10+ Best Dental Chews For Dogs

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Keeping your dog’s teeth clean is just as important as keeping your own clean. However, it’s not as easy to explain this to a dog, and cleaning their teeth can sometimes be a difficult (and potentially dangerous) activity. Luckily, there are options available that mean you don’t have to try shoving your hands in your dog’s mouth with a toothbrush.

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One of the best options for maintaining canine oral health is a dental chew. Simply put, these are plastic toys specially designed to help clean your dog’s teeth while they chew. Different toys have different ways of doing this, but it’s usually by having bristles that clean of plaque. Not only that, but many are scented, which helps to control bad breath. Dental chews are great for reducing the chance of gum disease and tooth decay, and are well worth having. Here is a list of some of the best currently available to help you decide which one is right for your pooch.

1. Quinton Dog Toothbrush Toy

This dental chew toy from Quinton is made with durable material that’s completely non-toxic and natural. It’s been approved by the FDA for use in dog toys, and withstands plenty of chewing. Sure, some dogs can get through a toy in minutes, but this one will hopefully last a long time. Plus, if there are any problems, the manufacturers will offer you your money back.

The toy is designed with bristles that help remove plaque and tartar, and are effectively designed like a toothbrush. What’s more, you can put dog toothpaste in the top and it’ll help to clean their teeth even further. The material is infused with peppermint, which makes it more appealing to the dog and helps to freshen their breath. This is a toy your dog will love, and it’s really easy for them to play with.

2. Benebone Dental Chew

Benebone have infused this dental chew with real meat flavor, meaning it’ll be hard to get it away from your dog once they get going. Hopefully this should mean they’re perfectly happy to clean their teeth. The toy is designed like two handles, meaning you could also use it to play with too, which is helpful for creating interest if you effectively want to trick your dog into cleaning their teeth. However, this shape does mean there’s nowhere to stick dog toothpaste in, and so you should probably also try and clean their teeth properly.

The material used is incredibly durable and completely non-toxic, although the manufacturers do say to be aware of your dog eating parts, as it can be harmful. The chew comes in several flavors, although the meaty ones won’t help to freshen breath. It also comes in several sizes, meaning it should be easy to find one that’s the right size for your dog. The manufacturer even provides a handy size chart to make sure you choose the right one.

3. Cutiful Toothbrush Dog Chew

This dental chew is definitely the best kind of design for dogs, because it’s easy for them to hold, and has plenty of bristles and texture to help brush their teeth. The bristles are great for removing plaque and tartar, and the texture on the exterior is great for massaging gums and stimulating blood flow. The chew is peppermint scented, so it also helps to freshen your dog’s breath, which can be a massive help.

The chew is made from durable rubber, which can withstand event the most vigorous chewing, but is still kind to your dog’s mouth. This material is much softer than some other dental chews on this list, meaning there’s little chance of it doing any damage to their mouths. The toy is really easy to clean too, and comes with its own brush. It’s obviously really important to keep the toy clean because otherwise it can make their oral health worse. Overall, this is a great dental chew, and well worth the money.

4. Nisosy 2 Pack Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy

This pack from Nisosy comes with 2 dog chews, which is ideal if you have 2 dogs. Even if you don’t, it can be helpful to have one spare in case they manage to chew all the way through the first. The chew has a hole on the top that can be filled with toothpaste, which then coats the bristles. This makes it even more tempting for your dog, particularly if you choose their favorite flavor. The toy itself is infused with peppermint essence, so helps to freshen their breath too.

The chew is made from rubber, which is completely non-toxic and really durable. What’s more, it can be put in the dishwasher to clean it (don’t use any dishwasher salts though because they can be harmful to dogs). The bristles and exterior texture help to remove plaque and improve gum health, which is more than you’d be able to do with a toothbrush. The toy comes in several different sizes, with the smallest being suitable for even tiny dogs. It has a handy base they can hold on to, making it ideal for all dogs.

5. Arm & Hammer Super Durable Dental Toy

Arm & Hammer are a world leading expert in human oral health, so they’re bound to be good at canine oral health too. Their dental chews come in fun and interesting shapes that are a bit more enjoyable than the standard design. While they don’t have the normal rubber bristles, the toy’s exterior is textured to help remove plaque and massage gums. The shape helps it feel more like play time than tooth cleaning time, which is always helpful.

The toy is made from highly durable rubber, and is completely non-toxic. It’s also infused with baking soda, which helps to neutralize acid and keep teeth clean. The toy can also be washed in the dishwasher, just remember not to use any cleaner. The toy comes in several different styles, all of which are really fun, and different toughness levels. However, all of them are really durable, but it’s useful to have some extra durability if your dog loves to chew.

