Advantages of Glucosamine in Dog Food

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Every dog owner wants to give the best life, food, and playtime to their fur babies. Giving the best life to a dog comes with sacrifices, and mainly with the knowledge of feeding them with the best food and moving forward to their well-being. Glucosamine plays a significant role while looking to provide your dog with nutritious food. It not only helps dogs with joint diseases but also a good meal for healthy dogs.

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Glucosamine is a naturally occurring chemical, a combination of the amino acid ’glutamine’ and sugar ’glucose’ found in Dogs and also in the Human body. The chemical can be found in animal bones and bone marrow and is generally found in small amounts in all meat-based pet foods. The chemical helps repair the dog’s joint cartilage. Older dogs with arthritis are prescribed dog food with glucosamine to ease joint pain.

Glucosamine for Dogs

You could feed your dog packaged Glucosamine dog foods or Glucosamine supplements. The best alternative could be to stick to natural organic foods with high glucosamine for dogs after consulting the veterinarian.

Feeding your fit dog with Glucosamine is also essential but make sure you maintain the daily recommended dose. As backed by scientific research, vets recommend healthy dogs to get around 20mg per pound bodyweight of Glucosamine in a day. But the dose could increase with a veterinarian’s advice if your dog has a joint problem. Although feeding your healthy dog with a high dose of Glucosamine isn’t harmful, you might see some side effects mainly related to digestion.

Benefits of Glucosamine

Ease of Pain

Glucosamine helps a lot in relieving the pain or ease any discomfort your dog is experiencing. Many pet owners use it to ease the pain of their dogs.

The naturally occurring chemical, Glucosamine is mainly a great alternative to remedy a dog’s joint pain. The majority of studies have shown positive effects of Glucosamine on the dog’s knee pain, but it also helps in other kinds of joint pain in dogs. So, start feeding your dog food with glucosamine after consulting a vet.

Prevention of Osteoarthritis or Arthritis

Glucosamine is mainly known for preventing and helping with Osteoarthritis and Arthritis. When dogs get older, one of the diseases that could occur is Osteoarthritis or Arthritis, which damages the joint cartilage. Glucosamine has been proven to help with the development and maintenance of joint cartilage, which makes it perfect for relieving the symptoms of osteoarthritis or arthritis.

Not only helping with the symptoms of osteoarthritis or arthritis, but Glucosamine also will significantly have their pain decreased, and even it could help reverse Osteoarthritis or Arthritis.

Helps in repairing the Joint

Not only healing pain and osteoarthritis/arthritis Glucosamine also helps with the maintenance and repairing of a dog’s joint. Glucosamine-rich food improves joint health by building cartilage, which helps a dog to keep up with sports and other activities.

It lubricates the joints, which relieves the stress on the joint and promotes the repairing of the joint by nourishing it.

Glucosamine for Diabetic Dogs

One of the elements in Glucosamine is sugar glucose. So it might be a concern for Diabetic dogs. Fortunately, Glucosamine does not affect the glycemic level or cause any harm to diabetic dogs. Although there have been studies showing no adverse effects of Glucosamine on diabetic dogs, you don’t want to take any risk for your pet.

So, make sure you give extra attention to your diabetic dog if you’re feeding a significant amount of glucosamine. Best of all, consult your veterinarian about your dog’s medical history and the diet plan you are following for your dog.

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