy the trip with your pet.

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