6. Bizzair Dog Toothbrush Stick

The best thing about this tooth cleaning kit from Bizzair is that it comes with several different parts. There’s the standard dental chew, but also a finger brush and a rubber cleaning stick. Both the chew and the stick are designed to help clean teeth through chewing, whereas the finger brush is (obviously) for brushing teeth. This means you can have complete control over your dog’s oral health, and they should end up with the healthiest teeth in the neighborhood.

All components are made of highly durable rubber, which is peppermint scented. The dental chew has a hole for toothpaste, which is then distributed around the bristles, giving an excellent cleaning experience. The stick is good for keeping their mouth healthy, and has very small bristles to help massage gums and improve blood flow. Overall, this is a great kit if you’re looking for a few ways to keep your dog’s mouth clean and healthy.

7. Natural Gel Dental Care

This doggy dental chew has been designed specifically for small breeds. While the design hasn’t really been changed, it is much smaller, which is a factor that usually prevents owners from being able to buy their pet a dental chew. However, the toy itself was tested on much larger breeds that are more prone to chewing, and it did very well with them. So for little dogs it should be perfect, and will hopefully last ages.

The dental chew has concave indents, all of which are full of soft bristles. The chew is excellent at cleaning teeth, and is perfectly designed for little dog mouths. It’s made of rubber, and so is very durable and non-toxic. It also has a large stand so your dog can keep it level while chewing, and it also gives them something to hold on to. The rubber is mint scented, which helps to keep their breath nice and fresh. This chew is a great design and perfect for small mouths.

8. Nylabone Flexible Dental Chew for Dogs

Nylabone are an industry favorite when it comes to dog chews, and it’s no surprise that they also do dental chews. They use their experience in making durable dog toys, and combine it with different elements that help promote good oral health in canines. Nylabones are made from a kind of nylon plastic that’s non-toxic, but shouldn’t be eaten in too great quantities. Unlike rubber toys, it’s much easier for bits of this toy to break off, although hopefully that won’t happen too easily.

The chew is a standard dog toy shape: a bone, but it’s covered in small bumps that help remove plaque and tartar. This design is also good for massaging the gums, but if your dog chews it too hard too regularly, then you might find their mouth bleeds a little. This isn’t too bad in small amounts, but take it off them if it happens too often. The chew comes in several different sizes, and you can buy packs ranging from 1 to 100 nylabones!

9. Puppyco Dog Toothbrush Stick for Large Dogs

It’s usually easier to find dog chews for bigger dogs, but it doesn’t hurt to have one specifically designed for big mouths. The toy is suitable for dogs ranging from 40 to 90lbs, and so is quite big. The soft rubber bristles that line the indents are excellent at cleaning teeth, and will remove all but the most stubborn plaque. The bumps on the outside are great for cleaning and massaging gums, meaning you can use this chew to promote all-round good oral health for your dog. You can also put toothpaste in the top of the chew, which then coats the bristles, resulting in a much more thorough clean.

The chew is made from rubber, and because it’s specially designed for big dogs, it’s much more durable than some other brands on this list. Big dogs might not be more prone to chewing, but their jaws are often more powerful, so this toy was built to withstand extra strong chewing. The rubber is completely non-toxic and dishwasher safe, but can also easily be rinsed in the sink. The rubber is also scented with mint, so it’s great at both cleaning teeth and freshening breath.

10. Virbac Oral Hygiene Rawhide Dog Chews

This entry from Virbac is a little different to the others on the list, because rather than being a rubber chew, it’s a bag of rawhide pieces. Rawhide is good at keeping a dog’s teeth clean; the only downside is that you don’t have all the extra bristles to help clean teeth. However, rawhide helps to clean their teeth by promoting saliva, which minimizes plaque buildup. The chews are made using beef hide, and are treated in a way that makes them completely edible. The product is approved by vets, so there’s obviously no harm in giving it a go if you want an alternative to a rubber chew toy.

11. Blitzu Dog Bone Toothbrush

Blitzu have designed this dog chew to just look like any other toy. Hopefully this will help trick your dog into using, and should make it really easy for you to keep their teeth clean. The nylon material is very durable and completely non-toxic, and because it’s a harder texture than some other toys on this list, it can help clean their teeth. Chewing the nylon will help create texture on the surface, which in turn cleans the dog’s teeth.

However, this chew won’t do as good a job as the other designs listed. That’s because others can hold toothpaste, which gives you a better start on teeth cleaning. That said, the chew is beef flavored, so there shouldn’t be any problem getting your dog to like it. It’s also a good alternative if your dog doesn’t like the style or feel of a normal dental chew.

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