Can my dog eat Red Kidney Beans?

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Can my dog eat Red Kidney Beans? Safe for dogs to eat

Having a dog can improve your life in many ways, but taking care of one will also require responsibility. As a pet owner, you should be able to provide a healthy and balanced diet to your furry friend. You can only achieve this goal if you know what and what not to feed your pet. If you’re trying to decide whether you should feed your dog with red kidney beans, this article can help.

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Red kidney beans are a variety of beans with their roots in Central American and Mexico. The beans are named for their kidney-shape and red color and are often used in chili dishes, salads, soups and stews. They’re an inexpensive, healthy source of protein, and are full of essential nutrients including fiber, folate, iron, manganese, copper, vitamin B6, C and more.

Can dogs eat beans, especially red kidney beans? Yes! And can my puppy eat red kidney beans? Yes—even your puppy can enjoy these nutritious beans. While these beans are safe for your dog, there are some things to keep in mind. Beans are known to cause excessive gas in humans—they do the same thing for dogs. And raw kidney beans do contain a toxic substance called hemagglutinin. This substance can cause blood cells to clump together, which can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain and nausea. However, when the beans are cooked, the hemagglutinin is broken down, making the beans safe for your pup to eat. You can serve cooked beans mixed in with your fur baby’s regular dog food. Red kidney beans, when taken in moderation, can help maintain your dog’s cholesterol levels. Red kidney beans are also great sources of antioxidants that protect their bodies from the damages caused by oxidative stress.

What if my dog eating too many beans? He could develop excess gas, vomiting and diarrhea. Moreover, eating too many beans can cause dental problems to your furry friend because beans can easily get stuck on their tooth. Over time, this can result in plaque buildup. 

Aside from red kidney beans, your dog can also consume pinto, chickpeas, lima, and garbanzo. Soybeans and lupin, on the other hand, are also great choices as these are packed with protein. Adding black and green beans to your dog’s diet can also help them remain healthy and free from illnesses, especially when they’re already aging. 

In general, most types of beans are healthy for dogs as these contain manganese, vitamin C, and vitamin K. However, when giving beans to your dog, you should make sure that these are dried overnight and cooked without any seasonings. 

Ask Pros For Help 

If you’re still unsure on how to feed your dogs with red kidney beans, consider asking the advice from your vet. Their recommendations are vital, especially if you’re looking after puppies, seniors, or dogs who have been diagnosed with health conditions in the past.

Red kidney beans are generally healthy for your furry friend, but it’s always best to seek professional advice so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your pet stays healthy even when you’ve added a new food to their diets.

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