Regular Check-Ups For Your Pet: A Must

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Having a pet brings so much joy into a person’s life. Pets can offer entertainment, emotional support, and maybe even warmth at night. Pets mean so much in their pet parents’ lives and more often than not, pets are treated as members of the family. Because of this, it is important for pet owners to ensure that their pets are healthy and at their best.

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No pet parent would want to see their dogs or cats becoming sick. Pet parents would want to see their pets live the longest, happiest and healthiest lives possible. Getting your pets regularly checked is an essential part of keeping any pet healthy. Thus, if you are a pet parent, it is important to have your pet checked regularly by a professional animal doctor to prevent any possible illness or treat one that may trouble your pet.

If you are still not convinced that regular check-up is a must for your pet, Sugarland Vet Clinic discusses in this article the importance of bringing your pet to the veterinarian for checkups, as well as some surprising things that may prompt a visit to the veterinarian.


Sometimes, we only seek medical care when things go wrong with our pet: injuries or sudden onset of diseases are obvious issues calling for care. But it should be emphasized that the greatest value and need for veterinary attention lies in providing reassurance of the well-being of our pets and early detection of problems before they become critical. Thus, the importance of regular checkups cannot be taken for granted.

Moreover, we don’t want common pet ailments to escalate into something much worse. If remains untreated, some common pet ailments such as simple eye and ear infection can result in other much worse illnesses which require expensive and complicated treatments. For dogs, eye-inflammation can actually result in blindness. For cats, scratches over the eyes can shut their eyelids. In general, ticks can infest ears and cause trouble for pets.

These common pet ailments should not be ignored and they sometimes require the assessment and treatment of a professional animal doctor.

No To Untimely Deaths

Getting your pet checked regularly can prevent untimely and preventable deaths. As mentioned earlier, even common pet ailments require the assessment and treatment of an animal health care provider. This will ensure that the illness is treated at its earlier stage and prevent it from becoming worse which can lead to a lot of complications that can result in death. As an example, pet allergies can cause death if not treated properly because their respiratory systems are more sensitive than humans, especially for cats and dogs. If allergies are not treated properly, the wounds that these allergies cause may result in other diseases. Thus, it is very important to have regular visits to a vet clinic to prevent this from happening.

Early detection of signs of disease

Sometimes, although your pet does not show any outward signs of disease or injury, problems could be developing that can only be detected by a trained professional. A professional animal doctor can easily figure out whether something is wrong with your pet, even though you might not see it and your pet might look to be doing okay for you. Moreover, some pets’ illnesses do not show until they are very severe that your pet can no longer handle the pain. By the time you noticed it, the illness escalated into something much worse.

As pet owners, we cannot always notice our pets’ sudden change of behavior, but by going to the vet clinic regularly, a professional animal doctor can identify small signs that would indicate whether your pet is ill or not. For example, a pet can be suffering from bladder and urinary tract infections without us noticing it and by the time that our pets start to exhibit some discomfort, and we finally noticed it, it is possible that the infection has become worse. Maybe when we finally get our pet treated, it would be too late to treat the infection.

You might think that seeing and being with our pets everyday is enough to know when something’s wrong with them. This might be true to some extent but it’s not always the case. Small changes in behavior or small signs of illnesses can be easily ignored and brushed aside. Moreover, regular check-ups are important to detect diseases even before any symptoms become manifestly clear.

Aging Pets

Just like humans, check-ups become more and more important for our pets in order to monitor for conditions that become more common with aging. Older or aging pets need extra-care as they are more prone to develop illnesses that come with aging. For example, older pets are likely to develop arthritis. To prevent your pet from getting arthritis, you should visit your vet regularly. By doing this, you can understand your pet’s aging process and let your pet live a healthier and longer life.

These are just some of the benefits of getting your pet checked regularly. You should not take unnecessary chances with your pet’s health. Remember that having regular vet check-ups will not only guarantee that your pet lives the longest, happiest and healthiest life possible but it will also save you plenty of money in the long run. You may be thinking that you are saving money by not going to the vet clinic regularly. However, if you look at it in the long run, the cost of going to the vet regularly is actually less than spending a huge amount of money for surgeries and costly treatments when your pet’s condition gets worse because of an ailment that was not detected and treated early. Like the old adage says, prevention is always better than cure.

Going to the vet regularly for check-ups will not only save you money but it is important in making sure that your pet’s lives won’t be at risk to any health danger. As a pet parent, I’m pretty sure that seeing your pet healthy is always worth the money spent for regular check-ups.

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Online Veterinary 24/7
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Connect with a verified veterinarian in minutes. Licensed vets are available 24/7 to answer your questions. No need to worry about your furry family member.


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