My Dog Ate Blow Pops Will He Get Sick? (Reviewed by Vet)

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dog ate Blow Pops

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Does your dog have a sweet tooth? Does he try to go after candy on a regular basis or when he has the chance? If so, you’re not alone! Many dogs love sweet things!

When there’s candy around, your dog will find it. Whether it’s on the kitchen counter, on the coffee table, or dropped on the floor, count on the fact your dog will get it.

However, what happens if your dog eats blow pops?

It is strongly recommended to contact a Pet Poison Helpline or your veterinarian.

What are Blow Pops?

Charms Blow Pops are lollipops with bubble gum in the center. The center is then surrounded by a hard candy shell, which is just like other types of lollipops.

The ingredients used in Blow Pops include:

None of the ingredients are toxic for dogs, though sugar can be bad for dogs in large amounts. The amount contained in a Charms Blow Pop will probably not be enough to make your fur baby sick, but it is recommended to discuss your pet’s individual case with your veterinarian in order to decide on the next best step for them.

Are Blow Pops Harmful to Dogs?

The answer is that it depends. If your dog, even a small dog, snarfs down one Blow Pop, then he’ll probably be OK. Small- to medium-sized dogs who have sensitive stomachs, may experience vomiting and diarrhea. It is always recommended to phone your vet to discuss your pet’s case with them to see what you should do next.

If any sized dog eats several Blow Pops, this could be a problem. The reason is the amount of sugar the dog ingests, as well as the amount of gum at the center of these lollipops.

There’s a chance the dog could choke on the candy, gum, or lollipop sticks. Another problem is that if the dog eats enough gum or sticks, these could cause intestinal obstruction (blockage). This is a very serious medical emergency.

What is Intestinal Blockage in Dogs?

Intestinal blockage can be a life-threatening condition in dogs. The blockage develops when the GI tract is partially or fully blocked. When this happens, food and water are not able to go through the digestive tract.

In addition, the blockage can also cause a lack of blood flow to the area, which can lead to fluid retention in the intestines.

How is Intestinal Blockage Diagnosed?

The vet performs a physical exam, checking your dog for noticeable pain and other symptoms. They may also order X-rays or other imaging of your dog’s digestive system, which will show where the blockage is located.

If your dog has eaten the Blow Pop stick within the last two hours, the vet may be able to retrieve it with an endoscopic procedure. However, if the images show the stick has already moved into the dog’s intestines, the vet may need to perform surgery to remove it.

The vet will also give your dog IV fluids to ensure he stays hydrated. If your dog is vomiting or has nausea or diarrhea, the vet will prescribe medications for these symptoms. In some cases, your fur baby may also need antibiotics if a bacterial infection has developed.

Symptoms of an Intestinal Obstruction in Dogs

Your dog could develop these symptoms from eating Blow Pops and/or the lollipop sticks:

It’s important to remember that your pet may not have these symptoms if he has eaten Blow Pops. Contacting your vet to discuss what has happened is important to help prevent your pet from getting sick from eating Blow Pops.

If you know or suspect your dog has eaten Blow Pops and/or lollipop sticks, then it’s time to call the vet. This could be a life-threatening medical emergency. Your dog needs prompt medical care.

In most cases, dogs will have a full recovery. But this depends on how fast the dog receives medical care. The sooner, the better.

Prevent Your Dog from Eating Blow Pops

The best way to keep your dog safe and avoid a trip to the vet is to prevent him from eating blow pops. You can try the following to keep the candy out of your dog’s reach:

And if your fur baby has a sweet tooth, try to keep all candy and other sugary treats out of his reach.

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