My Dog Ate Curry Will He Get Sick?

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Curry is a very popular dish all around the world! It’s no wonder when you consider the lovely mix of spices and flavors. Do you enjoy curry? Has your dog eaten some curry when you weren’t looking?

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What is Curry?

Curry is a sauce that originated in India, which uses a variety of spices and herbs for flavoring. Some of the most commonly used spices in curry include dried/fresh chilies, coriander, ginger, turmeric, cumin, and more. The dish may also include curry leaves.

This wonderful sauce doesn’t have one recipe—instead, there are too many to count. Some people like curry to be spicy hot, while others appreciate a sauce that’s has a savory taste. And it’s a versatile sauce that can be served over meat, used in vegetarian dishes, and more.

If you like curry, it’s no wonder! But is curry safe for dog?

It is strongly recommended to contact a Pet Poison Helpline or your veterinarian.

Curry & Dogs

Curry and dogs really don’t go well together. This because some of the ingredients in curry are not good for dogs. In fact, some are toxins for dogs. Another issue is how spicy the dish is. Dogs really don’t handle hot spicy foods all that well.

Some of the ingredients in curry that are not good for dogs include:

Dogs & Spicy Foods

Did you know that dogs have 1,700 tastebuds while we humans have 9,000? That’s a fact! And because dogs don’t have as many tastebuds as we do, they aren’t able to taste our foods in the same way we can.

This means that when a dog eats curry, he won’t taste the spiciness. However, he may experience some very unpleasant side effects from eating very spicy food.

Curry is Not Good for Dogs

Curry is simply not a good choice for dogs. This is due to some of the ingredients and because some curries are extremely spicy. A dog may happily wolf down some curry, but then later may experience some unpleasant, painful digestive issues.

After eating curry, a dog can develop nausea, gas, vomiting, and diarrhea. Repeated vomiting can also dehydrate your dog. So, never feed your dog curry.

Your dog should be OK if he’s only had a little bit of curry. However, if he develops pale or yellow gums, increased breathing rate, weakness, or collapse, these are symptoms of hemolytic anemia, which can be a life-threatening condition. In this case, it’s necessary to call the vet immediately.

Safer Treats for Your Dog

You can enjoy curry safely, but it’s really not good for your canine companion. So, you may want to keep some safer treats on hand for your dog when you eat curry. Here are some healthy, tasty treat ideas your dog will love more than curry!

Watermelon: is a sweet fruit, and dogs love it. It’s also a snack that’s great for summer when it’s hot. Watermelon juice is hydrating, so your fur baby will be more comfortable on hot days. Be sure to remove the seeds before serving this treat to your dog.

Green beans: are another safe, yummy, healthy treat your dog will enjoy! Green beans are filled to overflowing with nutrients and fiber that every dog needs.

Bananas: dogs seem to love bananas! This fruit is also filled with nutrients that are great for our canine friends, and they’re usually inexpensive. However, don’t give your dog too much banana, as the fruit is full of natural sugar, which can cause health issues in dogs.

Broccoli: is another veggie that many dogs love. Broccoli can be served raw or cooked; however, cooked broccoli is a little easier on your dog’s digestive system. Be sure to avoid using seasonings when serving this veggie to your fur baby. In addition, avoid using too much better, which can make a dog overweight or obese.

If your dog has grabbed some curry when you weren’t looking, then you may want to call the vet. This is not an emergency; however, it’s a good idea to call the vet and ask for their advice. Especially if your dog is showing any concerning symptoms.

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